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{oh hey, friday | killer recipes}

I need to get my sh stuff together.
I'm talking about food.
We have been so busy lately, that the last thing I think about is what we are going to eat for every meal of the day/week.
Luckily my best gal/neighbor Karli {and co-host of today's link up} blogged recently about meal planning.
She also did up a real nice free printable that I'm in to.

You could say that I'm inspired to get a little more creative with my cooking.
We certainly need to mix it up and get out of this current monotony of meals.
So today, I am sharing 5 killa recipes I'm anxious to try.

If you follow me on instagram, you will notice that we are having ourselves a very warm winter.
It was 60 degrees and beautiful yesterday {my apologies to all of you covered in snow}.
This sandwich reminds me of warm weather, and that is exactly why I will be making it as soon as possible.

Cooking for a family when there are food allergies and picky eaters involved is tricky.
Luckily, this recipe will please everyone in my family.
Get in my belly.

Brody doesn't love meat, but he does love rice. 
And these chicken tenders look like they'd go real good with some rice.
They also would be great as leftovers to toss onto a salad. 
I think we've got a winner.

If only I could eat this picture.
Toss some guacamole on that baby and we have ourselves a meal.

Generally I like to spend approximately 5 minutes of prep time for a meal.
That usually doesn't happen, but when I find a recipe that is healthy and has very little preparation involved, I am sold!

Do you have any healthy and delicious go-to meals that you'd like to share!?
Send them my way!!

And now... you know the drill.

Grab the html above, put it on your post of any five things, and link up below!
Don't forget to meet some new bloggers on this fine Friday too.
Happy weekend.



  1. this post is making me drool....everything looks so amazingly delicious!!!

    have a great weekend!

  2. These look delicious and super healthy! Im going to have to add these all to my meal planning list :) Thank you for sharing!


  3. I've got the sweet potato nachos pinned! Hopefully, they taste as good as they look!

  4. Holy sweet potato nachos! Where were these my whole life?!

  5. oh my god. sweet potato nachos. get in my belly.

  6. I was only slightly hungry for lunch before reading this post...now, I am STARVING!!! Everything looks so good! Thanks for sharing :)

  7. Oh wow everything in this post looks amazing! I want to try one of each please! :)

  8. I need to try the sweet potatoes nachos, yummy!

  9. Oh my gosh! All of these look amazing- especially the Green Goddess sandwich and Mexican casserole. I have a weakness for Mexican food!


  10. just found your blog today through the link up! Thanks for hosting! Excited to follow your adventures.


  11. That casserole - and those nachos. Yumm!!! And youre not the only one that wants to eat those pics! Happy Friday lovely.

  12. Those nachos and chicken tenders look sooo yummy!! Thanks for sharing ...& hosting the link up ;) Hope your weekend is off to a fantastic start!

  13. Holy yum that green goddes sandwich is calling my name. I am going to make it this weekend!! And that avocado salad looks pretty good too! Thanks for sharing. I always love trying out new things so I don't get too bored!!


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