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{indian casino thanksgiving}

I hardly know where to start on the re-cap of my last week and a half.
I think it is only necessary to start with Thanksgiving though. 
Not because it was the start of my adventures, but because it involved the most turkey. And pie.
This year, Thanksgiving was my family's holiday.
We drove down to Northern Cali for the festivities.
My parents are building a house and it wasn't as completed as we had once hoped, 
so instead we got to do Thanksgiving at the local hotel.
Which also happens to be an Indian Casino.
Very fitting if you ask me.
I mean, what better place to give thanks than on an Indian reservation. 
We were really bringing back the pilgrim-Indian dynamic this year.

We checked into our conjoined hotel rooms just in time to head downstairs to the restaurant for our reservations and enjoy a Thanksgiving meal buffet.
Surprisingly, it was amazing.
And the best part... I didn't have to cook one single thing.
Or clean up a single dish.
I'm down to do that every year from now on.
Following our meal we needed to unbutton our pants and relax our bellies.
2 babies, 2 iPad's and a football game was just what we needed.
 The next day {after nearly losing Brody, whom tried to leave the hotel all by himself... long story} we headed back to my parents new house site to hike, play, and take lots of pictures of the cutest cousins around.
Even though it was far from our traditional Thanksgiving, I think Zaza and Pappy hosted quite the holiday!
There is so much to be thankful for.
Especially pumpkin pie.



  1. That's it. We're going with you next year. We'll see you at the casino.

  2. This looks like such a fun way to celebrate all together! And no dishes? What could be better!!

  3. I love the no cooking/no dishes/make the most of it Thanksgiving!

  4. Oh I bet the no cooking and no cleaning up must have been amazing!


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