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{bachelor finale | behind the scenes}

So much to tell you guys about The Bachelor Finale.

Some quick spoilers...
I hugged Chris Soules. I talked to Chris Harrison. My farmer made it on stage and shook his booty.

The day started out a bit early.
We were staying about an hour away at my friends house, and we wanted to make sure that we were the first audience members at the studio.
Even though the ABC executive that gave me the tickets said we were good to go,
when I received the email from the audience coordinator, she only had us down for four seats instead of five.
We thought if we could get there early, we would have a better chance of getting all five of us {my three college roommates, my hubby and myself} in the audience, instead of a fifth person hanging in the green room alone.
We were literally there about two hours before any other audience members showed up.
We even got food delivered. Did you know there is an app for that? I didn't. Probably because NO one will deliver food to my house even.

Being there extra early, we were able to make friends with lots of people.
This mostly included all of the security personnel, the medic, the interns, and the owners of the cow.
Speaking of the cow... it's name was not Juan Pablo. It's name was Ribeye. Just setting the record straight. Regardless of it's name, it was incredibly well behaved.
I tried to lure out some of the big dogs via Twitter to keep us company too, but apparently they were too busy. Because it certainly wasn't because we aren't cool enough or good looking.

Finally it was time to head into the green room. 
As they checked us in, they confiscated all of our phones. 
Not because we couldn't check our social media accounts, but because we couldn't capture some epic moments via pictures.
Since we were all rule followers though, and we were the first ones in... they made sure that we could get five seats on stage and not just four.
I also asked how we could get good seats. I was told that everyone there was pretty VIP and most people were friends and family of producers or the director.
I felt pretty special that we were given tickets.
We were definitely not given as superb of seats as I had last time. 
But I am not complaining!

We got seated on set and were greeted by many.
They had a run through and warm up with all of us.
And... just like last time... the BEST tunes blaring. 

During a little pre-show dance party we were having, the bachelor himself came out.
As you can imagine the place went nuts.
Chris was coming out to meet superfan Anna.
We just happened to be right where we was heading and on his way over he came straight for me and gave me a hug. 
He must have known I was a farmer's wife?
I wanted to pull a Britt and just hold on for a solid five minutes.
That dude is a good hugger.
He moved on and high fived my farmer and hugged my three gals too. Our group basically got a little special TLC from him.
Then he went on to meet Anna.

Next up, the hype guy said Harrison had given him a few of his books to give away.
Since there were approximately 10 guys there, he asked for some guys to volunteer.
My farmer and another older dude went up on stage.
Mr. Hype guy told them that they would be doing a little competition for the book.
He stuck his cell phone in my farmer's pants with his pedometer app turned on.
He turned on some beats, and gave my hubs 30 seconds to shake his booty for all it was worth.
He rocked it. He will barely even dance at home. But let me tell you, he was working the crowd hard.
There were quite a few cat calls going out.
The next guy got his turn, and was also pretty good. 
In the end, they both won.
Ryan felt like he was really whoring himself out for me. And he was doing a great job.
I lured Harrison over mid show and got him to sign the book too.
He requested a full book review on the blog.
We will see how that goes.

They weren't doing any audience interviews.
{good thing since I had lost my voice the day prior... seriously}
And we didn't make it on live tv once. 
There was a camera on us during pretty much the entire finale, but it wasn't until After the Final Rose they started using audience close ups.
The good news...two of my besties I brought made it on the big screen! 
There was a close up on their pretty faces:
 I did poach this picture from Chris Harrison's Instagram too:

 Regardless of being on TV or not, the show is super fun to go to!!
We had a blast.
I am really happy for Chris and Whitney.
And I am glad she opted not to watch any of the show as it aired.
Also, I really love Linda and Gary.
I want to be friends with them.

It was great to have Jimmy Kimmel make a surprise appearance.
And what about that little Bachelorette twist!?

Pretty much immediately after the show ended we were ushered outside to where we could get our cell phones back.
As we were waiting for one of our gals to use the restroom my favorite producer of the show, Elan Gale, came out to chat. {If you don't follow him on twitter or instagram, you need to. Hilarious!}
My farmer had met him earlier as he was headed to the nicest porta-poties on earth.
He went up to him, shook his hand, told him I was his stalker, and called him "Mulan". 
I think they had bonded.
 We talked for a while and took way too many pics, because really... they were the only ones we got that night.
Perhaps this Bachelor thing will be a new tradition.
If only I could make good enough friends with some of these peeps to not have to stand in line anymore!
Maybe backstage passes will be my next goal.
And maybe not for this next season.

Thank you to The Bachelor staff for a great time!



  1. So glad you had a good time--what a fun experience to have, and twice this season! :) Loved reading about your experiences!!!

  2. That sounds like such a fun time!

  3. they basically just need to keep having farmers as bachelors...then you're in for sure. in addition...i'd like to pre-request a spot as your VIP guest for not this coming season...but the next. i swear i won't be pregnant or nursing. our farmers can watch the show together and watch us be famous together. obviously, we'll send all four kids to lorna's.

  4. Thank you so much for this behind-the-scenes recap! I watched all of the Bachelor this year (and of course, the finale) and am ultimately he glad he chose Whitney, too (that voice though). I really liked Canadian sparrow elbow though, and I'm kind of upset she's getting the short end of the Bachelorette stick by getting paired up with Britt. The entire premise of next season sounds way bizarre to me.

    Anyway, that producer (Elan) is hysterical--someone told me to follow him on Instagram, and his pics always brighten my day :) Sounds like you had a great time at the taping!

  5. That is so awesome you got to see the show live!!! Sounds like a blast!!

  6. sooo fun! Was excited for this post!

  7. I have been waiting for this post! Thanks for the great recap. Sounds like a blast!

  8. Your colleagues are so jealous and grateful to live through you here at school! We never get this kind of dream trips here, its just to the lunchroom and back! Thanks for the great recap and sharing your adventures with us. I am headed out right now to follow that producer in instagram and twitter!

  9. yay! i couldn't wait for this post!!! happy for you!!!!!1

  10. That's super cool that you got to see so much of what goes on behind that scenes of that ridiculous show (that I watch religiously). I'm rather jealous!

  11. Super, super cool!! Loved the inside scoop!!

  12. Oh loved the recap! Looks like such a fun time! This was my first time watching the Bachelor and I wondered how I've lived without this guilty pleasure all of my life! Ha!

  13. How esciting! I am just a wee bit jealous


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