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{oh hey, friday | my week}

I have a very nice camera.
And 91% of the time, I use my phone to take pictures.
Today's post... all phone pics... which I try not to make a habit of.
For obvious, blurry-ish, reasons.

Before you get to see those though, write up a post of your own!
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1. | I'm not sure if you saw my post from Monday, but I'm going to be attending the Live Bachelor Finale on March 9. 
It is pretty pathetic how much this excites me.
I have had more notice than when I went to the Premiere, so I have been planning my outfit a little more.
Here is one option:
Leather tuxedo pants, deep-v pink top, statement necklace.
I will probably choose 5 other outfits before I go.
With the amount of thought I'm putting into this, you'd think I was going to be the star of the show.
Like I said, pathetic.

 2. | Last Friday I informed you all that I needed to do some better meal planning.
I am happy to say that I was successful.
I made the sweet potato nachos. Yum!
I also made a pizza with cauliflower crust. Delish.
And I tried one of those one pot pasta dishes last night. So good.
Now I just have to keep up this momentum.

3. | The wind has been whipping around here lately.
This shouldn't surprise me, but I hate it.
Keeping my wild boys entertained inside all day isn't always easy.
Today, we did some finger painting in the bathtub however.
Not only did they LOVE it, but it kept them busy for well over an hour.
And then they cleaned it... and themselves up.
Side note: Beckam just discovered bubble beards.

4. | This week gymnastics started up for my boys.
Brody did it last year, and was beyond excited to do it again!
He did great.
Luckily, he is a by-the-books type of kid, and I know that he can follow directions, because I had to do Beckam's class with him.
He did great also.
And now he thinks that our couch is a gym mat.
He is fearless, and bound for the Olympics, or at least a concussion.

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Have a great weekend everyone!



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{i'm going to be famous | round 2}

So, remember that one time that I got ridiculously crazy/happy when I was able to go to the Live Bachelor premiere and red carpet?

Well... prepare yourselves, because guess who's going to the LIVE BACHELOR FINALE!?
This girl.
And I also coerced my farmer to go.
When I found out, it was basically the happiest day of my life.
Except of course my wedding day or the day I birthed my children into this world.
Regardless, I'm excited.
And my farmer... well, he's just about as excited as he was for his and Brody's train party.

So, last time I was able to meet a ton of people and get us awesome seats.
However, if you recall, Chris Harrison didn't do his interview with me like planned.
My goals for this go around are as follows:

- Is there such a thing as a VIP pass? If so, I want it. I mean my farmer and Chris are basically the same person. They need to meet, and chat about their farms, and I need to be the third wheel.

- TV time. How about that interview Harrison!? Doesn't America want to know what it is really like to be a Farmer's Wife? No? Whatever... an interview would still be stellar. 

- No pit stains. I'll bring a washcloth again to pat my sweaty pits dry when I get nervous about the possibility of meeting anyone or getting any screen time.

- Uber? I don't think Director Ken Fuchs will have to come to my rescue this time and be our chauffeur. Especially with my farmer along to protect me from night life freaks. Perhaps we will park close or figure out exactly how Uber works. 

- Have a blast. Even if you don't see anyone or get seated in the very back of the studio, this experience is seriously so SO fun. 

Stay tuned for more info. 
And don't forget to set your DVR's for The Bachelor on March 9th.
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{oh hey, friday | killer recipes}

I need to get my sh stuff together.
I'm talking about food.
We have been so busy lately, that the last thing I think about is what we are going to eat for every meal of the day/week.
Luckily my best gal/neighbor Karli {and co-host of today's link up} blogged recently about meal planning.
She also did up a real nice free printable that I'm in to.

You could say that I'm inspired to get a little more creative with my cooking.
We certainly need to mix it up and get out of this current monotony of meals.
So today, I am sharing 5 killa recipes I'm anxious to try.

If you follow me on instagram, you will notice that we are having ourselves a very warm winter.
It was 60 degrees and beautiful yesterday {my apologies to all of you covered in snow}.
This sandwich reminds me of warm weather, and that is exactly why I will be making it as soon as possible.

Cooking for a family when there are food allergies and picky eaters involved is tricky.
Luckily, this recipe will please everyone in my family.
Get in my belly.

Brody doesn't love meat, but he does love rice. 
And these chicken tenders look like they'd go real good with some rice.
They also would be great as leftovers to toss onto a salad. 
I think we've got a winner.

If only I could eat this picture.
Toss some guacamole on that baby and we have ourselves a meal.

Generally I like to spend approximately 5 minutes of prep time for a meal.
That usually doesn't happen, but when I find a recipe that is healthy and has very little preparation involved, I am sold!

Do you have any healthy and delicious go-to meals that you'd like to share!?
Send them my way!!

And now... you know the drill.

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Don't forget to meet some new bloggers on this fine Friday too.
Happy weekend.



{train themed party}

A couple of weeks ago two of my main guys had a birthday.
What better way to celebrate than with a big ol' party!
Brody is REALLY into trains lately,
and, well... my hubby, he likes to make everyone else happy.
So, he was also REALLY into trains for the day.

Honestly, they both wake up extra early every day and build the best train tracks I've ever seen, while Beckam and I are still snoozing, so it was quite fitting. 

I kept things pretty simple.
For entertainment I brought all of Brody's trains and let the kids go at it.
Surprisingly, they were very entertained.
The cake helped too.

Brody picked the menu, which consisted of pb&j sandwiches, fruit, pasta salad, popcorn, animal crackers and Oreos. I also threw in some veggie cups for health reasons. :)

I had gotten used to making tractors cakes after the past few years, so this train cake threw me off.
I think I pulled it off though!

I used electrical tape on yellow plates to look like a crossing, and
I also busted out some photoshop paper products which added some fun elements I think.

Take a look at the party via this major photo dump.

Train parties are where it's at!
If you are interested, feel free to ask about where I purchased something.
I'm an open book.



{a farmer's valentine}

Valentine's day was pretty epic.
No I didn't get flowers or chocolate from my busy farmer.
BUT...we did get to go out on a kidless date.
Say what!?
Let me break down our night for you.

- We drive into Boise where my farmer has a mild freak out from the "traffic" at the parking garage.
- Head to restaurant to find out there is an hour and a half wait time.
- No thanks.
- Go next door to a super delicious pizza place.
- Burn my mouth on said delicious pizza.
- Head to movie theater.
- Drive around looking for a place to park for 20 minutes. Seriously.
- Calm my farmer from another freak out caused my ALL the people. 
- Pick a new movie since we are now late to original choice.
- Buy all the popcorn.
- Kill time by going into 50 Shades of Grey and loudly eating popcorn behind a group of ladies.
Additional nodding of head and saying, "mmmhmmm, mmmhmmmm" for the win.
- Head to The Wedding Ringer and laugh lots with my love.

I'll pass on the flowers for more nights like these.

What did you do!?



{oh hey, friday | interview with my farmer}

I tried to do a little interview session with my farmer in honor of his recent birthday.
However, he decided that he wanted the tables to be turned.
He came up with five questions for me to answer.
You can read this fun interview below.

But first, you know the drill....
grab the html above, put it on your post of any five things, and link up below!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

1. Farmer: For the safety of the family would you eat raw afterbirth?
Amy: Who's afterbirth?
F: Cow. I saw a cow eating her afterbirth today while I was spreading manure.
Look... I took a picture:
A: Why did you take a picture!? Do I have to eat the whole thing?
F: Of course. If there is any left over the wolves would get your kids.
A: Yes. The answer is yes.

2. Farmer: Why are calves so cute and cows are so ugly and scary?
Amy: Aren't all babies cute?
F: No.
A: What babies aren't cute?
F: Snakes.
A: True. Well... I don't know then. But I want to bring one of those baby calves home. Super duper cute.

3. Farmer: What do you miss about the boys being babies?
{preface: I gave away ALL of the boys baby clothes today. This was certainly one of the most sad things I have ever done.}
Amy: I miss being able to hold them and snuggle them more.
I miss them not being able to talk back to me.
I miss the newness. And the excitement of every little thing that they learn to do.
With all of that said... I love watching them grow and seeing how they turn out, and hoping that I don't screw them up too bad.

4. Farmer: What was your favorite part of my birthday?
Amy: Ha. Well... I thought that train cake I created turned out pretty good.
F: It was delicious.
A: What was your favorite part?
F: The strippers.
A: What strippers?
F: I liked posing with my 33 balloons.
A: Yea. I'm sure you did.

5. Hypothetically speaking... if you were a single man and your ex bosses wife met a girl for you and wanted you to email her, what would you say to her?
Amy: Hypothetically, huh? {this is one of our employees}
Well I would tell her, thank you! and email said woman.
I would also tell this hypothetical woman that in the future she would have to move near me and not vice versa... because I would never want to leave my current job and awesome boss.
F: Good answer. You know what I would say?
A: What?
F: How much does a snow plow weigh?
A: Huh?
F: Enough to break the ice.
A: Good one.

And that's a wrap.
Hope you all have a terrific weekend!
More of that train party coming atcha next week.

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