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{embarrassing moments galore | group feature}

Do you know what I enjoy more than sharing four fabulous bloggers with you?
Sharing their most embarrassing moments.
These gals don't disappoint. 
Read for yourself...
and don't forget to follow them afterwards - they're all doll faces.

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Tell me about your most embarrassing moment:
This is a tough one considering I am super clumsy and always speaking before thinking but I'd have to go with the time I made sugar cookies with salt, and then proceeded to all but stuff them down my families throats only to find out they were completely inedible.  So there's that...

SO many good recipes!! But... I need this smore's fudge

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Tell me about your most embarrassing moment:
I have so many!!  But the one that makes me cringe the most…..
Getting fancied up for a job interview in my very first pair of ‘real’ heels!  I stepped out of that office completely forgetting that it was situated at the top of a stair case that lead down behind the main counters of the very busy shop. 
 I slipped on the first step then rolled down sideways with my ‘awesome’ new heels clattering along the railing with everything on show for the poor shoppers that had turned at the sound of my shriek of terror!! 
I would like to say that I picked myself up and left with a shred of dignity, but I failed to notice my broken heel, tried to walk and skidded over back onto my bum.  I removed my shoes, got up, gave a rather hysterical giggle and bolted. 
Why no, I did not get the job! 

She lives in New Zealand for goodness sakes... check out her "backyard"

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Tell me about your most embarrassing moment:
One time I passed out in class in jr. high in front of the whole class... including my crush.


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Tell me about your most embarrassing moment:
Hmm, most embarrassing moment – there are literally so many to choose from!  Let me go back to a moment early in my youth that I will never forget.  I was in the seventh grade and "playing" on the basketball team of my small middle school.  Our school was great in that you never had to try out for a team, you really just had to show up.  I was a coach's nightmare short, uncoordinated, and knew very little about how to play basketball.  What I did know was that I wanted to hang out with my friends and staying after school and taking bus trips seemed like a lot of fun. 
Needless to say, I only made appearances in the games where we were either so far ahead I could inflict no damage or so far behind it really didn't matter.  One night we were losing by about a million several points and the coach called my name.  Shoot, I knew so little about how to play that just remembering how to officially get in the game was a challenge. 
Once on the court and trying to get my wits about me, I found myself under the basket of the opposing team.  They took a shot.  The ball bounced around, and.....somehow landed in my hands.  I HAD GOTTEN THE REBOUND!!   What happened next was the embarrassing moment.  I took off running as fast as I could towards our basket.  I was going to lead the charge of our team's great comeback!  Except I forget one small thing – to dribble.  Yes, dribbling the ball had completely slipped by mind. 
The ref blew his whistle and the crowd was doing the best they could not to fall out of the stands laughing.  It actually took me a few minutes to realize what I had done.  When it hit me, embarrassment flooded my soul.  I was redder than Santa's suit. 
My friends were very supportive and the next Spring I joined the track team.

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  1. Those stories are too funny! I will have to check out their blogs :D


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