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farewell pacifiers pt. 2

A little over two years ago I wrote THIS post saying farewell to Brody's pacifiers and explaining how we weaned him of them.
Well just a mere few days ago I decided to do the same exact thing to Beckam's.
Once they hit two, I am on a mission to do two things:
1. Potty train.
2. No more pacis.

I used the exact same technique that I had used with Brody.
I scoured every room of the house, the vehicles, and behind his bed to find every single pacifier that we own.
NPLB: no paci left behind.
Next, I took the pile of pacifiers to a secret corner of the house and snipped the ends with a pair of scissors. 
I then put them back in his room, just waiting until bedtime hit.
{luckily he isn't as obsessed with them as Brody was… he only uses them to sooth himself while falling asleep}

This is very strategic because it is important that he doesn't know that I am the one who ruined them.
I had been telling him that he was a big boy now, and sometimes pacifiers break once you get too big.
Yes. I lied. 
And guess what?
It didn't fly.

I went to lay him down for bed and I watched as he placed that snipped "night night" in his mouth.
He immediately took it out and inspected it.
He told me that it sounded like a tractor and then shoved it right back in his mouth.
What!? This was not the plan.

A few seconds later, he took it out again. 
He didn't really like it.
I asked him if it was broken, and he asked for another.
I handed him another snipped paci.

At this point he realized that this was it.
This is how they were now. 
He took it in stride, and kept it in his mouth.

He didn't have the best night of sleep that night, but the next morning he walked out of his room holding his blanket with his pacifier in his mouth.

I would consider this a fail.
I think this kid is too smart for me.

SO… I need a new strategy.
The one that worked so so flawlessly for Brody, didn't even phase Beckam.
And I am at a loss.
It never ceases to amaze me how different my kids are.

Did you wean your kid from a pacifier?
How did you do it?
Give me all the details. Really. I'm begging.



  1. I know this sounds mean but with my daughter, we made her throw them all in the trash. We told her she was a big girl and didn't need them anymore. Then, when she asked for them we reminded her she threw them away. She only cried one night for her paci and after that, she was over it. It was super easy however potty training has been a different story...ugh. I am just hoping we have her trained before she turns 3 in November. Good luck!

  2. This is what happened with one of our sons, but certainly not what I would recommend:
    He was turning 3 and still used a pacifier to go to sleep, but he had the worst temper tantrums where he would fling himself to the floor with abandon. He did this at Target when I was paying the cashier, and he landed face first on the hard floor, breaking a front tooth up in his gums. For the next week, while we were waiting for oral surgery, every time he tried to use his pacifiers, it hurt too much. It was sad to watch, since this was his favorite comfort tool, but it did end his love of the pacifier. I hope this isn't how it ends with your son, but I wish you the best as you work through this phase of toddlerhood.

  3. awww, we eventually going to have to do this for my daughter...but I figure you never (well hardly, I never have) see a 5 year old using a pacifier, so as long as it's just for sleeping, I'll let it go for a while longer...but I think I might have to cut her off at 3. Keep us posted! I'm just scared if I take it away, no one will get any sleep.

  4. I am dreading the day that I have to take away the "binkys" at our house. My little guy is SO attached, he cries for them when he thinks he lost one. I'll probably wait until he is 2 1/2... More for me than anything else! Keep us posted on what ends up working, I'll be taking notes ;)

  5. We were on vacation and upon returning home the nookie thief had taken them all. We couldn't find one in the house and the 1 in the bag disappeared too. Hopefully he never looks in his top dresser drawer!


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