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{fourth annual harvest party}

This last weekend we had our annual harvest party.
We had an epic time, despite the weather.
What do you do when the wind blows like a small hurricane on party day?
Build a giant wall out of ton straw bales to block the wind. 
My farmer... swoon. He knows how to party.
I was pleasantly surprised by our turnout... for one reason only...
20 mph winds and 45 degree temps.
I have a feeling that people knew they'd miss out on these if they stayed home:
 Or this:
Because, few things in this world are more delicious than a reese's smores.
 I stuck with the typical menu of baked potatoes {served in a massive galvanized tub} and 5 humongous pots of chili.
Our guests brought some rockin' side dishes too.
 I was unable to get a pic of the hot drink table, it was constantly swarmed by people loading up on hot beverages.... like it was cold or something. Just imagine how fab it looked though. I loved these cups... since I nixed the stripey straws this year, I had to step it up with some cute hot cups.
 I was terrible at getting good pics of this years party.
The ones I posted here are literally the only ones I took... except, I did take about 10 shots of these two.
Because, what's not to love about Brody and his favorite turtle. 
 If you'd like to check out the last few harvest parties, check here, here and here.
I prepped those parties in more than 24 hours before, unlike this year.
Turns out farmers just like to get together, eat hot food, and chat.
So it was just as much of a success if not more than the previous years.
Also, a tutorial coming soon on how I make cake-pops... if you are interested... I realize I am like 5 years late on this tutorial. Ha.


  1. Cute pictures! Sounds like everyone had a good time!!

  2. This sounds like so much fun! Genius idea setting up a wall of hay bales to block the wind!

  3. Oh how funnnnn! Love the big wall he built!

  4. Your caramel apple station looks delicious! I've never had a Reese s'more before but I'm going to now.

  5. I think I drooled a little at those reeses smores!

  6. seriously.so.cool. I love the idea of a harvest party!

  7. Now that is a party! I popped over from Living in Yellow and i'm equal parts ridiculously jealous and in awe of that gorgeous party. The stack of hay just makes it that much better.

  8. Ahhh I love the caramel apple station! Everything looks so great and that wall of hay? Genius!

  9. Oh what a fun party! You did such a great job putting it all together!

  10. Wow! This looks like such a blast! And Reece's s'mores....WHERE HAVE I BEEN?!?! YUM!


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