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{some much needed me-time}

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To say that things have been a little chaotic around here would be an understatement.

Last week was spent preparing for a Thanksgiving meal at a school that I am a board member for.
So much turkey.
So many bread rolls.

I spent a solid day packing up suitcases full of clothes and other items for our road trip to Cali.

AND then, this past weekend I took a speedy trip to San Francisco with three of my very best girlfriends.
I knew that the only "me-time" I'd be getting would be the hour flight in the air.
Not bad considering my last me-time was spent at the gyno's.
I really had to up my game this time.
And then, this happened:
That, my friends, is basically heaven on a Safeway's conveyor belt.
Did you see that I got a king size?
This mama takes her me-time seriously.
Go big or go home.

I didn't have room to pack pajamas, but I certainly made room for this. Priorities.
Once I climbed aboard the plane, I could barely wait to sit down and relax.
Without a toddler climbing on me, or screaming, or telling me that they have to go potty NOW that we are squashed between a hundred people and the bathroom is half the size of a small porta-potty.
Instead, I sat, watched the other mothers wrangling their children, and opened up my goodies.

Did you know Britney Spears has a new beau?
Or that Prince Charles can dance?
Or that angora sweaters are back in style?... eek.
I do now. Good ol' People magazine never lets me down.
The flight was over in what seemed like 10 minutes.
I suddenly wished I had decided to fly out of the country so it could have lasted a little longer.

Mama's... I think it's time for you all to take a little bit of "me-time".
You can do it right in the comfort of your own home.
Put the kids to bed, pull out a gossipy magazine, a king size candy bar.... and what you have there, is pure bliss.
You can thank me later.
By the way... how do you eat a Reese's?
I eat around the outside... that last bite... the best!

So go get your supplies, and while you are at it you can also save yourself some moola!
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Click HERE to access coupon.
You have to register for Just4U to get access to the digital coupon.

With the craziness of this season, it feels good to take an hour to yourself.
I recommend it.



  1. Having ME TIME is always good! My husband is a huge fan of Reeses, I am not as much but it always tastes better when I snag one of his (: I guess I have never really paid attention to how I eat mine but I am pretty sure I eat them as fast as I can ;) Hope you have a wonderful week and good luck with your road trip!

  2. Sounds like you made the most of your me-time...and it definitely sounds like you upped your game from your gyno me-time lol P.S. Reese's are the best!

  3. I'm not even a Mommy & I still need ME time to function as a happy normal human being ;)

  4. How did you take pictures while eating those reese cups? I would have slammed them in my mouth and it would be a picture of crumpled wrappers.

  5. Love me some Reeces. Glad you had a great time on your girls trip

  6. Having some "me time" is critical, especially if it involves Reese's and a good magazine :)

  7. OH I totally love People. I get it almost every week! And you gave me the idea of having a Reese Peanut Butter cup while reading Magazines..ha! I don't have kids, and even I need me-time. Love it.


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