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{oh hey, friday | interview with my farmer}

I tried to do a little interview session with my farmer in honor of his recent birthday.
However, he decided that he wanted the tables to be turned.
He came up with five questions for me to answer.
You can read this fun interview below.

But first, you know the drill....
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1. Farmer: For the safety of the family would you eat raw afterbirth?
Amy: Who's afterbirth?
F: Cow. I saw a cow eating her afterbirth today while I was spreading manure.
Look... I took a picture:
A: Why did you take a picture!? Do I have to eat the whole thing?
F: Of course. If there is any left over the wolves would get your kids.
A: Yes. The answer is yes.

2. Farmer: Why are calves so cute and cows are so ugly and scary?
Amy: Aren't all babies cute?
F: No.
A: What babies aren't cute?
F: Snakes.
A: True. Well... I don't know then. But I want to bring one of those baby calves home. Super duper cute.

3. Farmer: What do you miss about the boys being babies?
{preface: I gave away ALL of the boys baby clothes today. This was certainly one of the most sad things I have ever done.}
Amy: I miss being able to hold them and snuggle them more.
I miss them not being able to talk back to me.
I miss the newness. And the excitement of every little thing that they learn to do.
With all of that said... I love watching them grow and seeing how they turn out, and hoping that I don't screw them up too bad.

4. Farmer: What was your favorite part of my birthday?
Amy: Ha. Well... I thought that train cake I created turned out pretty good.
F: It was delicious.
A: What was your favorite part?
F: The strippers.
A: What strippers?
F: I liked posing with my 33 balloons.
A: Yea. I'm sure you did.

5. Hypothetically speaking... if you were a single man and your ex bosses wife met a girl for you and wanted you to email her, what would you say to her?
Amy: Hypothetically, huh? {this is one of our employees}
Well I would tell her, thank you! and email said woman.
I would also tell this hypothetical woman that in the future she would have to move near me and not vice versa... because I would never want to leave my current job and awesome boss.
F: Good answer. You know what I would say?
A: What?
F: How much does a snow plow weigh?
A: Huh?
F: Enough to break the ice.
A: Good one.

And that's a wrap.
Hope you all have a terrific weekend!
More of that train party coming atcha next week.

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  1. This is so cute!!! Love it!


  2. I agree about the calves! They are so stinkin' cute! Great job on the cake!

  3. Hahaha too cute! He's a great interviewer. :)

  4. Love this! You guys are too darn cute. Great opening line too! :)

  5. I love, love, love this idea! His picture with the 33 balloons is too adorable! Good shot missy! :)

  6. This made me giggle. Super cute interview, well done you two.
    Have a great weekend!

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