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the universe is screwing with me

It's only Tuesday, and our week is off to a very interesting start.
I'm all about the schedules and knowing what is going on in a day.
That isn't happening.
The universe is screwing with me.

Yesterday was supposed to be Brody's last t-ball game of the season, followed by a team BBQ.
Well, with it being 109 degrees and all, they decided to cancel all of that.
Can't say that I blame them, but Brody was definitely bummed… along with his entourage of guests that were planning on joining.

Instead of baking in the sun, we took a trip to Costco.
Here, I learned a couple of things:

1 | When you take your husband, he will let your children run wild.
Out of the cart.
This, I never do.
They were all over, and nearly got run over by other peoples carts… oh, like a dozen times!
Never happening again.

2 | I am way better at playing tetris and packing food in the cart than the Costco employees.
The lady asked how we got it all in.
I should have showed her since each of us, including the boys, had to carry something in our arms out of the store.

Costco. Bless them.

Last night, minutes before my farmer was heading out the door to bale bunch of hay…
a massive thunder storm rolled through and dumped rain on us for about 3 minutes.
3 minutes too much.
At least my farmer finally got a full night of sleep!

This morning was no different as far as not keeping to any sort of schedule.
Typically Tuesdays we wake up and head to Boise for the boys gymnastics class.
Instead this Tuesday is going to be spent at home.
I am going to be playing nurse to my two boys who both woke up with some sort of sickness.
Brody has an upset stomach.
And Beckam is super congested.

I'm crossing my fingers that I can stay healthy, and they will get over this crud like in an hour.
Just throwing that out there.
That'd be super.

Let's see where the rest of this week takes us! 
All I know is that you are going to want to come back and see my post on Thursday.
Trust me.

Stay healthy friends.
It is freaking summer after all.



move your booty | all call

Tomorrow, June 30th, will be the last day to sign up for the Move Your Booty Challenge ! #bootymove

if you missed my post on Friday here are the details...

The whole idea is to stay motivated to move more throughout the day! So, if you have a fitbit or pedometer or some other magical way to count your steps we're in bizz-nass. your goal is to hit 10,000 steps five days a week for the entire month of July. That's at least 50k steps each week....or 200k steps for the entire month. If you hit your goal of 50k steps each week you'll be qualified to win the pot of entries! (ie. if 50 people participate in this challenge and pay their $1...the winner of the challenge will receive $50.) so...

1 | fill out THIS FORM and send in your $1 via paypal to my gal Karli at… karlib83@gmail.com.

2 | the challenge starts on July 1st and ends the 31st. (this means you have some buffer days at the beginning, but it's crunch time that last week when you only get 6 days!)

3 | TELL YOUR FRIENDS! Feel free to advertise this challenge to anyone // everyone! husband, boyfriend, sister, mother, cousin, boss, co-worker...Let's get after it!

4 | questions? send me an e-mail.

If this whole concept sounds familiar, you're right. Erin from over at living in yellow does a fitness challenge of the same format. It's super fun and super motivating so I super recommend participating in any challenge you can get your hands on.

Let's get our fit-nass on! Move our booty's!

ps. Karli created a little button that we can all throw on our sidebars or in a blog post should you feel like you want to share this little fitness challenge with everyone! just copy the HTML below into your blogpost or on your sidebar and if anyone clicks on it it will bring them to this blog post letting them know what the move your booty challenge is all about!



oh hey, friday | health and fitness

Hi friends!
Happy Friday.
Let's just hop right into it today.

Go ahead and write up a post about five things, paste the html of this pretty new button below on your post, and link up at the bottom.

- - - - - - - - 

1. | Move Your Booty
Let's keep each other going!
Karli and I are putting together a fun little challenge starting on July 1 {five days!} and we'd love for YOU to join! 
The challenge is for each person that participates to hit a 10,000 step goal five out of the seven day week…. that's 50,000 steps a week minimum… 200,000 steps for the month of July.
Totally doable.

To participate you pay $1.
At the end of the month each person will email in their reporting form saying how many steps you got in each day {that will be available after sign up}.
Everyone who hits the goal will be entered to win the money that everyone put in to join - the whole shebang.
Super fun right!?
If you'd like to sign up click HERE.
And believe me, you want to sign up.
Get excited, get your fitbit/pedometer charged, and get ready for some friendly competition!

Also, if you'd like to share this competition with anyone and everyone please do.
The more participants, the more money you have the chance on winning!
Here is an awesome button miss Karli whipped up:

2. | Grilled Buffalo Chicken Salad
With it being in the triple digits lately, I've been on the lookout for some healthy and summerish dinners.
I found this salad on Pinterest and have to make it ASAP!

3. | Elliptical
I've been hopping on the elliptical in the evenings after I put the boys to bed.
Share your tricks with me though!
I get so bored.
I focus so much on every single minute.
Do I need to invest in a TV to mount in front of it?
Will that encourage me to go for longer without even realizing it?
Or shall i just suck it up?
What do you do when you are on a treadmill or elliptical?

4. | Taco Stuffed Zucchini Boats
Before I know it we are going to be bombarded with more zucchini than I know what to do with.
I am being proactive and finding some healthy and delicious uses for them.
This recipe looks super yummy!

5. | Home Workouts
Have you guys seen those videos on Facebook… or other places I'm sure… of people using what they have at home to work out?
Like paper plates. And a slick floor.
Check this out:
I usually like to blame not working out a lot on the fact that we live so far away from a gym.
Clearly this gives me no more excuses.

I'm going to go and attempt this now.
Wish me luck.



farewell pacifiers pt. 2

A little over two years ago I wrote THIS post saying farewell to Brody's pacifiers and explaining how we weaned him of them.
Well just a mere few days ago I decided to do the same exact thing to Beckam's.
Once they hit two, I am on a mission to do two things:
1. Potty train.
2. No more pacis.

I used the exact same technique that I had used with Brody.
I scoured every room of the house, the vehicles, and behind his bed to find every single pacifier that we own.
NPLB: no paci left behind.
Next, I took the pile of pacifiers to a secret corner of the house and snipped the ends with a pair of scissors. 
I then put them back in his room, just waiting until bedtime hit.
{luckily he isn't as obsessed with them as Brody was… he only uses them to sooth himself while falling asleep}

This is very strategic because it is important that he doesn't know that I am the one who ruined them.
I had been telling him that he was a big boy now, and sometimes pacifiers break once you get too big.
Yes. I lied. 
And guess what?
It didn't fly.

I went to lay him down for bed and I watched as he placed that snipped "night night" in his mouth.
He immediately took it out and inspected it.
He told me that it sounded like a tractor and then shoved it right back in his mouth.
What!? This was not the plan.

A few seconds later, he took it out again. 
He didn't really like it.
I asked him if it was broken, and he asked for another.
I handed him another snipped paci.

At this point he realized that this was it.
This is how they were now. 
He took it in stride, and kept it in his mouth.

He didn't have the best night of sleep that night, but the next morning he walked out of his room holding his blanket with his pacifier in his mouth.

I would consider this a fail.
I think this kid is too smart for me.

SO… I need a new strategy.
The one that worked so so flawlessly for Brody, didn't even phase Beckam.
And I am at a loss.
It never ceases to amaze me how different my kids are.

Did you wean your kid from a pacifier?
How did you do it?
Give me all the details. Really. I'm begging.



{everyday happiness}

 It's no lie that I love sharing fabulous bloggers with you all.
Today is no exception.
We've got Julie from Everyday Happiness and I'm thrilled.

This gal has got it all, and her blog is so so fun to read!
Just take a look at how darling her little family is:
 That's enough blog crushing by me…
go ahead and read our fun Q&A and then go and tell Julie hello!

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Amy: What motivated you to start blogging?

Julie: I’ve always worked in marketing and done some freelance writing, so the idea of blogging and writing about anything I wanted to write about always interested me. When I got married, my co-workers bought me a URL as a wedding gift because they knew I always wanted to start a blog. Two years later, I finally did it when I got the inspiration from being pregnant and all it meant to be a mom. It’s amazing how much I’ve learned over the past year about blogging and how I like to think my writing and blogging style has improved. It’s an incredible community to be a part of!

Amy: I'm mostly jealous that you have a great URL. Thefarmerswife.com is far too spend for my liking. Too bad I don't have any co-wokers to help! :)

 Outside of blogging, how do you spend a majority of your time?

Julie: I like to think I live a pretty full life – I soak up moments with Shep before heading off to work, where I lead a marketing communications team. My days vary every day, and I love the opportunity and challenge that comes with marketing and how technology and trends are a constant moving target.

Once I’m home, I usually try to come up with new activities to do with my one-year-old son. Sometimes we head outside for a run, go to a park, splashpad or walk with the dog. We eat dinner as a family once dad gets home, and then my husband and I enjoy an hour or two together. On the weekends, we love heading to the beach, hanging around our pool or taking weekend vacations.

 Amy: Yes. Very full and super fun. Love it.

You have the cutest little son, and look like one awesome mommy! Tell me a bit about Shepard and how parenting has changed you.

Julie: That’s so sweet! Gosh, being a mom has changed me in so many ways. I think it’s made me more patient, understanding and appreciative for all the blessings we have. I’ve realized how quickly time passes, and the importance of being thankful for the moments we have together. There is truly nothing more magical than the moment we became a family of three, and saw Shep’s precious face. Our whole world changed then.

Amy: I LOVE birth stories. And girl, we had the same issue with Beckam's heart rate during labor. So scary!

My hubby is pretty unenthusiastic about my excited blog talk. How about yours?

Julie: I think my husband is happy I no longer complain about watching golf on TV every night! Overall, he’s supportive, but he probably doesn’t get how hard it is to be a blogger, and then to attract readers to your blog. He’s so sweet in thinking if he likes the post, everyone else will too!

Amy: Right? It's hard stuff. Thank goodness for blogger friends that can relate to us! 

You've got a keeper! Speaking of your hubs, explain your typical Saturday night with him.

Julie: Every other weekend we plan date nights. Our weeks are so busy, so it’s really important to us both we have adult time to connect. We love trying new restaurants and activities around Tampa. Weekends when we don’t do date night, you can find us grilling outside, golfing if we’re lucky, spending time with family and friends and swimming with Shep. 

Amy: That sounds magical. You guys are the cutest!

What is your single happiest day of your life thus far? 

Julie: I would have to say the single happiness day in my life so far was the day I married Clint. I literally made a list of everything I wanted in a husband three years earlier, and there I was, my dream coming true. Little did I know the sweet man I met in Chipotle one day would become my husband!

We had about 80 of our closest friends and family members in Clearwater celebrate our wedding. Without that special day, we would never be where we are today, enjoying life with Shep. 

Amy: Well… that looks like I wedding I wouldn't mind attending! Your dress was stunning, fyi!

Share some of your favorite posts with us and tell us why they're your fav.

1.    London in 3 Days: We decided to travel to Paris and London back in March, and it was my first trip to Europe. London was the most beautiful, historical and magical city and I fell in love with it. The day trip we did to Windsor was my favorite experience, and seeing all the castle apartments was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.
2.    Shepard’s First Birthday: I spent about three months planning Shep’s birthday, and while it was a crazy and hectic day, it was such a blast having our families in town to celebrate with us. I also linked up with my blogger friend who was much smarter than me and chose to do a much lower-stress birthday option for her daughter (which I will copy every year moving forward).
3.    Just Keep Going: I wrote this for one of Today Parenting Community’s topics about Mother’s Day. I wrote about my mother, my hero. She had four girls under four at one point, and stayed home and raised us. She sacrificed so much for us, and now is our biggest cheerleader and best friend.  

Amy: Love them ALL! Your pics and writing are spot on gal!

Give us something that has made you laugh recently. (video, gif, picture, etc.)

Julie: I just read this article by Mommy Shorts about the “23 Potential Titles if Buzzfeed Wrote a Father’s Day Post About My Husband.” Everything that she writes is laugh-out-loud hilarious and I’m a huge fan. This one was particularly relatable!

Amy: Haha - yes! Mommy shorts is the best… did you know they have an instagram too? It's pretty entertaining.

- - - - - - - - - - -

And there you have it.
The perfect blogger for you to start following right now!
Here is where you can find Julie:

blog | bloglovin' | instagram | facebook | twitter | pinterest



{father's day | in true farmer fashion}

That hunk there is my handsome hubby.
And he also happens to be the best daddy to our precious boys.
Knowing that father's day was approaching, we brainstormed some ideas with Karli and her mini gals.
We knew that we wanted to hang with our guys, but that they would also probably really enjoy a bit of an adventure.
Here is what we planned and how the day played out…

Bright and early we were to be at Karli's house for a delicious breakfast.
We were only one hour late from the planned arrival time.
Not bad.
We ate, the kids played, and we informed our farmer's of their daily plans.

They were going to head out into the desert on their dirt bikes for a little ride.
And they did.

Us gals split and made our children nap…
Brody didn't, but should have taken a snooze. 
Kid has had some serious attitude lately - someone help me.

We were all to reconvene at our house for a fun BBQ at 4.
TWO hours later our farmers showed up, in true farmer fashion.
Thank goodness for that "warming" feature on ovens.
And for battery operated riding tractors… the kids cruised ALL over the farm.

We finally ate some delicious steak, chicken kabobs, veggie kabobs, watermelon and chips…. lot and lots of chips.
Directly following dinner it was bedtime for the wee ones.
They played long and hard all afternoon. 
The day flew by, and our guys had a blast riding to both Oregon and Nevada on their dirt bikes!
After a long day of playing though, it's no surprise that Ryan had to go out and bale hay until nearly midnight.
He also had a wake time of 3:30 this morning.
Bless him.

Oh, the boys did get some gifts for their daddy!
Brody really wanted to get him a new hat.
We swung through the John Deere dealership to snag one on Friday.
Beckam then saw a toy tractor with two implements that he just knew his daddy would love {aka himself}.
These boys are lucky that he is a good sharer.

We sure love our farmer!

Happy father's day to all the dads out there.
Keep being awesome.



(oh hey, friday | my week in pictures}

Well, well. It's Friday.
And I'm not mad about it.
This summer schedule has been SO busy for our little family.
Today you get to see a small glimpse into our week,
sparing you the hours and hours that we have been in the car traveling from place to place.
T-ball, gymnastics, Costco, the doctor… it's all a ways away.
Being a "stay at home mom" basically means I never stay at home.

Before I get into my week, let's talk link-up.
We are just three weeks away from our one year anniversary of this little link-up! 
Super fun.
Karli and I will be doing a little giveaway then, but for now, let's just get our linky on.

Go ahead and write up a post about five things, paste the html of this pretty new button below on your post, and link up at the bottom.

- - - - - - - - - - - - 

1. | The family that wear Hunter's together, stays together.
My farmer takes every opportunity he gets to snag us all and take us on a little irrigating adventure.
He is typically waking up at 4 am to change water though, and we are all very fast asleep.
{bless my farmer}
Post breakfast, things are much more chipper around the house though.
We love riding around with our farmer and helping in whatever way we can.
Beckam was extra prepared on this particular day… since he brought his tool belt. :)

2. | License and Registration please?
Beckam got this little Gator for his 2nd birthday.
We are continually impressed with his driving skills.
That is… until he decides to break the rules and drive in fast gear.
Kid is a maniac. 

3. | I think I'm out of a job.
The other day I had to whip around the yard on the lawn mower.
Beckam was napping and Brody decided that he would rather play inside with his trains than play outside while I worked.
After I finished the lawn, I was surprised I hadn't seen a child or two outside beckoning me.
When I walked in, I found this:
Beckam had woke up, and Brody prepared them a little picnic all on his own.
Yogurt, chocolate milk, pretzels and grapes.
Along with lunch entertainment.
If only he had remembered to put the remaining box of yogurt back in the fridge, I might have considered paying him for an on going babysitter job!

4. | Say what!?
Beckam had his 2 year check up this week.
So obviously I need to take a walk down memory lane and show you him at 9 months, 18 months and current day at the doctors:
He is a healthy and smart little guy.
He went from being short and chubby to tall and skinny.
Mostly, I am just happy that he still has one thigh roll left. It's barely hanging on though, so I had to get him a donut to try and keep it a little bit longer. 

5. | Please tell me it will never end.
These two. They are still, for the most part, playing nicely together.
I've learned to not step in on a disagreement and make them settle it on their own.
There are usually some screams, and sometimes tears, but in the end they figure it out.
And it's glorious.
Please, oh please, let this never end.

Now, I'm off to work on getting together a super fun father's day for my farmer.
Stay tuned next week for details.

Happy weekend!



{essential oils | GIVEAWAY}

My mom and grandma are apparently very hip.
I knew about essential oils way before they were trendy.
As in, I grew up with them.
My mom forced me to take thieves.
She sprayed a lavender mixture on my bed.
And would rub who know what on my feet.

Honestly, I always thought that it was kind of wacky.
Until I realized that they really work.

I never invested in my own until recently, and I am so glad that I did.
Now, I can be that same wacky mom to my boys.
And they will love it… and be healthier because of it.

I have been going one step further though and diffusing these awesome oils.
They smell so good.

I also make my farmer take some drops in whatever he is drinking.
Specifically "Stress Away."
As you can imagine, he is under a significant amount of stress on the daily.
This definitely seems to help.

Basically, I am LOVING them.

Sarah from Grace In Oils is who I have to thank for all of it.
She has been a wealth of knowledge and super helpful.
If you are curious at all about essential oils, email her HERE.

Lucky for you, she has some awesome items that she is giving away!
Take a look, and read on to see what she has to say about her adventure in oils.

- - - - - - - - - - 
{get entered below}

I am so excited to partner with Amy from The Farmer's Wife for this awesome giveaway! We are giving away one book and two Young Living essential oils. The book is an awesome reference for any mom that is just getting started with using essential oils. It has safety tips and recommendations for various ailments! The essential oils are the Gentle Baby and Grapefruit. You can add a few drops of Gentle Baby to bathwater, to coconut oil for a after bath lotion, or diffuse it for a calming atmosphere. It is safe and gentle enough to use during pregnancy. Grapefruit is an awesome citrus oil you can add to water to give it a little kick!

I'd love to tell you a little about myself. I originally got started with Young Living and essential oils in July 2014. I did a lot of research before choosing this company. I'm a Licensed Practical Nurse so finding high-quality essential oils was very important to me. I run a blog Grace In Oils where I talk about my research, how I use essential oils, and other fun things! My goal with my blog and my Young Living business is to help bring essential oils into every home. I want everyone to know they can use essential oils!

I also offer resources to those I enroll to help empower them to get answers to their questions. Ask Amy about my Welcome Kit! I sent her one of my Welcome Kits to review. It has a handy Pocket Guide that is an awesome tool for the beginner or veteran oil user.

I chose Young Living due to their Seed to Seal guarantee and I go into that on my blog. If you are interested in starting your journey with Young Living I would LOVE to have you be a part of my team. I fully support those I enroll via online groups, an e-series, and more! I also offer a really amazing Welcome Kit FREE to those who choose to become a Wholesale Member with Young Living via purchase of a Premium Starter Kit. Check it all out HERE

- - - - - - - - - - - -

If you've been interested in essential oils {or are just learning}and need to just bite the bullet, do it now. 
And do it with Sarah.
She is truly amazing.
You won't regret it.
I am personally loving my premium starter kit.
AND remember, if you snag that premium starter kit, you get everything in that bonus offer pic above!
Not shabby at all.

Now, hurry up and get entered to win the Gentle Babies book, Gentle Baby and Grapefruit oils.



{oh hey, friday | busy week on the farm}

It has been a fun and busy little week on the farm!
I'm finally feeling better and we got our schedule packed.
You can read all about it below, but first some link up info…

Go ahead and write up a post about five things, paste the html of the button below on your post, and link up at the bottom.
Ok, here we go!

1. | eighth anniversary
Yesterday was our 8th anniversary.
Lucky for me, my farmer finished baling and stacking first cutting of hay recently and he actually had a lithe free time to hang out with me.
At first we just figured dinner and a movie would be fun.
Then, that seemed boring.
So instead my farmer planned a fun afternoon...
After dropping off our love bugs with the grandparents we went to lunch.
There is something about a kid free lunch that is more than enjoyable.

We then enjoyed a lovely drive up into the mountains to play some golf.
It has probably been about five years since I've played.
Warming up is overrated though, and we just got right on it, no practice swings needed.
Turns out I am better fresh. Five years fresh. 
By the time we got to hole 13 I was sucking really bad.
We were literally the ONLY ones on the course though, so we obviously cheated and just did as we pleased.
Post golf, we headed up the road to the tiniest town.
There is a cafe with fresh desserts and homemade ice cream.
It was a fun little afternoon for sure!

2. | pool party
 The boys got a new upgraded pool for the summer.
It was more of a need than a want really… for me.
Being cooped up with these rascals on 100+ degree days is not ideal.
Problem solved.
We've been having daily pool parties and I'm kind of loving it.

3. | say what?
Do you know what I love more than daily pool parties though?
When my children actually play nicely TOGETHER!
This is somewhat new to our household.
And I am freaking overjoyed.
The past year of Beckam's destructiveness towards Brody's toys is coming to a halt.
He is actually learning to play instead of destroy.
It is a work in progress from all aspects, but we are on the right track.

4. | t-ball
Brody is half way through his t-ball games for the summer.
I wouldn't say that he is the most competitive ball player I've seen, 
but he says that he enjoys it, so we stick with it.
He played first base the other night. 
I think he mostly enjoyed just talking to every player that came to his base.
And mimicking the pitcher…
 He's cute to watch for sure!

5. | ice cream
Beckam got his first ice cream cone this week.
He pretty much devoured it.
Unfortunately it did seem to mess with his belly a bit.
I don't think he really minded though. :)

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend.

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