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{lessons learned}

Yesterday we had some family pictures taken.
I have been so hyped about it!
Stephanie Mballo is magnificent.
And my boys were pretty good. 
But now that it is all said and done, I would have done a few things differently. 
If you are planning to get some professional pictures taken, take note.

1. | Leave all pets at home.
I repeat. DO NOT bring your youngest child's most favorite thing on earth.
Because, when that dog shows up, that happy smiling child, will turn into a super sad kid when he can't run around and snuggle down with said dog.
My farmer was a tad late to the photo sesh and so when he arrived, so did Gunner. 
Beckam freaked. There was no more smiles. And all he could do was yell "nunner, nunner, nunner" as he whined loudly trying to wrestle out of our arms to run to him.

2. | Bribe the day lights out of your 3 year old. 
This worked quite well for us.
I should have talked about it the entire photo shoot to remind him just how excited he was about the special prize he was going to get for following directions and smiling.
Although, we should have done a bit more practice on the smile... 
I caught a few glimpses of Brody with his mouth open and eyes squeezed shut.
Not exactly what I was going for.

3. | Keep smiling.
I am pretty sure in half of the photos I will have half closed eyes and a stupid face just because I was trying to get my kids to smile. 
In hind sight I should have stuck to smiling myself and used tickling and fart noises to make the boys smile.
Lesson learned.

4. | Check the diaper.
It is probably a good idea to check your babies diaper at least half way through the photo session.
I didn't do this.
After Beckam was super impossible to work with, my farmer peeked down in his diaper {right at the end of the shoot}.
Big turd.
That equals irritability.
Not only to the baby, but the mom who is replaying the last hour of uncommon crankiness and not realizing how to fix it.
Change the diaper dummy!

I'm pretty positive there won't be any pictures of all four of us looking at the camera and smiling. 
BUT, seeing as how I totally love the previews we got...
I think we are going to be just fine. 
More of a lifestyle shoot.
Very realistic.

Be prepared to be overloaded with more pictures when I receive them.
Or, if you want to follow our photographer's facebook page, click here, you may get some other sneak peeks. 



  1. All such great points! AND YOUR PICTURES ARE AWESOME! Can't wait to see more! :)

  2. Haha, great tips! Family sessions can be so difficult with young kids... which is why I like the lifestyle look better anyway.

  3. Lol great tips! These pictures look fantastic and I can't wait to see the rest!!


  4. The photos you shared are super cute -- I bet you will have quite a few great ones! I can imagine that it is not easy getting family photos, especially ones where everyone is smiling and looking at the camera :)

  5. Why is changing the diaper always the last thought for misbehavior?? Gah it never fails that that's the reason Ellie has an attitude change but it never crossss my mind!!!!

  6. I use bribes often, except when shopping. That recently backfired. Now she asks about said bribe the ENTIRE shopping trip.

  7. I love that you rocked a skirt! So so cute :)

  8. oh my gosh, so far these turned out great, and yes to the bribing! Our pictures were on Sunday and we were bribe city. Too bad our 1 year old isn't bribable yet. She smiled exactly 1 time, and it was before the photo shoot even started. Ah well! It's life right? Can't wait to see the rest of yours. Photo overload welcomed, I love seeing family photos!


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