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{oh hey, friday | totally random}

It's Wednesday evening and I'm hammering out a post for you all since we are off galavanting from Thursday to Sunday. 
Let it also be noted that I put my boys to bed at 6:00 pm.
It was necessary. 
Believe me.
 And another necessity… think link up.

So, go ahead and write up your five, paste the html of the button below on your post, and link up at the bottom.

- - - - - - -

1. | Tractor Rides
If we want to see our farmer these days, we have to go to him.
So, that's what we do.
Luckily he's been planting sugar beets, so we don't have to get covered from head to toe with mud like previous outings.
Instead, we all cram into the tractor cab. 
Gunner included.

I'm not sure which type of tractor riding Beckam likes more… riding with Gunner and the rest of the family, or going solo with daddy who gives him an old coffee can full of dirt a loader and a fruit leather.
Last Friday, post tractor ride, we headed down to the river to do some cat-tail "fishing" and lots of rock throwing. 
Living by the river is not only beautiful, but very entertaining for these little guys.

2. | First Haircut
If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already know that Beckam got his first haircut this week.
He did SO good sitting still and didn't seem to mind at all.
I also didn't forget to snag a ziploc and throw some of that sweet soft baby hair in it.
I didn't however make a super adorable video to music like Brody got.
Second child problems.
Brody got a bit of a trim which was greatly needed since I had cut it the time before. 
I'm the worst. Ever.
 After a successful trip to the salon, a lollipop "cheers" was in order.
 And now, just like that, I have two big boys.

 3. | Gymnastics Update
The boys have been LOVING gymnastics.
Brody is in a class full of boys, which is unusual, but super fun for him.
I'm pretty sure they goof off quite a bit.
But, he does follow the teachers directions, and can do everything asked of him.
Beckam is learning.
 He particularly loves the donuts.
In case you were wondering, this is NOT one of the moves he should be doing.
Gymnastics is hard work. 
Sometimes a rest is in order.

He is in a class full of girls.
More typical.
Which means more flirting... and laying on foam donuts sending out vibes to the ladies.

Last week, after gymnastics, I was feeling brave and took them to Toys R Us to run wild and choose one toy of their liking.
What seemed like five hours later… we left.

4. | Photoshoot
I've been on a roll with my photography lately.
Monday I had the opportunity to take maternity pics of a friend who is due in June.
Isn't she the cutest!?
It is a whole new world shooting adults as opposed to children.
Emma was so obedient. :)
5. | I've got a few Medium ad spots left {or coming available super soon} to join in on this month's group giveaway.
If you are interested, check out my my advertise page here, and enter code MEDIUM for 50% off.
Hope you all have a super weekend.



  1. Your children are so beautiful. That first photo... I am smiling looking at it because come June, this will be part of my life. If you would have told me years ago if I would marry a farmer, I would have laughed-- being such a city girl and all. But, the things we do for love. :)

  2. I'm envious that you get to live next to a river. You'd never pry me away from the water!

  3. I love taking pictures and my camera started dying on me last week.....I may have to go wash dishes somewhere or something because I cannot live without it for very long!

  4. What a great childhood your boys have! XOXO I love the new haircut. It makes him seem SO much older, though!

  5. Thank you for hosting! Your boys are so adorable. We need to give my boy his summer haircut! Beautiful maternity photo :) Blessing to you this weekend!

  6. Your boys are so cute. I love the donut picture. They both look so sweet.


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