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{oh hey, friday | recap}

I'm not quite sure how it is already Friday.
But it is.
And that means it's time to link up!
Write a blog post about any five things, grab the above html and paste onto your post, then link up below... it's easy and a great way to meet some lovely new bloggers.
I don't really have any particular format to my post today.
In fact I am just kind of getting back into blogging mode after being on vacation for four days.
Maybe that is exactly what I will write about.
My vacation.
1. | Baby Shower
I flew into Cali on Saturday just in time to head straight my friends house. 
I got to catch up with a bestie that couldn't make it the shower.
We then finished getting ready and high tailed it over to the event.
 It was absolutely beautiful. All of the ladies that put it together did such an amazing job!
And I am so mad I didn't take a picture of the food table!
 This pretty mama got loads of fun gifts that will I bet she can't wait to use on her precious little boy.
2. | Run
Sunday morning, even though the time had just changed we woke up after a few hours of sleep to go and do a little run through Redlands.
It was only a 5k.
But that was 5k more than I am used to running.
I am pathetic.
 Nothing is better post race, than a delicious homemade breakfast!
3. | Maternity Pics
That afternoon I pulled out my big fancy camera and snapped some pics of Katie for some keepsakes of her adorably small baby bump.
I will do another post on those pics alone, but here is an action shot for you.
Also, how amazing is this picture?
 We really channelled our inner cliche-ness and I find it hilarious.
4. | Friends
That night was spent catching up with girlfriends.
Is there anything better!?
Well... it could have been a little better if I hadn't of lost my voice!
I was at a whisper by about 8pm.
Regardless, spending time with these gals was just what I needed. 
I miss them already.
At about 10:30pm my gal Shara and I headed to the airport to pick up another friend and my hubs.
Another four hours of sleep that night.

5. | Bachelor
Did you see my post yesterday!?
I wrote up the whole run down of our Bachelor day.
 The ABC exec that gave me my tickets re-tweeted the link to my post too.
So that was fun. 
I got a few extra views yesterday. :)
We seriously had so SO much fun.
The whole weekend was beyond epic.
I was still very excited to get home to these two goofballs though.
Have a fabulous weekend everyone!



  1. It sounds like you had an amazing weekend! XOXO

  2. Love spending time with friends! I loved reading about your Bachelor experience. AND - I LOVE YOUR SUNGLASSES!

  3. i love that you are fully make-up'd for your 5k. that's exactly what i would have done. gotta look good for the photo opps!

  4. It all sounds like so much fun, I've got to catch up and read the bachelor post!!


  5. What an AMAZING week!!! Loved reading your Bachelor finale recap too!! It was fun getting the inside scoop on things like the cow's REAL name - lol :) So fun!! Hope the upcoming weekend is a sweet one too! xo

  6. Friday comes so quickly these days doesn't it! Looks like you've had a pretty amazing week!

  7. Love her headboard & the heart above her bed!!

  8. Looks like such a great time!


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