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{oh hey, friday | 5 fun activities for kids}

It's Friday.
And I am feeling it.
I think an 8 o'clock bedtime is in order for me tonight.
Party. Animal.

OK. You know the drill.
Link up time!
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I have been on the hunt lately for activities for my boys to do.
New activities.
More than the typical everyday "play with toys" shenanigans. 
Really... mommy is tired of playing with the same toys using the same make believe scenarios.

Here are a few things that I've been doing to mix things up and keep my boys entertained.

1. | DIY Playdoh
This is the perfect activity for a young child.
Not only do they get to help make the playdoh {which is like a whole seperate activity in and of itself},
THEN they get to play with it!
Pinterest has lots of sites with different recipes.
This is pretty much a full day worth of fun.

2. | Glue Painting
 This one is pretty simple.
Yet still fun.
Grab a lid from container... you can use a paper plate too.
Pour in a butt load of elmer's glue.
 Drop in some food coloring.
 And have your child start "painting" with a toothpick.
 You really can't screw it up.
And it looks pretty psychedelic and pretty no matter what you do.

3. | Play Date
This is probably my favorite...
because I can basically pawn off my children on someone else's children.
They keep each other occupied quite nicely.
AND I get to have an adult conversation {that is frequently interrupted}.

Side note: see that structure on the table? 
Do yourself a favor and buy some for your kids.
{this is not an ad - they are really just an awesome toy}

4. | Free Labor
I, personally, don't enjoy washing my car.
These little guys though?
They LOVE it.
I wouldn't say that they do the best job... but it keeps them occupied, teaches them a good skill, and helps them work together nicely.

Plus, they get to go inside and take a warm bath-shower right afterwards, which both of them can't get enough of.
Seriously... shower and a bath.
Who would've thought such a thing would bring them so much joy?
I can't handle standing water white I'm in a shower... it just resembles a plugged up drain.

5. | Food Preparation
I think I will do a separate post next week about a fun new favorite of ours, but really...
my boys have become very helpful in the kitchen.
It takes a bit more patience from me, but to see how proud they are after they help prepare something is pretty special.

What are some fun things that you do with your kids to keep them entertained!?
Please share.
I'm running out of ideas. :)

Have a great weekend!



  1. Glue painting?! Where have I been? That is a perfect rainy day activity!

  2. The car washing thing - brilliant! What little helpers :)

  3. I will definitely be trying out the playdoh recipe! Mine loves playdoh!

  4. You've got a great list of kid activities! My daugther is only 8 months so I just sing and dance around to entertain her. It may not work for your kids ;)

    The Mrs. & Co.

  5. Oh these are such cute ideas! Love them!

  6. I love putting them to work. I may have to make my littles wash the van next week. We are definitely doing glue painting too.

    Our Little Miracles

  7. I've never seen that glue painting idea! Love it!

  8. First love the glue painting...it must take a while to dry though???

    That chandelier has me green with envy over here. Tell me more about it!!!

  9. Oh my gosh the shower in a bath is genious! I am cracking up on this picture...that is so funny. It is true sometimes the simplest little thing can really make them so excited. I saw someone last week did "skating" with paper plates on their feet. Why didn't I think of any of this stuff when my kids were little


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