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{professional family photos}

At the end of last year we got some professional pictures taken of our family.
I am pretty much obsessed with them.
Mostly because our photographer, Stephanie Mballo, was more than a pleasure to work with!

Let me give you 10 reasons why you should have Stephanie take your family pictures too:

1. Her eye is impeccable. 
And just look at how beautiful this background is...

or this one...
or this one...

2. She can make you look good while sitting in your alfalfa field getting dirt from a gopher hole thrown on you.

 3. She travels. Even to our farm, which is in the middle of nowhere.
Having the two young boys, this was a life saver for us.
Although, I think it was more important for my farmer since at the time he was still very busily farming.

4. She's artistic. Not only does she get some classic shots, but she also gets those unposed pictures that you just don't see enough. And I couldn't love them more.

5. Stephanie goes with the flow. Even when our family pet decided to join in and not cooperate.

6. She can tell you just what to do, so you will get a shot that you absolutely adore!

7. Girlfriends got patience. After about an hour of shooting, my boys were not nearly as enthusiastic about taking pictures as I was. She allowed us to take as many breaks as necessary, and did some killer jumps and silly faces to get their attention.

8. Reality. She can show what life is like in a very beautiful way.

9. She's quick on her toes... err finger? I mean, to be able to capture a dog kiss, mid-lick.... talent.

 10. She is affordable. And you get all of your images to do what you would like with.
I LOVE this.
And I LOVE her.
You will too.

To check Stephanie out, you can visit her at any of these sites:

Even if you don't happen to be in the market for family pictures yet, she is seriously just fun to follow to get inspired by her beautiful photos.

Isn't she the best!?

{To see even more pictures from our session, check out her blog HERE.}



  1. These are so cute and I love your skirt!


  2. Gorgeous! The poses and backdrops are both classic AND unique! I suppose it helps that you have a beautiful family too! Enjoy your Friday!

  3. Ooo I love these! The pic of the dog kiss is precious!! You all look great, I LOVE your outfit!!

  4. These pictures are so good!!! I love them!


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