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{backstreet boys, birth stories, birthday parties, and embarrassing moments}

Today is your lucky day.
Since I won't be blogging because we are busily battling a terrible stomach bug in our household, 
you get to meet two other fabulous bloggers.
Erin and Amanda are both darling.
And today you get to read some embarrassing facts about them.
Along with some birth stories.
And a stellar first birthday party.
It's a win win.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Embarrassing Story:
When I was in middle school I finally had big enough boobs to buy my first bikini {like true bikini, ya'll}, so I was super excited to wear it to the beach while on vacation with my family.  My best friend and I were having a blast swimming and riding in some waves on a boogie board. The waves must have been crazy in Myrtle Beach that particular day because I stood up from riding one in and had NO clue my bikini top was no longer in place.  No clue! That is, until my DAD yells from our spot on the beach, " ERIN, PULL UP YOUR TOP!" humiliating.

Top 3 favorite blog posts:
Going to go "super mom" status and post all three of my girls' birth stories!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

A Confession:
When I was 14, I was at a dance team sleepover and we were playing a game similar to "Never Have I Ever". I had never even been kissed, but I said I had had a threesome when I was in 3rd grade. What I learned that night: A threesome is NOT sharing your boyfriend with your best friend, the way a 3rd grader would think! haha I also learned that news travels fast in a small town, when my mom picked me up the next day she already knew everything that happened. I was really embarrassed, but now, I am glad that i was so innocent! 

Top three favorite blog posts:

  1. My son's first birthday party is my favorite blog post! I think what I love about it is that for months I searched pinterest and blog after blog for ideas, then I got to put all of my ideas into my own post! That was really cool!

  2. My second favorite post is when I wrote a letter to our rent house. We lived there for 20 months, until we bought our first house. Xander was 7 months old when we moved. It was a very emotional time for me because that house help so many memories of our newlywed days and time with friends! Funny thing is, the house we bought is only 5 blocks away, and if you drive from our old house the the new house, you drive past the house that I lived in all through Jr. High and High School! It is kind of cool that I have lived within a 5 block radius most of my life... except those college years! 

  3. My third favorite blog post is when I wrote about the changes that would be coming in my future. I received a lot of feedback through emails and facebook messages of encouragement from the blogging community and my friends and family about my decision to go back to school! It has been almost a year since I wrote that post and I can honestly say that going back to school has been the best decision for our family! It is tough, and I am ready to be done... but it is going to be SO worth it!!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Aren't they just the best!?
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Trust me.


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