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{i'm going to be famous | round 2}

So, remember that one time that I got ridiculously crazy/happy when I was able to go to the Live Bachelor premiere and red carpet?

Well... prepare yourselves, because guess who's going to the LIVE BACHELOR FINALE!?
This girl.
And I also coerced my farmer to go.
When I found out, it was basically the happiest day of my life.
Except of course my wedding day or the day I birthed my children into this world.
Regardless, I'm excited.
And my farmer... well, he's just about as excited as he was for his and Brody's train party.

So, last time I was able to meet a ton of people and get us awesome seats.
However, if you recall, Chris Harrison didn't do his interview with me like planned.
My goals for this go around are as follows:

- Is there such a thing as a VIP pass? If so, I want it. I mean my farmer and Chris are basically the same person. They need to meet, and chat about their farms, and I need to be the third wheel.

- TV time. How about that interview Harrison!? Doesn't America want to know what it is really like to be a Farmer's Wife? No? Whatever... an interview would still be stellar. 

- No pit stains. I'll bring a washcloth again to pat my sweaty pits dry when I get nervous about the possibility of meeting anyone or getting any screen time.

- Uber? I don't think Director Ken Fuchs will have to come to my rescue this time and be our chauffeur. Especially with my farmer along to protect me from night life freaks. Perhaps we will park close or figure out exactly how Uber works. 

- Have a blast. Even if you don't see anyone or get seated in the very back of the studio, this experience is seriously so SO fun. 

Stay tuned for more info. 
And don't forget to set your DVR's for The Bachelor on March 9th.
And just in case you want to ride this fame train, buy and ad on my blog.
 You can get 50% off using code BACHELOR.



  1. You are a superstar! And can't wait to see all your photo bombing of the lovlies this time. . Try not to bran up any more couples though, watching Andie cry for 45 minutes made me uncomfortable.Have fun!!

  2. What?! How are you getting these passes girl?! You're awesome, can't wait to see your recap!

  3. So exciting!!! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  4. Awesome! That is going to make watching the finale so much more exciting!

  5. Oh how fun! That interview should totally happen! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  6. oh girl. we'll definitely be watching for you!

  7. Oh my goodness!! I'm so jealous! I'm going to be glued to the screen hoping I can see your face. Lol!

  8. LOL at no pit stains, it happens to the best of us :-D

    Soooo jealous you get to go again, have an amazing time and here's to your farmer getting to meet Farmer Chris!

  9. OH.MY.GOODNESS -- I'm so excited for you!! I'm having a viewing party so we'll be looking for you.

  10. That's awesome!! I hope you have a blast!


  11. I don't watch the Bachelor BUT I do want to be famous for a day so this is super exciting! Have so much fun!!!

    Valery Brennan

  12. Ah that is so exciting! I can imagine you are going to have an amazing time :D

  13. You kill me! I'm actually MORE exited to see next weeks "the women tell all" than who he chooses! But shit, maybe you can befriend whit or Becca when they move to the farm ;)


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