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{oh hey friday | i'm going to be famous}

I could do a Christmas recap for you.
Or even tell you my New Year resolutions.
But instead...
I have something much more important to tell all of you.
Guess who's going to The Bachelor live premiere on Monday!?
This gal!!

Today's post is dedicated primarily to this fact.

1. | Worth it?
Some may wonder...
I will basically be sitting in an audience watching the show on a big screen.
Most likely not even seeing Farmer Chris in person with my own two eyes.
Still worth it.
I have never seen anything in production, and that fact alone should make this quite an experience.
I am super excited. Like SUPER.

2. | TV time. 
Chris Harrison basically has to interview me right!?
I AM a farmer's wife.
I'm sure they want my input.
Plus, can you imagine if I could plug this blog on national television?
I'd blow up.
Big goals.
I suppose it'd be fine if I was just in the background too.

I've only been on TV one other time in my life.
I was in a furniture commercial from a store in Clearlake, CA {aka white trashville} when I was in high school.
My friend and I were pretending to be interested in their furniture and talk with a sales associate.
I'm not sure why I never became an actress.
If only I could find that commercial though!

3. | My farmer made me.
I casually mentioned the fact that this premiere was coming up, and I could likely get tickets.
He immediately told me to get on it.
If not for the experience alone.
And the fact that he was game to keep the boys busy while I jet down to Hollywood... bonus.
He's a keeper.
If you're not married... find yourself a farmer.

4. | Legit?
Who knows.
It better be.
As of now I just have email correspondence.
And I am supposedly on a guest list.
I know the location.
 And I am waiting on a final email with all of the info that we will need.
Worst case scenario...
My gal pal and I head down to the sunshine state, spend a couple of nights in a fancy hotel, and see the sights of Hollywood.
Win win.

5. | Attire.
What does one wear to a live Bachelor premiere?
Any suggestions?
My farmer told me to wear leather overalls and a plaid shirt.
I need better suggestions than that.

If you want to see the play by play of my adventures and road to fame, go ahead and follow me on instagram.

And don't forget to watch the show... you may just see me. Getting my 15 seconds of fame.

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  1. So jealous! You will have a great time!

  2. You are too funny, but I am so jealous. What a neat thing to experience. Please grab Chris Harrison's tush while your there!

  3. You are going to have so much fun! And I would definitely dress up a little more than wearing overalls ;) Happy New Year and thanks for hosting! -Jess, www.sweetlittleonesblog.com / sweetlittleonesblog@gmail.com

    P.S. We are starting a new link up this year, and we would like to invite you to it! It's every Tuesday at 8am EST and starts on January 6th. (And there will be a few giveaways for the first one!) It can be any post at all - just another place to build community and connect. We'd love it if you'd join us!

  4. I AM SO JEALOUS!! I have watched the bachelor since the VERY beginning (maybe missed a season or two along the way). What an awesome experience, I'll be sure to look for you in the audience!

  5. Oh I am so jealous!! That sounds so much fun!

  6. Gahhhhhh! That's the most exciting thing EVER!

  7. Ahhhhh have an amazing time, super jealous :)

  8. AHHHH!!! Have a wonderful time!!! :) I'll watch for you!

  9. How exciting, I'm sure you will have a blast!!

  10. exciting!!! have so much fun. i have never watched the show, i may need to start. ;)

  11. Ah that is so exciting! I love watching the Bachelor :D Hope you get some screen time!

  12. Exciting! I don't think my husband could be QUITE so creative as leather overalls, he'd come close as a response on the attire!!

    -Dorrie @ Bear Den Plantation

  13. Oh my gosh farmer Chris!! Swoon!!! Have so much fun! Xo

  14. So exciting!!!! Have so much fun- I would be so much more interested in the behind the scene productions what not- always intrigued me! Have a blast!


  15. You have got to work on your expressions to ensure you're on tV. It's usually those with the most outraged/shocked looks who get air time :-) And yeah, those coveralls might work too :-)

  16. Leather overalls sound reasonable to me, lol! ;) So excited for you, and can't wait for a recap afterwards!

  17. I say wear the overalls!!! I don't have Instagram so I hope you will do a recap when you get back! I can't wait to hear all about it! How fun!!! Will look for you when I watch it!

  18. Well?!? Are you still pit of town? I totally thought of you while watching last night


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