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{the bachelor | behind the scenes}

I'm going to try to spare you the step-by-step, stand in line, sit around and wait details of my Bachelor day. There were a lot of those moments. 
It was a long and totally glorious 9 hours of Hollywood fame.
And if you don't want to read this long post, all you need to know is that Chris Harrison and I are basically best friends.

I was determined to make the most of our TV experience, and get to know as many people as possible,
along with getting as much screen time as possible.
Remember, I'm a Farmer's Wife from Idaho.
This sorta thing doesn't happen around the farm. Ever.

To start out the day, the large group of around 300-ish people {that were on the guest list} got herded like cattle into a large room of organized chairs. This was the holding room.
We quickly made friends with the two gals that were in front, and behind us in line.
We could all non-judgmentally talk about bachelor contestants past, and we knew that all was well with the world. We were accepted and understood for our obsession with reality TV.
Plus... when we ALL recognized one of the staffers as a gal who was on Who Wants to Marry Harry? we knew we were practically soul mates.
We worked together to get the attention of a guy who was choosing people to do possible interviews with Chris Harrison. We all claimed each other and said we were a group of six. He took our picture, and told us he'd get back to us.

Side note. Everyone who works for The Bachelor is seriously awesome. 
Not only are they all good-looking, they are all funny.
I think it is a tie between Elan Gale {producer} and Chris Harrison as to who I like the most right now.

Right. So, after they provided us with lunch, they walked us through what our day would look like.
Red carpet pep talk: scream, cheer, wave, act excited {even if you don't know or like someone}, don't look dumb on live tv.
Jenn and I stood at the end of the red carpet... arguably the best spot to stand.
Not only was it in the shade on this 80 degree day, but most everyone came and stood down there so we got to talk and take pictures with them. Also, we weren't behind a velvet cord, so we were basically unstoppable. Plus, the selfies we got had a nice green shrub as the background instead of numerous photobombers. Here is a little sampling of my star sightings. 
Neil. Lane.
Catherine and Sean.

Being 30, I had a hard time acting as excited as the teens and girls in their early 20's.
As fun as it was to meet these people, they are just that, people. 
Just like me. Super cool.
My approach was less high pitched screaming and more talking... I also learned I need to work on my BS game. Fact of the matter is, as cool as I think it is to talk to them, they could care less about me.

Now, I know many of you are curious about the break up of Andi and Josh too.
And since clearly we are besties, let me give you my two cents about whether I saw this coming.

First, note in the picture that Josh is leaning towards me way more than Andi.
Secondly, in their interview with The Harrison Andi seemed a little sketchy.
Lastly, they didn't leave together that night... even though there was a car sitting outside with their name on it. {Literally, there name was on it.} Instead Andi and Nicki took the car together. No clue where Josh went.

Moving on.

Once we made it back into the holding room, our friend who took our picture came and told us that he was going to take us to our special seats. He also referred to all of us as the Idaho Wives.
At this point I may have started freaking out a little bit. 
This meant that we were going to be interviewed on LIVE tv. 
As I mentioned in my previous post, I luckily had taken a wash cloth from our Hollywood Roosevelt room to dab my nervous sweaty pits. 
Being the Farmer's Wife of the crew, I was stuck right on the aisle, in prime interview location. 
The guy went over what Chris Harrison would be asking me and made sure that I was comfortable answering as well as telling him about being a Farmer's Wife myself.
The next thing that we noticed was tape stuck on the chairs in front of us.
There were names written on them.... Clare C, Michelle M, Graham, Courtney.
They were going to be sitting directly in front of us.
{might I add how nice they are... I was never a fan of Clare's, but during the whole show they would lean back and tell us about the behind the scenes... they're sweet}
In front of them was Lacy and Marcus.
And in front of them was Sean and Catherine. 
Across the aisle was Andi, Josh and Nicki.
Much like the red carpet, we were arguably in the best seats in the house.

There was a hype man who was excellent at getting all of us really excited.
They also had the best tunes cranked nice and loud.
No big deal, just a super big dance party behind the scenes of The Bachelor.
Seriously... I want the person who created that mix to be the deejay at one of my parties.
Once all of the seats were filled we got another talk.
Live TV pep talk: clap hands in front of our face so it doesn't look like you are having a seizure, don't use your phone unless it is a commercial, be very expressive in your facial reactions.
I obviously took that last one quite literally:
 Being there during filming was seriously so SO fun.
I don't know if you have ever watched The Bachelor with a bunch of your girlfriends, but this was like 20 times better. The reactions from everyone were totally priceless. So much laughter, so much cringing.

Now... I know you guys are all wondering about my big live interview.
Spoiler. It didn't happen.
As I mentioned before, I think that Clare's interviewing skills, and Michelle's shower comment got good ol' Harrison a little flustered.
Sweaty pits for nothing.
That's the worst!
So now... I am working hard on getting to go back for After the Final Rose. 
I mean, I basically deserve it.
Maybe I should take my farmer with me and he and farmer Chris can talk about their farms. And their beautiful significant others of course.

After filming was over, they ushered us out, and the night was done.
My friend Jenn and I needed a taxi back to our hotel.
You wouldn't think that this would be too difficult, but with the amount of chauffeured cars and big party bus to carry all of the prior cast members, there was a lot of commotion and the taxi's we called somehow couldn't find us.
In addition to that, my phone froze after installing Uber.
Blah, blah, blah... long story short, the director of the show, Ken Fuchs, gave us a ride back to our hotel.
Like I said... we made friends.
We got the down-low on where some celebs were eating dinner and learned a little about what he does.

After we got back to our hotel, instead of heading out to dinner and a night out on the town, we grabbed some food to go, headed to the room, and watched The Bachelor. Again. But this time we could see us. We are dedicated fans.

It was an epic day, with amazing people.



  1. Neil Lane... I probably would have asked him to sign my ring. and Sean and Catherine?! Be still my heart!! This looks like every girl's dream!!

  2. ^^^Agree with the comment above. I think I'm most impressed that you met Neil Lane. I mean. He's def someone I could be buds with - imagine the jewelry! Loving your recap of the experience - sounds like you guys had a great time. And TOTALLY see the impending Andi and Josh break up clearly in that photo. The body language speaks volumes!!!

  3. This is so cool! Fingers crossed you get an invite to After the Final Rose!!!

  4. This is incredible. What an experience!!! You had me hanging on your every word! can't wait for episode 2 tonight! xx

  5. Andi & Josh broke up?? Haven't heard that!!! Ah, I can't even imagine how much FUN you really had!!! So awesome!

  6. Sounds like so much fun! I hope you get to go back and get interviewed!

  7. WOW! I was so excited to read your recap and it sounds like it was such a fun experience. Once in a lifetime for sure!!

  8. What an experience!! I'm so excited you got to do it. Definitely putting something like this on my bucket list!

  9. Such an amazing experience! And you got to meet Neil Lane!!!! Incredible :-D

  10. Oh my gosh this is seriously so freaking awesome!!

  11. So cool, great recap! All those pictures with the people, were they doing that with everyone? I don't even know how I would ask them to do that with me! You go girl! Final rose, you definitely deserve another ticket to that show!

  12. Absolutely love this, and just a little jealous too. I totally think you deserve to go to the Final Rose Ceremony!

  13. love this!! i was totally freaking out for you when i saw you on tv!! so fun!

  14. I felt like their interview and interaction was a bit forced. When he asked them about the engagement she totally dodged the question. It wasn't as big of a surprise for me when they announced the break up. People kept making a big deal that they were together, well, when you're obligated to appearances - you do what you have to do.

    Congrat's! I saw you on the show (as I was following your instagram)!


  15. I love this! Looks like a great night!

  16. Oh my goodness!! I'm so jealous! It's sounds like you had a perfect Cinderella night. :)

  17. Love this whole post! Thanks for sharing all the dirt! Michael looks super hot with his hair short, didn't even recognize him. Also love your picture with Tenley, she has always been my fav and she looks so genuine in your picture. Somebody told me that they saw Dylan and Elise together on the red carpet. I didn't notice while I was watching. Truth?

  18. Oh man. I was on edge the whole show! Ask Cassie and Brittany. I'm a freak! But you, doll, nailed it! I know they'll want you and your farmer back! And a Neil Lane photo is awesome but I still love the one of you and C.H. best. You are besties, love.

  19. Oooh this is so cool, looks like you had a great time!

  20. Oh my goodness SO MUCH FUN!!! (Just to look like a complete twat, i have no idea who these people are, but reading this made me super excited for you!lol) I hope you get invited back!! :)

  21. Sounds like so much fun!!!
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  22. I loved reading this entire post! Thanks for sharing your experience & the juicy behind the scenes details!


  23. I have never watched the show…but you have intrigued me, so i may have to! i actually noticed in your IG pic that he was leaning in towards you and not the girl, i didn't know who they were at the time, but now it all makes sense! so fun!!

  24. oh my goodness!!! What a fun night! I am SO jealous!!!! Thanks so much for sharing your experience. Looks like everyone was really nice. That's so cool they all took pictures with you! I would love to go to one of these tapings!!

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