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This precious guy is four. 
But really... four is like big kid status.
I realized this when I went to buy him some new clothes since ALL of his pants are hitting him right around the shins.
I have to shop for him in the kid section now... not baby/toddler.
You know, the kid section where you also buy thirteen year old's clothes.
How did this happen?
I am pleased to say that Brody is growing into quite the little man though.
He is kind. And has a heart of gold.
He is energetic.
He is responsible. And very cautious.
He is stubborn and hates to share.
He is four.
This guy... he's persistent.
And he knows exactly what he wants.
He has a hard time accepting the answer, "no" to anything.
In fact, he will debate and work his angle as long as he possibly can... or is allowed.
It can be tiring to me as his mother, but I'm hoping this translates into something magical as he gets older.
He is a smart little lad.
He has the most creative imagination.
Playing with him is so fun.
The things that he comes up with are hilarious.
I don't think he has ever been bored.
He is pretty hilarious too.
Lately he has gotten into telling jokes.
They generally don't make any sense, but the fact that he tries and then laughs hysterically at them makes my heart melt. 
He loves to make people happy.
If someone is sad, he will try his hardest to get them to be happy...
whether it be making funny faces at them, giving them hugs and kisses, bringing them a tissue, or talking them out of it.
A few of his loves: trains. planes. tractors. art. babies. running. crawling into mommy and daddy's bed in the early morning.
Favorite foods: mac and cheese. strawberries. cottage cheese. raspberries. cheese on any carb. broccoli. cheese sticks. he really loves cheese.
He is certainly not perfect. And we have our daily struggles.
But seriously... he is a good boy.
I am proud of him.

It is hard for me to believe or accept that he is growing up so fast.
The amount of love I have for him is truly indescribable.
He made me a mommy.

He makes me bask in the moment.

He makes me look at the world in a different light.
He makes me want to stop time in it's place.
He will always be my baby.

This guy... he couldn't be loved more.



  1. Aww so sweet! Happy Birthday to Brody! :)

  2. He is so adorable, and clearly very loved! What a fun post celebrating all that makes your little man uniquely him! :)

  3. That is the best little photo shoot!! so fun Happy Birthday!!!

  4. So sweet Amy!!!! Love him and love you! I can't wait to experience all of this!!! Hope I'm half the mother you are! Love u!! These pictures are amazing.

  5. Oh how cute he is in his little boots and torn jeans....such pinchable cheeks. Gorgeous photos btw.


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