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{mother's day + promo code}

This mother's day was pretty fantastic.
I mean how could it not be when fruit filled waffle cones are involved?
 Or these lemon blueberries cupcakes I whipped up.
And floral straws in mason jars? Yes, please.
 Karli was a wonderful hostess, especially since we spent all day trashing her house.
I tried as much as possible to leave my farmer in charge of the boys.
 Clearly they had a good time also.
 It's cute now. But wait another 13 years… I think we will probably frown upon this. 

We ended the day picking some wild field-side asparagus for dinner. 
 I sure am lucky to be a mommy to these sweet boys. 

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  1. Such a fun time! I have enjoyed the photos from you two ladies!

  2. brody looks like such a big boy in that picture with sawyer. i love it. and kaye looks like she wants to eat beckam with her eyes.


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