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{oh hey, friday | beckam is 18 months}

My little baby is 3/4 of the way to two years old.
It seems strange that my little baby is really not at all like a baby anymore.
I still call him my baby though.
So does Brody.
We are really hanging on to this for as long as he'll let us. 

So... in honor of Beckam turning 18 months old tomorrow, today's post will be all about him.
1. | Behavior
Well, well, well... this one's got a little personality all his own.
He has totally figured out how to copycat his big brother.
Random noises mostly.
They think this is funny.
In fact, it usually ends with them both laughing hysterically at each other, which in turn gets me laughing.

It is certainly NOT all fun and games though.
A majority of the time Brody doesn't want Beckam playing with his perfectly OCD set up train set, or tractors, or... anything.
But when Brody starts to get upset and become bossy towards Beckam, that's when Beckam really starts to antagonize.
He literally looks Brody in the eyes while he purposefully messes up his toys.
This does not end with them both laughing hysterically. Shocker.

Beckam has also learned how to throw a mini fit. Good times.
Or try to kick at me when I am changing his diaper.
In turn, he has also learned what "time-out" is.
While he is super stubborn, he is also the sweetest little bear I've ever seen.
After Brody gets into trouble for hitting him,
he goes over to console crying Brody with pat-pats and kisses.
It most certainly should be the other way around.
He sure knows how to comfort.
And is the best little snuggler around.

2. | Language
Let me preface this section with the fact that I'm pretty sure I'm the only person who can understand him. WIth that being said... he is saying lots and lots of words.
Here is a little sampling of what I hear daily:
animal cracker, apple, banana
bye, hello
kitty, chicken
mama, dada, bubu {brody}, gigi {his great grandma}
no, uh-huh

Getting him to say "yes" or "yea" or anything of the sorts has been hard.
He would say "no" to everything, thinking that it meant "yes".
Very confusing.
I have now taught him to excitedly, and high-pitched, say "yea" as he throws his arms into the air. 
It makes asking him questions much more exciting.

3. | Appetite
Brother can eat.
He loves food.
His favorites are apples, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, bananas, chicken sausage, turkey, peas, avocados, and dairy.
Unfortunately for him, he is allergic to dairy... or maybe "sensitive" is a better word.
We steer clear, because he gets a very upset and gassy tummy otherwise.
Whole foods has really come to the rescue in this department, lots of yummy dairy free alternatives.
He is however allergic to eggs and nuts. Like, pull out the epi-pen allergic.
No bueno.
Peanut traces on raisins in trail mix... it's a no go.
Luckily my trusty phone has that cool reverse feature so I can spy on him while driving.

4. | Slumber
From the get go I was determined to make Beckam the best little sleeper.
Luckily, he was just fine with my plan.
He is now sleeping 12-13 hours a night.
He goes to bed at 6:30 pm. Happily.
Which makes me happy.
He's also hammering out a 2 hour nap everyday.
It will be interesting to see if this changes once he is in a big boy bed.
Maybe he can stay in his crib until he is three?
Being the dare-devil/climber that he is I am shocked everyday that he doesn't climb out of his crib.

5. | Favorites
Well, he has a lot of favorites.
He really loves life.
He is completely fearless and has a scar on his cheek, and a perm-dent on his forehead to show for it.
I just pray that we can keep on making it through life without having to rush him to the ER.
He likes to jump.
Dance.... oh can he dance.
And sing. He has a really pretty voice. And surprises me by the actual tunes of songs that he knows.
Genius I tell ya.

He likes to give kisses.
I'm not complaining.
They aren't slobbery anymore.
Just sweet. And precious. And he'll lean forward while I'm pushing him in the grocery cart to plant one on me.

He loves tractors and trains like Brody.
He likes to pretend to talk on radios and phones.

He is obsessed with his daddy.
Two little peas in a pod.
Oh, and if he can go to the shop... he is living.
Our employees pack him around to all the equipment.
In fact, he gets more excited to see them than me.
True story.

He is probably most of all obsessed with Gunner though.
The snuggles his gives that dog... and the kisses... ew.
We are so blessed with the sweetest, happiest little 18 month old.
We LOVE you Beckam!!
- - - - - - - - 

Alright, friends... now it's YOUR
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AND, before I forget... we will not be having the link up next week due to it being the day after Thanksgiving and all.

You will probably be Black Friday shopping anyways.
I will be busy trying to shimmy into my skinny jeans.

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
See you in TWO weeks!!



  1. maybe it's time for baby boy #3? :) also...if a warmish spell ever catches us again, let's snap some shots in front of that gorgeous fence. i love it. and i think kaye would love climbing on it. yay?

  2. Happy Friday! He is so adorable and such beautiful eyes. Right there with ya on my little guy constantly saying no.

  3. He is TOO sweet!!!!!!! Happy 18 months!

  4. My 18mo is the same way!! He doesn't say yes either. They are so fun!

  5. He is seriously one of the cutest little boys ever! Such adorable photos :)


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