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{oh hey, friday | beckam is TWO}

Today is my baby's birthday.
Beckam is officially a two year old.
So, naturally, this post is going to be ALL about him, and off the typical Oh hey, Friday format.
This will include a massive photo dump.
I just couldn't help it. 
Just look at how cute he is:
This kid.
He is such a sweet boy.
He loves a lot of things.
But most of all, he loves our dog Gunner.
I mean, I sometimes catch him up and out of his room in the middle of the night, laying on the floor next to him trying to snuggle.
He cries if he doesn't get to give Gunner a kiss goodbye.
He hugs and hangs on Gunner's neck saying, "oooh, Gunner, it's ok."
He may have a slight obsession. 
Some of his other loves: his blanket, his family, tractors - mostly backhoes, and anything that Brody is playing with.
He is also quite the talker! 
I'm talking repeat central.
Also, his ability to form complete sentences surprises me.
Even though his enunciation still has a ways to go.
Despite his nasty food allergies, Beckam is a great little eater.
And far less picky than his big brother was.
He is by far messier, but that's ok.
Currently he is crazy for fruit.
Every day when we go outside he heads straight for our strawberry patch.
It keeps him busy for a long time, and the excitement EVERY time he finds another one is adorable.
"oh yea! another one!"
He would eat fruit leathers simultaneously ALL day long if it was an option.
He also loves spaghetti, cheese sticks, corn on the cob, sausage/hot dogs, olives, and pretty much whatever you put in front of him.
Beckam used to be the BEST sleeper in all of the land.
I mean, go to bed at 6:30pm and wake at 7:30am.
And then… the crib got transitioned into an escapable toddler bed.
Usually he does great and sleeps all night, he just wakes up much earlier.
And sometimes, he doesn't do great and wakes up multiple times in the middle of the night causing him to be the grumpiest child in the world the next day.
Considering this is all a bit new, I'm hoping he will pull his crap together and get back on his 13 hours of sleep a night.
Currently Beckam LOVES to go.
Usually with Daddy. To work.
Because this means he doesn't have to be strapped into a carseat.
And because spending time with your super fun dad and your favorite creature {Gunner} all while riding in a tractor of some kind is pretty much the best day ever. 
Throw in some delicious snacks and a diaper and he would literally stay there all day.
When my farmer comes by the house to drop him off, he pretty persistently says, "no house!" over and over.
I swear, he loves me a lot though.
Beckam and Brody bicker a lot.
But these two love each other a lot more.
Beckam is so sweet to Brody, and tries to be gentle about the transition of ruining his only child syndrome.
He makes sure to always get two of everything so he can give one to Brody, loving dubbed as "BuBu".
He can't go to bed without giving Brody hugs and kisses. 
He wants to copy and do absolutely everything Brody does.
I truly hope that they become and stay best of friends.
Beckam's personality is funny.
He has a little bit of stone-coldness to him.
Like the most serious face you've ever seen.
And really, it's all a ruse.
He does it to be funny.
And when/ if you can make eye contact with him… he cracks. 
He loves to laugh.
He can also be very stubborn and selfish.
But he can also be very sweet and caring.
I love this kid so much it hurts.
And the hugs that he gives… like, real squeeze me tight hugs?
They are the absolute best.
And the way that he says, "I love you mommy!" every night as I lay him in his bed?
I hope that never ever stops.

It is sad to see your baby grow up in what seems like triple the speed of your first born… like I physically feel my throat tighten and eyes well as I think about it.
But every day gets more fun.
{knock on wood… hopefully we can steer clear of the terrible two's)
And the amount of joy and love that Beckam brings to our lives is unexplainable.

We love you Beckam Stille. 
Keep on rockin' YOU.

- - - - - - 

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Have a fabulous Memorial Day Weekend friends!



  1. Happy 2nd Birthday, Beckham! Hope it's fabulous, just like you :)!

  2. Happy birthday Beckham! Hopefully you guys can enjoy a little more sleep soon!


  3. those pictures. he is sooooooooo handsome.

  4. Oh my gosh - his eyes!!!! He is so adorable!!! Happy Birthday, little one!!!! -Jess
    Sweet Little Ones

  5. He is the sweetest! Hope he has a great birthday!

  6. Your little guy is ADORABLE! I hope you have a great time celebrating 2!

  7. He is so adorable ;) Love it
    Chelsea @ thewilliamsjourney1.blogspot.com/

  8. He is so stinkin cute! Happy 2nd birthday to Beckam.

  9. Awe. Happy Birthday to the little guy!

  10. Oh happy birthday sweet boy! Ellie just turned two yesterday...they should go on a date!

  11. What a cutie! Happy Birthday!

    Thanks for providing a place to linkup. I'm new with the 5 for Fridays...I'm enjoying it!

  12. This is the cutest birthday note ever! Your little boy is beyond handsome and I'm sort of jealous of his great sleeping hours, hoping he'll get back to that soon ;-)

  13. Happy 2nd birthday to your baby boy - have two sons is amazing :)

  14. Happy (late) Birthday to Beckam! Hope the day was full of hugs and laughter! The pictures you shared couldn't be any cuter.

  15. Oh my he is so adorable, I love those big blue eyes!


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