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(oh hey, friday | my week in pictures}

Well, well. It's Friday.
And I'm not mad about it.
This summer schedule has been SO busy for our little family.
Today you get to see a small glimpse into our week,
sparing you the hours and hours that we have been in the car traveling from place to place.
T-ball, gymnastics, Costco, the doctor… it's all a ways away.
Being a "stay at home mom" basically means I never stay at home.

Before I get into my week, let's talk link-up.
We are just three weeks away from our one year anniversary of this little link-up! 
Super fun.
Karli and I will be doing a little giveaway then, but for now, let's just get our linky on.

Go ahead and write up a post about five things, paste the html of this pretty new button below on your post, and link up at the bottom.

- - - - - - - - - - - - 

1. | The family that wear Hunter's together, stays together.
My farmer takes every opportunity he gets to snag us all and take us on a little irrigating adventure.
He is typically waking up at 4 am to change water though, and we are all very fast asleep.
{bless my farmer}
Post breakfast, things are much more chipper around the house though.
We love riding around with our farmer and helping in whatever way we can.
Beckam was extra prepared on this particular day… since he brought his tool belt. :)

2. | License and Registration please?
Beckam got this little Gator for his 2nd birthday.
We are continually impressed with his driving skills.
That is… until he decides to break the rules and drive in fast gear.
Kid is a maniac. 

3. | I think I'm out of a job.
The other day I had to whip around the yard on the lawn mower.
Beckam was napping and Brody decided that he would rather play inside with his trains than play outside while I worked.
After I finished the lawn, I was surprised I hadn't seen a child or two outside beckoning me.
When I walked in, I found this:
Beckam had woke up, and Brody prepared them a little picnic all on his own.
Yogurt, chocolate milk, pretzels and grapes.
Along with lunch entertainment.
If only he had remembered to put the remaining box of yogurt back in the fridge, I might have considered paying him for an on going babysitter job!

4. | Say what!?
Beckam had his 2 year check up this week.
So obviously I need to take a walk down memory lane and show you him at 9 months, 18 months and current day at the doctors:
He is a healthy and smart little guy.
He went from being short and chubby to tall and skinny.
Mostly, I am just happy that he still has one thigh roll left. It's barely hanging on though, so I had to get him a donut to try and keep it a little bit longer. 

5. | Please tell me it will never end.
These two. They are still, for the most part, playing nicely together.
I've learned to not step in on a disagreement and make them settle it on their own.
There are usually some screams, and sometimes tears, but in the end they figure it out.
And it's glorious.
Please, oh please, let this never end.

Now, I'm off to work on getting together a super fun father's day for my farmer.
Stay tuned next week for details.

Happy weekend!



  1. Thanks for the party Amy, your new linky button is so cute!

  2. Your boys are too cute :) Thanks for hosting!

  3. I never get over how incredibly adorable your boys are. I love that they had a little picnic together & I totally want the "Consider this diem carped" shirt lol.


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