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{why does this make me laugh so much?}

Maybe I should start this post of with a "you're welcome."

I need to share something with you all.
Something that I hope you will enjoy as much as I do.
It's an app.
And it's called Crazy Heliumbooth Free.
And it will change your life... for the better.
{just a side note… I'm not getting paid for this, it just truly makes me happy}

You see… you get to make a little video of yourself.
With a contorted face and voice.
Sound dumb? Probably.
But it is definitely worthwhile.
Just see for yourself.
Here are just a couple of videos that have been taken and exchanged.
{I would have downloaded more for you, but most of them have zero context seeing as though they were part of a dual conversation.}

I took it upon myself to make a little collage of some of my favorite faces... of me.
I know what you are thinking.

For the love of all that is funny in this world…
download this app.
Take a video of yourself.
Text it to a friend.
And then… when/if you get one back… it's like all is right with the world during a fun filled cry-laugh session.

I wouldn't be mad at you if you wanted to email one {or five} to me either.



  1. LOL! I loved all of them, especially your Farmer, hilarious. Thank you!

  2. That is the best app ever. I think I may go download it now. Seriously laughing so much here right now lol.

  3. And I'm now the happiest person in the world!

  4. Haha! That's hilarious! I've done that with photos, but not video. Fun!

  5. Can I tell you how ah-bsessed my 3 year old is with that app? OBSESSED. Y'all are too funny!


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