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{i was on the bachelor... and i have proof}

Oh my.
I'm not even really sure where to start.
But... if you didn't already know... I'm totally famous now.
Not really.
But I did make it on the teli quite a bit!
My farmer was proud.
Note my creepy peek around Clare's bootay during live tv.
Or some pics with my new besties that they put on their instagrams...
You may be wondering why we got such amazing seats.
First of all... I'm kind of awesome.
Secondly... I'm a farmer's wife. Such a hipster right? I became a farmer's wife before it was even cool.
Thirdly... Chris Harrison was supposed to interview me. Serious.
Whomp whomp.
I think that Clare's interviewing skills, and Michelle's shower comment got good ol' Harrison a little flustered.
Shattered dreams. 

Fun fact. I was getting a tad nervous about my big debut.
Nervous like... stole a wash cloth from my hotel to dab my sweaty pits dry nervous.
I wish I was kidding.
While I didn't get a live interview, I did have the best day ever...
which I will go into much more detail about very soon, 
and post many more pictures.
Stay tuned.
If you have any specific questions for me regarding my adventures... leave a comment and I'll do my best to address it. :)



  1. I was SO waiting for this. I'm so jealous you (kind of) got a pic with Elan! I want to go to a showing so bad now!

  2. Was so fun seeing you on tv!!!! Totally picked you out while I was watching. Can't wait to hear more about it all!

  3. Also, I bet those hometown ladies stole your spot! haha

  4. Soooo jealous! I remember watching Claire's interviews and thinking awkward city :-P

  5. I was so blinded by Claire's comments and like you said poor interviewing skills that I didn't even catch you sitting behind her. I cannot wait to hear more!!!

  6. how fun!! i want to hear more!!

  7. I just read where Clare became terribly sick & paramedics had to be called (dehydration & drinking in an empty stomach?).

  8. oh you just left me hanging! NOOOO!!! Haha, looks like a blast, can't wait to hear and see the rest of the pictures!

  9. I was cracking up when I saw you post that pic on IG! Loved it!!

  10. Saw you!!! So excited to read your detailed post!!!! I love hearing the insider scoop!

  11. Can't wait to hear more about it!!! Soo fun!!

  12. I thought I knew you!! Awesomeness to see someone from the blogging world on the bachelor.

  13. That's so awesome! I love the pictures!

  14. I so want to hear more about this! Love the photos :D

  15. Wait this is so fun, it's like FIND AMY in all of the photos! Are tickets actually purchaseable to the general public?! My mom and I totally want to hit up the red carpet together next year, provided that the Bachelor is hot hot hot.


  16. How cool is that!! LOL! Awesome!! Can't wait to read more about it!

  17. I am so in awe and cannot wait to see the entire recap...you are SO famous in my book~

    Question: what was it like on the red carpet...did you get the feeling that Andi and Josh were splitsville?!?! =)

  18. Oh My Goodness... I can't wait to hear more about this!

  19. OH MY WORD! I can't even handle how amazing this and my jealousy.


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