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{a farmer's valentine}

Valentine's day was pretty epic.
No I didn't get flowers or chocolate from my busy farmer.
BUT...we did get to go out on a kidless date.
Say what!?
Let me break down our night for you.

- We drive into Boise where my farmer has a mild freak out from the "traffic" at the parking garage.
- Head to restaurant to find out there is an hour and a half wait time.
- No thanks.
- Go next door to a super delicious pizza place.
- Burn my mouth on said delicious pizza.
- Head to movie theater.
- Drive around looking for a place to park for 20 minutes. Seriously.
- Calm my farmer from another freak out caused my ALL the people. 
- Pick a new movie since we are now late to original choice.
- Buy all the popcorn.
- Kill time by going into 50 Shades of Grey and loudly eating popcorn behind a group of ladies.
Additional nodding of head and saying, "mmmhmmm, mmmhmmmm" for the win.
- Head to The Wedding Ringer and laugh lots with my love.

I'll pass on the flowers for more nights like these.

What did you do!?



  1. I love that when you're spending time with the one you love, little setbacks can't ruin the night. Happy valentines!

  2. LOL my husband is the same when we're dealing with crowds of people, he hates it! We went out for brunch on Valentine's but ate pizza at home for dinner. :)

  3. I didn't have a date this year, but I'm totally fine with that. I did, however, go to the opera with a dear friend. We had fun!

  4. haha- sounds fun! we hung out at home during the day... and went to some tapas, wine, and sushi for dinner and then met up with some new neighbors in uptown charlotte and danced all night- it was nice! glad you all had a night out alone- loving the photos!

  5. Just found your blog on Venus Trapped in Mars - I was excited to find another blogger in Idaho!! :)

  6. Soinds like a great night! And 50 Shades commentary? LMBO!!!!

  7. My farmer and I had a kidless date night too! It was amazing and wonderful; even though we were home and sound asleep by 10pm. :)

  8. I wish I was on this date with you guys!!!! Wouldve been hilarious!!!!!

  9. Bahaha...love the disruption to 50 shades! Sounds like a fun way to kill some time :)

  10. You two are like a couple of kids! I love it! I'm glad you had a great Valentine's Day. :)

  11. Ha very funny - almost the same thing as you but I made an early reservation at dinner so no issue there. Nice job movie crashing!!!!

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