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{oh hey, friday | get excited}

It's Friday.
And if that's not exciting enough by itself, I have five other things that you should get excited about.

First though, it's time to link up.

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Ok. Get excited.

1. | vlog
Just imagine… me. In front of a video camera. Not knowing where to put my hands. Trying not to look dumb. All while attempting to suck in my double chin and answer questions. 
Doesn't this sound like the best idea ever?
Throw in my gal Karli and I'm pretty sure we are in vlog heaven.
I feel awkward already.
Which makes this so much more exciting.
Here's the deal.
Karli and I are going to be doing a little duo q&a vlog.
But we need your help…
We are always getting questions about farm life, farmers, farm kids, blogging, etc.
We would love for you to give us some specific questions that you would like answered.
You can either email your questions or just comment with some below.
Don't forget to leave your name and blog name so we can give you a little shout out.
No questions are off limits, so let's see what you got!
I will then do my best to not embarrass myself.

2. | giveaway
Did you see that I'm giving away 125 buckeroos with my leading ladies!?
If you haven't gotten entered yet, you better hurry.

3. | easter
Easter is this weekend!
Very exciting.
I am hosting a brunch at our house Sunday.
I've loaded up on white fake eggs to decorate, and plan on trying out a tofu quiche.
Easter without eggs is interesting… all for my little allergy guy, Beckam.
I'd rather not have to use his epi-pen though.

It will be a fun day filled with lots of food, good friends, egg decorating, and egg hunting.
I'm sure I will have an abundance of pictures to share next week.
Until then, here is a little throwback from last year.

4. | tis the season
Farm season is officially in full swing.
This is more exciting for you than me.
You get food to eat.
I get my hunters muddy… on occasion.
 Note to self. Don't take Brody's miniature 4-wheeler into freshly watered ground with the entire family aboard.
My hubby and I ended up running while pushing it through what felt like quicksand mud.
Good times.
If we want to see our farmer though, we go to him.
Mud and all.
 Beckam prefers his mud on/in his face.
And he is only pants-less because of excessive sprinkler examination.
They are all working just fine.

5. | discount
In honor of all of this excitement, and because we are in a brand new month, 
I'm offering $5 off any ad space.
You can check out my options here.
Enter code APRIL to get in on the deal.

Have a fabulous weekend friends!



  1. Cannot wait for the vlog!! Oh, and lov-e-e-e the family shots of you all outdoors. So cute!

  2. Fun fun! I will be very interested to see your vlog. My question would be when is it appropriate to ask for neighbors' help on the farm? We are interested in buying a small farm/hobby farm this summer but worried about getting in too deep too soon. Can't wait to link up with my new blog design! Have a fantastic Easter!

  3. OMG those two precious bunnies picture from Easter is just the cutest thing I've ever seen!! I die!

  4. A vlog sounds like so much fun! Can't wait to see you and Karli rock it! My question would be, when you got pregnant with your 1st, was it planned or a surprise? Hope you had a good Easter!

    The Mrs. & Co.


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