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{oh hey friday | good news}

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We are done digging sugar beets.
I know this is about as important to you as... oh...nothing.
But, let me assure you, this is a big deal around these parts.
While I am thrilled to get to see my farmer a little more often, I am a little sad that we are done taking random daily pics in the beet field.
 And now the corn shall commence. 

Well, the good news is that he is still alive.
This child.
He has no fear.
Yesterday alone, I caught him... on top of the dining room table, trying to lay down in a full bath tub, jumping from 6 feet high into my arms, running along our dining room bench, and then jumping from the bench into a dining chair... he is a danger... to himself.
I mean this guy has a perma-dent in his forehead, and a scar on his cheek and he isn't even 18 months old yet.
God help me. 
Luckily he's been practicing the art of medicine lately.
He will be just fine.

 4.  BRODY
I don't want to jinx us or anything, but I'm pretty sure this kid is going to be a farmer.
He understands the concepts of farming better than I do.
And he has been able to point out crops and every piece of equipment since he started talking. 
He rides for hours with his daddy and his papa. 
That little guy will traipse right through a field to get to a tractor. 
I sure love the pictures where he still looks small to me. 

I know I mentioned this yesterday, but I am super excited to get some family photos taken of us this weekend.
The fabulous Stephanie Mballo is coming to our farm to snap us in our natural habitat. 
In preparation I went to Boise yesterday and got my hair done.
I also proceeded to spend way too much money on clothing for the whole family so we could attempt to match, but not really match. 
It's tricky.
I will most likely be returning all of it anyway. 
Don't judge. 
Now I just have to practice my blue steel look, and attempt to hide my double chin. 
Wish me luck.

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  1. We finished corn yesterday and I couldn't be more excited!!! But now the field work begins, so that'll be another couple of weeks. It's getting close!!!

  2. Your family is too cute! Have fun with your family pictures!

  3. LOVE the part about attempting to match the clothes, but not really. I just went through this 2 weeks ago and the hubby thought I was crazy.

  4. gah! I did mine wrong! Is there a way to delete it and start over? lol

  5. Girl, between you and Karli I know SO much more than I ever did about farming lol and I'm not the least bit mad about it! Good luck with the fam pics, can't wait to peep those! Have a good weekend XX

  6. Lol- your boys remind me of my two. My older boy we swear is going to be a little farmer like his daddy- up before the sun rises, dressed ready to head out to the fields! And my younger one is wild- totally fearless, and a jumble of bruises and scars! Hope the pictures go great, the clothes are the hardest part!


  7. Love the corn sand box! It looks like so much fun!


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