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{oh hey, friday | the best boy toys}

Well, well. It's been quite a week!
Other than general busy-ness, my farmer rescued 6 baby cotton tails after our dog made them orphans.
While this might seem exciting right before Easter and all…
they are apparently the hardest wild animal to try to keep alive.
No worries though, I found a lovely lady in Boise who is used to this sort of thing.
I delivered them to her yesterday, and she is taking excellent care of them.
Much to Brody's disapproval.
He was convinced they should stay and sleep in his room.

Speaking of things that Brody wants, today I am sharing a bunch of toys that he and Beckam are obsessed with.

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After mentioning some fun activities that I've been doing with the boys,
I thought I'd also fill you all in on the toys they are loving right now!

Ok, here we go.
I've broken these toys down into 5 categories...
build | games | hands on | art | outside

1. | build
Aren't these the coolest looking blocks?
I kind of love them.
We make some crazy structures too.
And even if you aren't feeling creative, they always look fancy.
found here.

Always a crowd pleaser.
The duplo's are an all around better fit in out household right now. The boys are loving the "planes" sets that they have put out!
found here.
Brody is pretty obsessed with lego's too.
They have to be put away when Beckam is awake though. #demolition
There is something to be said about how much better lego's have gotten over the past 30 years.
I still remember my horse lego set like it was yesterday though. Gosh I loved playing with that.
found here.

take apart toys:
Since Beckam loves destroying taking things apart, this toy is right up his alley since that is what it is meant for.
It also really get his creativity going, which I love.

found here.

2. | games
I am a big gamer.
Like board gamer… not computers.
Now that the boys are getting older, playing games with them is becoming quite fun.
Here are a couple of our current favorites.
sneaky snacky squirrel: 
found here.

go fish:
found here.

3. | hands on
Please tell me that if you have children, you own some kinetic sand!
This kids both of my boys busy forEVER.
I even let them drive their tractors around in it.
There are lots of different options - in fact the one I attached is not the one that we have.
I am kind of obsessed with ours because it comes in it's own carrying brief case looking thing.
Very easy clean up.
Plus, I love playing it.
found here.

What's not to love about playdoh?
We love it for many reasons, but lately it's been helping Beckam identify his colors quickly.
found here.

reusable sticker pad:
Beckam likes to take the reusable stickers and crumple them in his hand.
He's such a joy sometimes.
Brody however, meticulously places these where they would most likely go.
If you are a church goer, this is the perfect thing to take and keep the children occupied and somewhat quiet.
found here.

4. | art
My children love the messiest art projects.
It usually involves lots of paint.
And water.
And mess.
When I'm not feeling adventurous, stamps is the way to go!
They love creating their own little farm scene.
found here.

5. | outdoor

Hallelujah it's getting warm again.
We have been going outside as much as we can lately.
I can't wait for running through sprinkler and t-ball, but until then…
sidewalk chalk is pretty fun.
Brody decided to "paint" one of our outdoor patio chairs with a rainbow of sidewalk chalk the other day.
While I wasn't expecting that, it does look quite festive.
found here.

While all of the above keep my kids very busy, they always seem to come back to tractors.
They are a bit obsessive really.
I wonder why?
found here.

What are some of your kids favorites?
Are they obsessed with anything currently?

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!



  1. Great list! We have quite a few of those toys and they are a hit with my girls, too!
    Those baby bunnies are adorable. I'm glad you found someone who can take care of them!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. we seriously play with our take apart toys every day, we have a truck, plane and the 4x4. Hours of entertainment. And we love our sticker pad too- have about five of them. Some other great ideas here- will have to add to the birthday lists!

  3. DUDEEE Tracen plays the sneaky squirrel game EVERY FREAKING DAY lol Sky also attempts to eat the acorns every day!

  4. Oh my goodness, baby bunnies are THE CUTEST! I grew up on a farm and as a kid one time I actually rescued an adolescent bunny (unscathed) from one of our large dog's mouths. I really really wanted to keep it but my mom said no and I (tearfully) released it back into the wild. Oh farm moms, you guys are so darn practical!

  5. All great choices! Definitely gonna check out that Planes Duplo set! I have a Lego fan on my hands ;)

  6. We like Duplos too, and of course ANYTHING Thomas the Train!


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