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{blog crush | east willow grove}

I've got a little blog crush on my gal Chelsea from East Willow Grove.
Believe me when I tell you that she is hilarious.
And see for yourself when I tell you that she is gorgeous.
She {like myself} also has three hunks in her life.
And I am totally addicted to reading her blog or watching her vlog's on the daily.
You should be too.

Allow me, to allow Chelsea, to introduce herself.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

'Hi my name is Chelsea and I'm addicted to the internet'

All together now...

'HIIII Chelsea'

Phew, now that we got that out of the way I'd like to introduce you to my boys, there's a lot of them.
Jerek is my boyfriend of 11 years and fiance of a little over a month. I still forget to call him that but then I look at my left hand and I'm like BAM, he put a ring on it yo!
Tracen is our first mini-Jer and will be four on December 21st {CRAZY!} You can read more about his birth story here, see him bust a move here, or see the stress that came along with his first day of preschool here. Skylor is our second mini and he just turned 16 months a few weeks ago. His laugh is infectious, his tummy is bottomless and his birth story is far more uplifting and easier than Tracen's was! 
Ducati is our fur baby and one day I'll have to write about his birth story, but for now all you need to know is I pretty much rescued that fur ball from a trailer park that my girlfriend and I were sure we were going to die in because it looked like something out of a SAW movie. Young and dumb in college I tell ya! He's a multi-pom; half Maltese, half Pomeranian and never stops barking! He's been in my life for 7 years and my little boys are in love with him!
Henri was our 2nd, maybe 3rd? fish and has been at an indefinite sleepover with the other fish at the grocery store for a while now. >_< We stop and say hi to him from time to time but he's having a grand old time there if you catch my drift! RIP 2013-2013{ x3 }
Who am I you ask? I am the lady of this house, the mamabear and the one that all these boys flock to. I hate washing my hair, live in my leggings and I can't spell for the life of me! I'm a full-time working mama in the Detroit auto industry and just recently had my 10 year high school reunion where I was a little too hungover the following day {IE: barfing-If you care to see me in rare form, here ya go!} I graduated from Grand Valley State University in 2005 with a bachelors in German and Marketing and have been dating Jerek since we were 17 years old. Yes, we are high school sweet hearts but as all stories go we've had our ups and downs but have always landed on our feet. While I live in a house full of boys you will find make up posts where I channel my inner Iggy Azalea, talk about my monthly goals that I try and obtain, confess my love for Starbucks and now recently, start talking about wedding planning {OUI!}
A year ago I told myself I wanted to document our life not only in pictures and blog posts but in video format so I started my Youtube channel vowing to post at least once a week. While these videos are mostly vlogs {with and without makeup on, yikes!} I also do fun videos about nail polishhair tutorials, room tours and lookbooks. I love social media and am always on my phone, going over our data usage is my thing. So if I still have your attention, feel free to follow along in this crazy life of ours. I can't promise that there won't be spelling mistakes or proper grammar used but I can tell you that my heart is full of love for life and my mouth is filter-less, welcome to East Willow Grove.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Go and show this lady some love!
And don't forget to follow her on one... or every avenue possible.

Cheers to a great week ahead.


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