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{oh hey, friday | what's hoppin' on the farm}

Well, well, well.
It's Friday again.
And February.
Which means we have a fabulous new "oh hey, Friday!" February themed button.
Isn't is pretty!?

Grab the html above, put it on your post of any five things, and link up below!

And now... my turn.

1. | seventy-five
 Shall we start things off with a discount code?
How about the biggest discount I've ever given?
I am offering 75% off my medium ad space.
That my friends is only three dollars!!!
Say what?
I can hardly believe it myself.
This will get your pretty face up on my sidebar as well as the option to participate in the group giveaway, which always get my sponsors a bunch of new fabulous followers!
Go to my advertise page and use code MEDIUM75 to cash in on this.

2. | four
This guy.
He is turning four on Monday.
I could swear to you that he was JUST army crawling his way around the house.
I mean, wasn't it just recently that I had him snuggled in a small bundle in my arms as I rocked him to sleep?
And now.... four!?
I will be dedicating a whole post to this handsome big boy on his birthday, Monday.
Spoiler... it will likely make me cry. 
When I write it... and when I read it four years from now.

3. | thirty-three
This guy.
He's turning 33 on Tuesday.
Maybe he will even get a post dedicated to him on his birthday!
Perhaps another Man Behind the Blog post? 

4. | ten
I am planning a fabulous train birthday party for the two birthday boys.
My hubby is suuuuper excited for another joint themed party. Ha.
There will be 10 darling kids and their families attending.
Chances are we will all have a fun time. 
Stay tuned for a full party recap.
And while you are anxiously awaiting that, you should totally check out the farm party I threw them last year HERE.

5. | Budget
I was going to label this with a dollar value, but let's just say that my days of looking at, crunching, adding and subtracting numbers are lessening.
Thank the heavens. 
Perhaps since our farm budget is pretty much in place I can start blogging more again!

I hope that you all have a terrific weekend, friends!



  1. A joint train party sound like so much fun. I can't wait to see how it turns out!

    Our Little Miracles

  2. LOVE the February button, super pretty!

  3. First time linking up and so excited to be getting in on the fun here! ;) Now following via GFC ;) HAPPY early birthday to both of your guys!! Hope they each enjoy their Special Days!! Have a great time celebrating them, and lovely weekend too!!

  4. Thanks so much for hosting! I love the new button!

  5. The February button makes me happy! Love the pink and red! Happy Birthday to your guys, that party sounds like a ton of fun! Happy weekend!

  6. Oh, this was good.

    Eep, the wittle babies! (Yours, I mean, but I can see calves as being cute, too.) I just sold some of our baby clothing yesterday. We aren't finished having babies, but I figure they've seen their way through 2 boys, so, either a) I'll be buying GIRL clothes next time or b) I'll be forced to buy new clothing. Darn. ;-)

    Love the 33 balloons also.


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