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{oh hey, friday | farm happenings}

I've got a lot going on around here, hence lots to talk about today.
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1. | I'm Jetting Out of Here
Early tomorrow morning I'm jetting out of Idaho and heading to Cali.
One of my besties is having a baby soon and we are going to shower her with love and presents.
In addition to that, we are signed up to do a 5k, I'm going to take some maternity pics of her, and then you can't forget about Monday...
We will be there.
We will get interviewed.
We will be famous.
We will have fun.

2. | Hockey Game
My farmer and I went on a double date Wednesday night.
We got treated to an amazing steak dinner, good company, a hockey game, and some heaping ice cream in plastic helmet cups.
It was pretty much the best way to spend a Wednesday night.

3. | Time to Step Up My Game
Before heading to that hockey game I dropped off the boys at my in-laws.
When we walked in the door their grandma had quite an evening planned for them.
I didn't have my phone... hence, no pictures.
But imagine with me....
- two suitcases with a hat on the handle of each.
- a printed boarding pass with each of their names on them along with a seat number and departure time
- walk in closet set up like an airplane with corresponding seat numbers on the wall.
- an array of activities there and ready for their "plane ride" including a new plane toy for each of them.
- a decorated plane theme dinner table. 
Basically I have to step up my mom game.
Grandma is way more fun.

4. | Wet Undies
Beckam decided yesterday that he would like to wear "big boys" {aka undies} like Brody.
If you didn't catch my post on Wednesday, my baby has decided that he wants to be 14 suddenly.
Spoiler: three accidents within 7 minutes.
Each followed by sitting on the potty.
Pretty sure he was holding his pee until he could get off the potty and go mark his territory on a different piece of furniture or floor space.
Good news... he's not such a big boy after all.

5. | Time Change
Friends, don't forget about the time change this weekend.
I think I planned the perfect weekend to leave the kids with their grandparents.
They'll get to deal with the off schedule.
And by the time I get home, they'll be so screwed up schedule wise, it should be no problem to get them to bed early, right?

Have a great weekend.
Don't forget to look for me at the Bachelor Finale on Monday!!



  1. OH my gosh...dare I say best grandma ever? I need to step up my game....or maybe just my mom and mother in law do? Anyway, sounds like such a sweet weekend for the boys! I hope you enjoy a little time away!

  2. i am looking forward to the finale and seeing your debut!!!! have fun this weekend :)

  3. Oh my gosh, you are too funny with Beckam marking his territory. He is so adorable in his big boy undies.

    The Bachelor! Yes! This is the first season I've ever watched and I wonder how I have lived without this Monday comic relief.

  4. #3!! How fun for the boys! That sounds like something I want to do! Haha. Hope you have an amazing weekend travelling.

  5. Hooray for time with your bestie this week, and the Bachelor finale at the start of next week! Have FUN!!! xo

  6. Ok, she gets the best grandma award! How cute is that?? Hope you have a great trip and a wonderful time at the Bachelor finale!

  7. Grandma sounds amazing....can I send Ellie to her? What a totally fun experience for them...I am hoping that SHE took pictures so that you can share with me!

  8. Grandma's house seems like the best time!!
    Enjoy your time away - especially your time AT the bachelor finale!!

  9. Umm I kind of wanna go hang out at grandma's! Your double date sounds like so much fun. Can't beat steak & hockey! Have a great time in Cali.

  10. Looks like you guys had a great week!!

  11. Your mother in law sounds awesome! How cool is she??


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