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{a new oh hey, friday! button for you}

Hey friends!

We just got home yesterday from our little Christmas vacation.
So much to blog about.
I just need to download some pics.
I decided restocking our refrigerator was a little higher on the priority list today.
Bone dry.
Luckily we had a little fat stored up in our bodies from our Christmas gorging.

The most important thing I have to tell you today though, is that Oh hey, Friday! is back with a vengeance this Friday.
Mostly just because we have a fabulous new button fit for the new year:

Isn't is pretty?

Don't forget to come and link up with me and Karli.
Be there. Or be there.



{merry christmas from the farm}

What better way to wish you happy holidays, than with our Christmas card!
{card from minted | photographs by stephanie mballo}

We are high tailing it off the farm for a few days and headed to Walla Walla, WA.
I'm looking forward to fun with family.
Homemade pasta.
Pickleball/raquetball tournaments.
And watching all the kids' general excitement over the holiday. 

I might be most excited about my xmas present from my farmer though...
a shopping spree at Anthro while he takes the boys grocery shopping at Whole Foods.
You might call it procrastination on his part.
I call it the best gift ever.
He knows me well.

Hope you all have a fabulous Christmas!



{oh hey, friday | the year in review}

Being that next Friday is the day after Christmas, 
we aren't going to be doing this wonderful little link up.
That means, that today is the last Friday link up of the year.
Which of course means my post will be about this past year.
A year in review, if you will.

But first.

If you'd like to join in on oh hey, friday, it's easy peasy.

1. | Write up a little post about five things. Anythings. 

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- - - - - - - - - - - - - 

It was a big year for everyone in our family.

1. | Beckam turned ONE!
He also learned to walk.
And talk.
And use the potty on occasion.
And just be extra super cute in general.
Quite a milestone.

2. | Almost as big of a milestone... I turned 30.
And... I didn't learn to do anything new.
I just got a little saggier.
And have a few extra wrinkles.
Nothing near as exciting as turning one.

3. | Brody had a busy year. He started t-ball. 
And gymnastics.
And learned how to be generally persuasive.
This kid isn't easily deterred. 
I'm hoping this is a good attribute as he gets older.
He keeps me on my toes.
My precious.

4. | My farmer.
Isn't he a hunk?
This stud muffin picked up a few extra {hundred} acres this year.
And as you can see in the above picture, he works his hiney off every single day.
In fact, he drilled wheat seed ALL night long last night.
WTF December? Aren't you supposed to make the ground freeze already?
Bless him.

5. | My blog hasn't done so bad this year either.
It's been growing at quite the steady pace.
If you want to jump on the band wagon, feel free to sponsor me. Ha.
Check out my ad spaces HERE.

Also in the past 6 months there have been $1,000+ given away through this blog.
It's not too late to hop on the winning train either...
I'm giving away $170 & a pair of Hello Moccs & a darling art print with all of my current sponsors.
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I'll even make it easy and add the rafflecopter here for you. :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You're welcome. Good luck.
And most importantly, Merry Christmas.



{pass the parcel | christmas game}

For the past few years I have been in charge of the Christmas party at out church.
Today I was getting things finished up in preparation for it and thought I'd share with you a fun game!
You should all do it this holiday season!
Or... maybe you already do.

Musical Parcel aka Pass the Parcel

What is pass the parcel?
Pass the Parcel is a party game where people sit in a circle and pass a pre-wrapped parcel {present} from one person to the other while music plays. When the music stops, the person with the parcel unwraps one layer. Each layer has a fun activity written on it. This sequence continues until all layers are unwrapped. The last person to unwrap the present is awarded the prize inside.

Since we usually have a large group, I wrap up two presents.
Usually something like a bag of chocolates.
Or any other present that your "audience" might enjoy.

Here's how it goes down...

Wrap the present.
Tape paper with one activity on wrapped present.
Wrap again. Place another activity paper on each layer of wrapping...
and so on, until you are out of activities.
The very outer layer will just look like an ordinary gift.
My struggle every year is coming up with different activities.
So, today I am posting a few ideas for you.
In the shape of a Christmas tree nonetheless.



Make a paper airplane one handed.

Stand on one leg for a whole minute.

List the reindeer in alphabetical order.

What are five different names for Santa?

Hum a song until people are able to guess it.

Name everyone in the room with your eyes shut.

Talk with a British accent for the rest of the game.

Silently enact an animal until any person guesses it.

Pick a Christmas object and talk about it for one whole minute.

Pick a Christmas song and everyone in the circle has to sing it together.

Every time the music stops stand up and say "Merry Christmas!" | “Bah Humbug!”

Sing Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer while pressing on your nose from both sides.

 Choose someone to make laugh. You have one minute to make them laugh {without touching them.}

Since mine have been used for a church party, they are pretty tame.
If you'll be playing just for adults, you could definitely liven things up a bit.
Or make them a little more simple if you are going to just have kids play too. :)

Do you play this game?
What are your "activities" you have on the presents?



{diy oversized snowflakes}

In an effort to keep my children entertained while being stuck inside,
I decided to do a winter/christmas craft.
I thought snowflakes would be fun.
And I knew we had loads of popsicle sticks.
My original idea of little star like snowflakes transformed once I took a peak at Pinterest.
So, let me break down for you what we ended up doing instead.

popsicle sticks
hot glue gun + glue
spray adhesive
white paint + brush

First, you will need to have an idea of what you'd like your snowflake to look like.
Once you have figured that out...
start glueing.
Just put one drop of glue on the edge of the stick... don't overdue it or you may glue the whole snowflake to your countertop. Not like I'd know or anything. :)
 Once all of the glue is dry, you can decorate it.
Brody decided to paint one white.
And I wanted to make a glittery one.
 Make sure you put down lots of newspaper.
Spray a small section of the snowflake with your spray adhesive.
Then sprinkle glitter on.
 Try to get most of the glitter on the snowflake...
since there is spray adhesive on the newspaper too you can't salvage much of the excess.
After all of the glitter was applied, I did one final spray over the whole thing with the spray adhesive to hold that glitter in place.
And voila...
 This was a super easy, fast, cheap and simple craft.
Throw on some fish line, hang up, and you not only have some super cute homemade decor,
but your kids were occupied, and very proud of their final product!
 Give it a try today!



{$170 + more | GIVEAWAY}

I'm not exactly sure what could be better than a big ol' giveaway to start off the week.
Especially right before Christmas.

Not only do you have the chance to win $170 via paypal,
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Best giveaway ever?
I think so.
It might just be your best Christmas yet.

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{why i love being a blogger around the holidays | coming up roses}

Today, my friends, you get to meet Erica.
You can just thank me later.

You see... not only is Erica the sweetest thang you'll ever meet,
she also has killer style,
and is super funny.
Her blog is an all around great read.
I particularly like some of her recent posts with ideas on what to buy for gifts this holiday season...
some of the best I've seen!

And now... she is going to formally introduce herself. Pow!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

 Hey there! I’m Erica, and I’m the usually sassy, always caffeinated virtual voice behind Coming Up Roses, an aspirational and inspirational lifestyle blog on life and love, with a full shot of fashion and beauty to boot. 

 Have you noticed it’s almost Christmas? Of course you have. Because if you’re anything like me, you love le internet. And if you’re a little more like me, you’re in that “blogger” category, spending hours upon hours (and then a few more hours) behind a screen sharing and reading and learning and sharing some more. 

 But bloggers are lucky. We get the holidays on steroids. 

 Christmas shopping? Easy peasy. There’s gift guides for your baker, your hunter, your mother-in-law, and your budding young professional. Your bargain shopping best friend who wants to spend $15 or less and still get something amazing? Yeah, there’s a gift guide for that.
  Gift Guide- 
   Seasonal drinks? Of course. Doesn’t really matter what you’re drinking, so long as it’s in a red cup.
  starbucks red cup   
 Holiday fashion? First things first: that red cup is now a fashion accessory. So long as your #ootd includes some variation of buffalo plaid/fur vest/Hunter boots/cowled neck sweater/cashmere poncho/over-the-knee-boots/sparkly statement necklace/chunky hat /leopard booties. At least, that’s what I learned from Instagram.   
 Decking the halls? Well, duh. My dormified decorations include this Christmas tree standout. I think it suits my personality quite nicely. christmas tree
christmas decoration
 Discounts? We're all about scoring deals - on everything from peppermint bark to scented soaps to heated car seat attachments - right through Christmas Eve. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Sales Saturdays...whatever you call 'em, bloggers have 'em, too. Use code AMY for 25% off any ad space, design or consulting spot with Coming Up Roses. sponsor-image    
While the seasonally appropriate quotes and pictures and sights and smells go a long way, I like to think that what means even more for us this time of year (brace yourself, sap alert!) are those seemingly infinite communities and networks that we’ve found ourselves within. In one group, I’m mailing holiday cards around the world, and in another, we’re sharing faith-based stories on the real meaning of Christmas. No matter your niche, this season is for all of us. I’m so happy to have ladies like Amy in my network of blogging ladies; I hope all of you reading this now show up in my network sooner or later. Since I can’t wrap y’all up and put you in cute Christmas bags with bows on top (and that would be weird), stop over somewhere and throw some holiday wishes my way – I’ll throw them right back atcha! 

 And since I'm a blogger and it's the holidays, I'm about to go grab me a Chestnut Praline latte and photograph my blessings before counting them (and then checking the list twice). 

 Come say hey here, here, here, here or here, if you'd like a new bloggy friend (I love new bloggy friends)! And have yourself a merry little Christmas.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

She said it best!
Go and show this awesome gal some love, friends. 

And then, don't forget to come back tomorrow to enter and win a huge cash giveaway for Christmas!



{oh hey friday | bachelor confessions and predictions}

Before I hop on the confessions bandwagon, 
let's talk link-up...

If you'd like to join in on oh hey, friday, it's easy peasy.

1. | Write up a little post about five things. Anythings.

2. | Head back over here and enter your link at the bottom of this post.

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That's it!

Now, let's all be honest...
How many of you have hopped online and checked out the cast for the upcoming season of the Bachelor?
I have. 
You can check it out here.

It is slightly embarrassing how excited I am for this show to start.
Every time I watch, I tell myself I won't watch again.
And then... it rolls around, and I am sucked in.
Especially this season.
Not because Chris is fun to watch, 
because let's face it... it's kind of painful. In the most awkward way possible.
But he IS a farmer. And I have a soft spot in my heart for farmer's. Obviously.
When I stumbled upon the list of gals joining the drama squad I had to do a little research.
Here are my predictions:

1. | Fit For Farm Living
Girlfriend says she has drive.
And doesn't like to sleep.
And wants to buy property.
This is pretty much the trio to successful farming.
She also looks strong.
So... perhaps she would be a good partner for Chris.
At least a good business partner.

2. | Drunkest
First of all she likes to be naked in front of large groups of people.
Secondly she likes to drink in excess.
And to impress a man she will "give him a sexy dance because it would turn him on and hopefully lead to more."
I see a recipe for disaster. Or as the producers like to call it: good tv.
Plus, she says her mama knows best. I think this could be a good home town.
3. | Likeable
Not sure exactly what it is about her.
But I like her.
My other faves:
Kara, Nikki, Tracy
These predictions are likely to change the second that they open their mouths on that first night.

4. | Shoulder to Cry On
There is one every season.
This gal is going to be it.
All of the crying. All of the emotions. All of the dramatic-drama.
She will be cleaning up all the messes.
It is fitting that her day job is a guidance counselor.
Poor sweet girl. History proves that these gals never get chosen, but might make it far anyways.
5. | Not gonna happen.
She seems to be crazy in love with the ocean. Surfing. Dolphins.
Sorry girlfriend, there is no ocean in Iowa. 
And you can't move a farm.

You are a Cadaver Tissue Saleswoman? Huh?
To really impress a man you should "keep your mouth shut"? Say what?
Sorry. Not seeing it.

What do you guys think!? 
Will you be watching?

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