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{beckam's farm party}

Beckam just turned two! 
And my little man is obsessed with the farm.
So, I threw together a little farm party for him over the long weekend.

I usually feel a little more prepared for parties that I am throwing, 
but even when I wing it {like this party} things turn out just fine!

Oh, and I am pretty much a pro at making tractor cakes now… that only took me about 15 minutes to assemble and frost.

Here are a pics of the fun day! 
Beckam had a blast.
He was very spoiled by friends and family with amazing gifts also.
I've barely had to pay attention to the boys the last few days with all the toys they've been enjoying. 

A few details:

- those super cute farm animal balloons… Amazon. They are bee-bopping around the house still and are meant to act as little pets. They are weighted to stand on the ground and be taken for walks.

- custom banner and cupcake toppers… Karli of September Farm. Girlfriend has got mad skills on the computer and she whipped these up for me. I swear she should start up a business. Maybe if enough of us hound her for business? :)

- cookies in a jar… I got this recipe from Bakerella HERE. Not only were they a cute addition to the party, they also happen to probably be the best cookies I've ever eaten. No joke.

That about covers it!
Oh, one more fail on my part…
I made a ginormous bowl of delicious pasta salad that never made it out to the party.
I felt like and idiot. 
Until I realized I didn't have to make dinner that night.



  1. You did such an amazing job! Everything looks great. That last picture is so adorable.

  2. Wow! You did a great job! I love the picnic basket and the plate of berries!

  3. Happy Birthday Beckam!!! What a sweet little party. Ellie's is on Saturday and I'm still trying to put it all together!!

  4. Looks like a wonderful party, I love the picture of him eating the cake! So sweet!


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