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{father's day | in true farmer fashion}

That hunk there is my handsome hubby.
And he also happens to be the best daddy to our precious boys.
Knowing that father's day was approaching, we brainstormed some ideas with Karli and her mini gals.
We knew that we wanted to hang with our guys, but that they would also probably really enjoy a bit of an adventure.
Here is what we planned and how the day played out…

Bright and early we were to be at Karli's house for a delicious breakfast.
We were only one hour late from the planned arrival time.
Not bad.
We ate, the kids played, and we informed our farmer's of their daily plans.

They were going to head out into the desert on their dirt bikes for a little ride.
And they did.

Us gals split and made our children nap…
Brody didn't, but should have taken a snooze. 
Kid has had some serious attitude lately - someone help me.

We were all to reconvene at our house for a fun BBQ at 4.
TWO hours later our farmers showed up, in true farmer fashion.
Thank goodness for that "warming" feature on ovens.
And for battery operated riding tractors… the kids cruised ALL over the farm.

We finally ate some delicious steak, chicken kabobs, veggie kabobs, watermelon and chips…. lot and lots of chips.
Directly following dinner it was bedtime for the wee ones.
They played long and hard all afternoon. 
The day flew by, and our guys had a blast riding to both Oregon and Nevada on their dirt bikes!
After a long day of playing though, it's no surprise that Ryan had to go out and bale hay until nearly midnight.
He also had a wake time of 3:30 this morning.
Bless him.

Oh, the boys did get some gifts for their daddy!
Brody really wanted to get him a new hat.
We swung through the John Deere dealership to snag one on Friday.
Beckam then saw a toy tractor with two implements that he just knew his daddy would love {aka himself}.
These boys are lucky that he is a good sharer.

We sure love our farmer!

Happy father's day to all the dads out there.
Keep being awesome.



  1. I love how creative & put together you are for every event. I'm impressed every time! I should start practicing now so that someday when I'm actually married & have kids I can be even a fraction of that put together. You family is gorgeous.

  2. Sounds like a great Father's Day! Gorgeous family photo, thanks for sharing! ~Ree

  3. Sounds like a successful Father's Day!

  4. Sounds like a great Father's Day!

  5. Such a great Father's Day! I love what you guys did for your farmers!


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