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{we've got a graphic designer up in here}

I'm going to hijack this post for a second from Cris to brag about her.
I enlisted her to do a logo for the farm recently.
And I am totally loving it.
In case anyone is curious… that is a sugar beet.
It is one of our largest crops.

I've got big plans to make t-shirts, stamps, envelopes, business cards, etc. with this beaut.

Cris was super easy to work with, and wasn't bothered by my constant changing ideas and requests.
She makes sure that she gets your logo just how you want it.
And that… it's hard to come by.

Go ahead and read a fun little q&a I did with her, and then go and stalk her sites.
She's even offering a discount code to you all at the very bottom!!

- - - - - - - - -  

Firstly - let's start out with how talented you are. You have got some graphic design skills. What made you decide to become a graphic designer?

Thank you very much for your kind words, Amy! For me it all started while I was studying my major in Industrial Design. I had always had a very big interest on graphic design so I took a course in order to learn the basics and I’ve never stopped since then. My first job came when a friend of mine asked me to create a logo for a fair trade campaign he was preparing on our university. Now I specialize in branding for small businesses and startups.

What is it like owning your own business and being self employed? Pros/Cons?

It’s a beautiful rollercoaster ride! I work from home and that definitely has its pros and cons. I wake up early every morning and write a very detailed to-do list before starting work. That helps me focus, not wasting too much time between tasks and being more organized. If you are a freelance professional you end up working more hours than expected but it doesn’t matter at all if you love what you do.
It feels SO GOOD to achieve goals by yourself and receive positive feedback from your client when the project is finished. Feeling that good work is always rewarded. And, of course, being able to go out for a walk or a coffee with a friend if you feel like it!

Do you have any advice for people that are looking to become self employed?

First of all, go for it! We usually say life is too short but I also think it is too long not to try at least once. If you have a true passion and you end up earning a living by working on it you won’t need much more.
Then once you have started, I would say stop looking at what others are doing and work harder. It’s always great to take a look at your competition to get new ideas but those ideas won’t work unless you do.

What are your favorite designs to date? 

It is very difficult to pick only some of them but here you have 3 of my latest logos and a cute little Frida from a collection of avatars I’m creating for my Society6 shop

When you're not designing/blogging, what other things do you like to do?

Some would say too many different things! I like playing the guitar, reading, programming games, watching movies… and when the weather is good I spend my weekend nights viewing galaxies, star clusters and nebulas on the countryside.

Give us something that's made you laugh recently (mime, picture, gif, etc.)

I also would like to include a coupon code both for my Etsy shop and website that will run for 5 days and be available until Friday night. The code is DENIMANDPLAID and it is for 15% off on all orders.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Talented, and sweet.
That's a good combo!
If you are in need of a logo - just ask Cris.



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  2. Thank you very much for sharing this interview with your reader, Amy! I really appreciate it :)



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