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{oh hey, friday | busy week on the farm}

It has been a fun and busy little week on the farm!
I'm finally feeling better and we got our schedule packed.
You can read all about it below, but first some link up info…

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Ok, here we go!

1. | eighth anniversary
Yesterday was our 8th anniversary.
Lucky for me, my farmer finished baling and stacking first cutting of hay recently and he actually had a lithe free time to hang out with me.
At first we just figured dinner and a movie would be fun.
Then, that seemed boring.
So instead my farmer planned a fun afternoon...
After dropping off our love bugs with the grandparents we went to lunch.
There is something about a kid free lunch that is more than enjoyable.

We then enjoyed a lovely drive up into the mountains to play some golf.
It has probably been about five years since I've played.
Warming up is overrated though, and we just got right on it, no practice swings needed.
Turns out I am better fresh. Five years fresh. 
By the time we got to hole 13 I was sucking really bad.
We were literally the ONLY ones on the course though, so we obviously cheated and just did as we pleased.
Post golf, we headed up the road to the tiniest town.
There is a cafe with fresh desserts and homemade ice cream.
It was a fun little afternoon for sure!

2. | pool party
 The boys got a new upgraded pool for the summer.
It was more of a need than a want really… for me.
Being cooped up with these rascals on 100+ degree days is not ideal.
Problem solved.
We've been having daily pool parties and I'm kind of loving it.

3. | say what?
Do you know what I love more than daily pool parties though?
When my children actually play nicely TOGETHER!
This is somewhat new to our household.
And I am freaking overjoyed.
The past year of Beckam's destructiveness towards Brody's toys is coming to a halt.
He is actually learning to play instead of destroy.
It is a work in progress from all aspects, but we are on the right track.

4. | t-ball
Brody is half way through his t-ball games for the summer.
I wouldn't say that he is the most competitive ball player I've seen, 
but he says that he enjoys it, so we stick with it.
He played first base the other night. 
I think he mostly enjoyed just talking to every player that came to his base.
And mimicking the pitcher…
 He's cute to watch for sure!

5. | ice cream
Beckam got his first ice cream cone this week.
He pretty much devoured it.
Unfortunately it did seem to mess with his belly a bit.
I don't think he really minded though. :)

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend.



  1. Love these pics!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Your boys are adorable. Thank you for hosting, I love finding new ideas! www.everydaymadefresh.com

  3. I can't get enough ice cream right now!

  4. Happy Anniversary!! Your finish looks great in your golf swing. Looks like 5 years off didn't hurt your form at all! ~Ree

  5. Happy Anniversary! It looks like you had a great time celebrating!

  6. Happy Anniversary! That looks like a perfect way to celebrate! Glad your boys are playing so nicely together! That can definitely take a lot of pressure off a mom ;)

    Mariah @ Faith & Fashion

  7. Him with that ice cream is just adorable! Such handsome eyes! I can't wait until my baby boy is old enough to start trying out new things. Happy Anniversary! I decided to join in this week with the link up.


  8. That pool looks like so much fun! And Happy (late) Anniversary!

  9. We have the same pool! Haven't set it up yet this year..aunt tomorrow? I'm glad to see that your palm trees is down because we couldn't seem to get enough air in ours..,is yours the same?


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