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{everyday happiness}

 It's no lie that I love sharing fabulous bloggers with you all.
Today is no exception.
We've got Julie from Everyday Happiness and I'm thrilled.

This gal has got it all, and her blog is so so fun to read!
Just take a look at how darling her little family is:
 That's enough blog crushing by me…
go ahead and read our fun Q&A and then go and tell Julie hello!

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Amy: What motivated you to start blogging?

Julie: I’ve always worked in marketing and done some freelance writing, so the idea of blogging and writing about anything I wanted to write about always interested me. When I got married, my co-workers bought me a URL as a wedding gift because they knew I always wanted to start a blog. Two years later, I finally did it when I got the inspiration from being pregnant and all it meant to be a mom. It’s amazing how much I’ve learned over the past year about blogging and how I like to think my writing and blogging style has improved. It’s an incredible community to be a part of!

Amy: I'm mostly jealous that you have a great URL. Thefarmerswife.com is far too spend for my liking. Too bad I don't have any co-wokers to help! :)

 Outside of blogging, how do you spend a majority of your time?

Julie: I like to think I live a pretty full life – I soak up moments with Shep before heading off to work, where I lead a marketing communications team. My days vary every day, and I love the opportunity and challenge that comes with marketing and how technology and trends are a constant moving target.

Once I’m home, I usually try to come up with new activities to do with my one-year-old son. Sometimes we head outside for a run, go to a park, splashpad or walk with the dog. We eat dinner as a family once dad gets home, and then my husband and I enjoy an hour or two together. On the weekends, we love heading to the beach, hanging around our pool or taking weekend vacations.

 Amy: Yes. Very full and super fun. Love it.

You have the cutest little son, and look like one awesome mommy! Tell me a bit about Shepard and how parenting has changed you.

Julie: That’s so sweet! Gosh, being a mom has changed me in so many ways. I think it’s made me more patient, understanding and appreciative for all the blessings we have. I’ve realized how quickly time passes, and the importance of being thankful for the moments we have together. There is truly nothing more magical than the moment we became a family of three, and saw Shep’s precious face. Our whole world changed then.

Amy: I LOVE birth stories. And girl, we had the same issue with Beckam's heart rate during labor. So scary!

My hubby is pretty unenthusiastic about my excited blog talk. How about yours?

Julie: I think my husband is happy I no longer complain about watching golf on TV every night! Overall, he’s supportive, but he probably doesn’t get how hard it is to be a blogger, and then to attract readers to your blog. He’s so sweet in thinking if he likes the post, everyone else will too!

Amy: Right? It's hard stuff. Thank goodness for blogger friends that can relate to us! 

You've got a keeper! Speaking of your hubs, explain your typical Saturday night with him.

Julie: Every other weekend we plan date nights. Our weeks are so busy, so it’s really important to us both we have adult time to connect. We love trying new restaurants and activities around Tampa. Weekends when we don’t do date night, you can find us grilling outside, golfing if we’re lucky, spending time with family and friends and swimming with Shep. 

Amy: That sounds magical. You guys are the cutest!

What is your single happiest day of your life thus far? 

Julie: I would have to say the single happiness day in my life so far was the day I married Clint. I literally made a list of everything I wanted in a husband three years earlier, and there I was, my dream coming true. Little did I know the sweet man I met in Chipotle one day would become my husband!

We had about 80 of our closest friends and family members in Clearwater celebrate our wedding. Without that special day, we would never be where we are today, enjoying life with Shep. 

Amy: Well… that looks like I wedding I wouldn't mind attending! Your dress was stunning, fyi!

Share some of your favorite posts with us and tell us why they're your fav.

1.    London in 3 Days: We decided to travel to Paris and London back in March, and it was my first trip to Europe. London was the most beautiful, historical and magical city and I fell in love with it. The day trip we did to Windsor was my favorite experience, and seeing all the castle apartments was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.
2.    Shepard’s First Birthday: I spent about three months planning Shep’s birthday, and while it was a crazy and hectic day, it was such a blast having our families in town to celebrate with us. I also linked up with my blogger friend who was much smarter than me and chose to do a much lower-stress birthday option for her daughter (which I will copy every year moving forward).
3.    Just Keep Going: I wrote this for one of Today Parenting Community’s topics about Mother’s Day. I wrote about my mother, my hero. She had four girls under four at one point, and stayed home and raised us. She sacrificed so much for us, and now is our biggest cheerleader and best friend.  

Amy: Love them ALL! Your pics and writing are spot on gal!

Give us something that has made you laugh recently. (video, gif, picture, etc.)

Julie: I just read this article by Mommy Shorts about the “23 Potential Titles if Buzzfeed Wrote a Father’s Day Post About My Husband.” Everything that she writes is laugh-out-loud hilarious and I’m a huge fan. This one was particularly relatable!

Amy: Haha - yes! Mommy shorts is the best… did you know they have an instagram too? It's pretty entertaining.

- - - - - - - - - - -

And there you have it.
The perfect blogger for you to start following right now!
Here is where you can find Julie:

blog | bloglovin' | instagram | facebook | twitter | pinterest


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