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{oh hey, friday | i've got some things to discuss}

I've got some things to discuss this week.
Some more important than others.

Before I get started though…
it's time to talk link up.

Go ahead and write up a post about five things, paste the html of the button below on your post, and link up at the bottom.

Now onward we go.

1. | fitbit
Who has a fitbit?
No, I seriously want to know.
I want to be your fitbit friend, like yesterday.

Let me explain.
You see, I was gifted a fitbit by some pretty amazing friends.
Out of the blue. Showed up in a pretty bag at Beckam's birthday party.
It was like the nicest thing ever.
And I freaking love it.
I am obsessed with checking how much I move in a day.
I am at a 10,000 step a day goal.
This is usually not a problem.
What is super fun though is to start up some competitions with friends.
The other night Karli was kicking my tail on steps…
I decided that instead of just going the 350 more to get to 10,000 I was going to hop on the elliptical and actually beat her. Boom.
I need this kind of motivation in my life to keep me working out… because Oreos are my friend.
I can't say that I will do that every night, but it is fun to have a little competition going on.

SO, if you have a fitbit, let's be friends!
Email me here and I'll add you.

2. | strawberry jam
We have an abundance of strawberries flying out of garden.
I'm talking bowls full a day.
So much so, in fact, that we weren't eating them fast enough.
This is abnormal, fyi.
I decided to whip up my first ever batch of strawberry jam.
It's delicious.

3. | killdeer
Does anyone here know what killdeer are?
I didn't before I moved to Idaho.
Let me inform you.
They are little birds.
And they lay their eggs on the ground. In a bunch of rocks.
I find it dumb personally.

The boys always find it fun to find their nests, however.
You know you are close when the momma bird starts chirping loudly and acting like she has a broken wing.

We've been walking daily {gotta get those steps in!} and we recently found a nest.
The boys love checking in on it daily.
It started with four eggs.
The next day two had hatched - i didn't have my phone to snap a pic though.
And yesterday the two were already off and walking, with another new one hatched.
I bet the next time we walk by, they will all be off galavanting around, just like little teenagers.

Just some fun farm sightings.

4. | shenanigans
I smell trouble.

Karli brought her gals over, and these two were up to no good yesterday.
Holding hands, patting heads, sharing watermelon, spraying water, eating strawberries out of the patch.
I'll be keeping a close eye on them for the next 16 years.

5. | shish-kabobs
With the weather being stellar lately, we've decided to start grilling.
The boys love playing with their food…
and helping in the kitchen.
Shish-kabobs are the perfect food.
Especially when Zaza can help!

6. | giveaway - because I can
I've got a couple of giveaways happening on the blog!
You'll want to check out yesterday's post to enter and win a super cute set of stamps.
ALSO, my group giveaway is live.
We've got a lot of goodies for you!
You can check out the original post here, or you can just enter to win here:

Have a great weekend friends!



{a mrs. and a giveaway}

I'm thrilled to introduce you all to Natalie today.
She blogs over at Being Mrs. Olson.
I love reading her blog for many reasons.
One of those reasons… girlfriend has got some serious DIY skills. See for yourself.
I envy a good DIY-er.

She also just moved across the country, so that is always fun to join someone through their exciting journey via the inter web.

I did a little Q&A session with Natalie that you should definitely check out.
Not only because she is awesome, but because she has a fun giveaway for you all too!

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Firstly - let's start out with your lovely blog. What inspired you to begin your blog?
I started my blog in 2012 after marrying my love. I had blogged my study abroad experience in 2010 and loved that I could go back and read about all the fun, crazy, and adventurous things I did at the age of 21. I thought that blogging again would be a great way to relive our first years of marriage when we needed to remember how sweet young love is. We will always have these memories to look back on via the blog. I also loved the idea of having an online journal for others to enjoy - with family and friends around the country and across oceans, it's a great way to share about my life!

The name of your blog is Being Mrs. Olson. What do you typically blog about?

Being Mrs. Olson is a blog about my life being married to the best guy. It is our life together, with everything from relationship advice to vacations and baking. I generally have a good mix of personal life updates, advice and reviews, and my sometimes blunt thoughts about living in this world. I love to eat, travel, and craft - so I will share bits of all of those on the blog. I really love to recommend places to eat, books, movies, etc. I also love to share quick and easy crafts {most that can be done with children!}. 

Looks like you snagged a mighty fine man. Tell us more about your journey.
I was lucky enough to be introduced to my man at the young age of 18. It was "love at second sight" after my brother introduced us at their fraternity and we all attended a birthday dinner two days later. October 14th, 2007 is a day I can recount pretty vividly! After I got his number from a friend, we started to spend time together with friends and kept in contact constantly. Each with a love for music, growing, and adventure, we were official by March 2008. We moved in together in the summer of 2009. In the fall of 2010, he visited me while I studied abroad in Oslo, Norway. We traveled to Paris, France (pre-smartphones) and realized we were a fantastic team. We got engaged in October of 2011 and were married in June of 2012. This summer we will celebrate three years of marriage and over seven years together. It has been an AMAZING journey and "Being Mrs. Olson" was the best choice I ever made. I am so lucky!

Could you share a little of what your daily life is like with my lovely readers?

Currently, my daily life is not very exciting! In April of this year, my husband and I moved back to Minnesota after living in Austin, Texas. We are staying with my parents while house hunting for our forever home in the country {keep your fingers crossed for us!}. My day consists of being a housewife for not only my husband, but my parents as well. I am loving it. My main project is getting the house clean and working with my mom to purge and organize every little bit of it. I also spend time outside with the family dog and have some DIY projects ready once it gets a bit warmer. I feel lucky to have this bit of down time in my life and am enjoying spending time with family and friends in my hometown.

When you're not blogging, what other things do you like to do?
I'm convinced that food, coffee, and craft beer are my hobbies. I love to check out coffee shops and can never turn down a good pastry. I also love to try new restaurants. Hubby and I enjoy frequenting local craft breweries and supporting local establishments and artisans - I am a sucker for handmade jewelry. I love to go junking and rehabbing projects, whether it be a picture frame or a bed. I prefer to do all these things while enjoying the sunshine!

Share some of your favorite posts with us and tell us why they're your fav.

A popular post to start with is "10 Things You Might Not Know". It's a fun look into getting to know me! 

"Why I'm Glad I Grew Up With Two Older Brothers" was a tribute to the older women in my life who have always inspired and looked out for me since I was young.

A good post that really looks in to our relationship and how I write is "Have You Checked in With Your Husband Lately?" A lot of people will enjoy this post as a real look in to marriage and how to take stock of your own. 

And to leave you with a funny one, I'm best friends with Target. I write a lot about how it always sucks me in - Target, The Black Hole.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

NOW Natalie is going to give away this totally awesome set of alphabet stamps to one lucky winner!
Go ahead and get entered NOW!

To stalk Natalie further, you can check her out here:


{beckam's farm party}

Beckam just turned two! 
And my little man is obsessed with the farm.
So, I threw together a little farm party for him over the long weekend.

I usually feel a little more prepared for parties that I am throwing, 
but even when I wing it {like this party} things turn out just fine!

Oh, and I am pretty much a pro at making tractor cakes now… that only took me about 15 minutes to assemble and frost.

Here are a pics of the fun day! 
Beckam had a blast.
He was very spoiled by friends and family with amazing gifts also.
I've barely had to pay attention to the boys the last few days with all the toys they've been enjoying. 

A few details:

- those super cute farm animal balloons… Amazon. They are bee-bopping around the house still and are meant to act as little pets. They are weighted to stand on the ground and be taken for walks.

- custom banner and cupcake toppers… Karli of September Farm. Girlfriend has got mad skills on the computer and she whipped these up for me. I swear she should start up a business. Maybe if enough of us hound her for business? :)

- cookies in a jar… I got this recipe from Bakerella HERE. Not only were they a cute addition to the party, they also happen to probably be the best cookies I've ever eaten. No joke.

That about covers it!
Oh, one more fail on my part…
I made a ginormous bowl of delicious pasta salad that never made it out to the party.
I felt like and idiot. 
Until I realized I didn't have to make dinner that night.



{giveaway | $105 and more…}

Going back to work the day after a three day weekend is probably not ideal.
Good news… it's a shorter work week.
Better news… we've got a giveaway going on with a lot of goodies that you could likely win.

Starting off with some moola.
Like, a lot of cash.
$105 isn't anything to shake a stick at.

Next up, this totally darling flamingo print.
Done my Vicki.
She's going to be opening up an online art store on June 1st.
I, for one, can't wait!

Lastly, we have this adorable custom monogramed clutch.
Chelsea is giving this out, and it is oh-so-cute.
It's definitely worth checking out her shop on instagram HERE.

Now, take a gander at these lovely ladies who are so generously offering you this fabulous giveaway:

 That's a wonderful group of beautiful women.
Now, go and show them some love and then get entered below.



{oh hey, friday | beckam is TWO}

Today is my baby's birthday.
Beckam is officially a two year old.
So, naturally, this post is going to be ALL about him, and off the typical Oh hey, Friday format.
This will include a massive photo dump.
I just couldn't help it. 
Just look at how cute he is:
This kid.
He is such a sweet boy.
He loves a lot of things.
But most of all, he loves our dog Gunner.
I mean, I sometimes catch him up and out of his room in the middle of the night, laying on the floor next to him trying to snuggle.
He cries if he doesn't get to give Gunner a kiss goodbye.
He hugs and hangs on Gunner's neck saying, "oooh, Gunner, it's ok."
He may have a slight obsession. 
Some of his other loves: his blanket, his family, tractors - mostly backhoes, and anything that Brody is playing with.
He is also quite the talker! 
I'm talking repeat central.
Also, his ability to form complete sentences surprises me.
Even though his enunciation still has a ways to go.
Despite his nasty food allergies, Beckam is a great little eater.
And far less picky than his big brother was.
He is by far messier, but that's ok.
Currently he is crazy for fruit.
Every day when we go outside he heads straight for our strawberry patch.
It keeps him busy for a long time, and the excitement EVERY time he finds another one is adorable.
"oh yea! another one!"
He would eat fruit leathers simultaneously ALL day long if it was an option.
He also loves spaghetti, cheese sticks, corn on the cob, sausage/hot dogs, olives, and pretty much whatever you put in front of him.
Beckam used to be the BEST sleeper in all of the land.
I mean, go to bed at 6:30pm and wake at 7:30am.
And then… the crib got transitioned into an escapable toddler bed.
Usually he does great and sleeps all night, he just wakes up much earlier.
And sometimes, he doesn't do great and wakes up multiple times in the middle of the night causing him to be the grumpiest child in the world the next day.
Considering this is all a bit new, I'm hoping he will pull his crap together and get back on his 13 hours of sleep a night.
Currently Beckam LOVES to go.
Usually with Daddy. To work.
Because this means he doesn't have to be strapped into a carseat.
And because spending time with your super fun dad and your favorite creature {Gunner} all while riding in a tractor of some kind is pretty much the best day ever. 
Throw in some delicious snacks and a diaper and he would literally stay there all day.
When my farmer comes by the house to drop him off, he pretty persistently says, "no house!" over and over.
I swear, he loves me a lot though.
Beckam and Brody bicker a lot.
But these two love each other a lot more.
Beckam is so sweet to Brody, and tries to be gentle about the transition of ruining his only child syndrome.
He makes sure to always get two of everything so he can give one to Brody, loving dubbed as "BuBu".
He can't go to bed without giving Brody hugs and kisses. 
He wants to copy and do absolutely everything Brody does.
I truly hope that they become and stay best of friends.
Beckam's personality is funny.
He has a little bit of stone-coldness to him.
Like the most serious face you've ever seen.
And really, it's all a ruse.
He does it to be funny.
And when/ if you can make eye contact with him… he cracks. 
He loves to laugh.
He can also be very stubborn and selfish.
But he can also be very sweet and caring.
I love this kid so much it hurts.
And the hugs that he gives… like, real squeeze me tight hugs?
They are the absolute best.
And the way that he says, "I love you mommy!" every night as I lay him in his bed?
I hope that never ever stops.

It is sad to see your baby grow up in what seems like triple the speed of your first born… like I physically feel my throat tighten and eyes well as I think about it.
But every day gets more fun.
{knock on wood… hopefully we can steer clear of the terrible two's)
And the amount of joy and love that Beckam brings to our lives is unexplainable.

We love you Beckam Stille. 
Keep on rockin' YOU.

- - - - - - 

And now, I suppose I should tell you more about this link up...

Go ahead and write up a post about five things {or not, if you're a rebel like me}, paste the html of the button below on your post, and link up at the bottom.

Have a fabulous Memorial Day Weekend friends!

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