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{black friday ad sale}

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Do you know why we are so excited!?

I'm doing a killer Black Friday sale on ALL of my ad spaces!
And... this is my first ever blog posted from my phone.
The struggle. It's real.

Back to that deal though.
Just click here to check out all of my ad options.
Choose your fave.
Enter code: BLACKFRIDAY at checkout for 50% off.

It's only valid today and tomorrow so hop on it.

You're welcome.

I'll be back to my regular blogging schedule soon.
With lots of stories from my week long adventure.
Including almost losing my oldest child.
Or eating thanksgiving dinner at a casino.
Fun stuff.

Have an awesome weekend!!!


{bourbon, lipstick & stilettos}

I have the perfect blogger to share with you all, just in time for the holidays. 
Lindsay is such a doll. 
And her blog. It's amazing. 
She's got some fabulous things to share with you all today too.
SO, with ought further ado...

- - - - - - - - - 

Hi!  I'm Lindsay and I blog at Bourbon, Lipstick, and Stilettos.  The name says it all: I write mostly about bourbon (and wine), beauty, and shoes.  

The holiday season is busy for everyone, and we can all use inspiration for the numerous events we attend this time of year.  Simply slip on your favorite little black dress, a pair of festive pumps, and swipe of red lipstick, and you're ready to go! 

To stick with my blog's theme, here are my favorite holiday heels and lipstick shades: 

  Leopard pump // Silver pump // Bow kitten heel // Blue bow // Silver glitter //  Red bow
Maybelline Color Sensational Lipcolor in Red Revival // NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Magenta // NARS Lipstick in Dressed to Kill // YSL Rogue in Danger // NYX Cosmetics Soft Matte Lip Cream in Copenhagen // NYX Cosmetics Round Case Lipstick in Snow White  

And here's my go-to Hot Toddy recipe... it would be great for an intimate party or night in watching Christmas movies: 

1 cup water
1/4-1/2 cup bourbon (I like mine strong, so I pour at least half a cup of the good stuff)
2 tablespoons honey
Juice of half a lemon

Add water, bourbon, and honey to saucepan and turn burner on high.  Squeeze a few drops of lemon juice in pan and bring to boil.  Remove from heat, stir ingredients and pour into mug.  Add the remaining lemon juice, stir again, and let cool.  Enjoy!

Thank you for reading and hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  

- - - - - - - - 
Go and show this gal some love. She's a real treasure. 
And then... go eat some turkey. 



{some much needed me-time}

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Weave Made Media®, PEOPLE® , and The Hershey Company®, but all my opinions are my own. #weavemade #HolidayMeTimeMags clickable link

To say that things have been a little chaotic around here would be an understatement.

Last week was spent preparing for a Thanksgiving meal at a school that I am a board member for.
So much turkey.
So many bread rolls.

I spent a solid day packing up suitcases full of clothes and other items for our road trip to Cali.

AND then, this past weekend I took a speedy trip to San Francisco with three of my very best girlfriends.
I knew that the only "me-time" I'd be getting would be the hour flight in the air.
Not bad considering my last me-time was spent at the gyno's.
I really had to up my game this time.
And then, this happened:
That, my friends, is basically heaven on a Safeway's conveyor belt.
Did you see that I got a king size?
This mama takes her me-time seriously.
Go big or go home.

I didn't have room to pack pajamas, but I certainly made room for this. Priorities.
Once I climbed aboard the plane, I could barely wait to sit down and relax.
Without a toddler climbing on me, or screaming, or telling me that they have to go potty NOW that we are squashed between a hundred people and the bathroom is half the size of a small porta-potty.
Instead, I sat, watched the other mothers wrangling their children, and opened up my goodies.

Did you know Britney Spears has a new beau?
Or that Prince Charles can dance?
Or that angora sweaters are back in style?... eek.
I do now. Good ol' People magazine never lets me down.
The flight was over in what seemed like 10 minutes.
I suddenly wished I had decided to fly out of the country so it could have lasted a little longer.

Mama's... I think it's time for you all to take a little bit of "me-time".
You can do it right in the comfort of your own home.
Put the kids to bed, pull out a gossipy magazine, a king size candy bar.... and what you have there, is pure bliss.
You can thank me later.
By the way... how do you eat a Reese's?
I eat around the outside... that last bite... the best!

So go get your supplies, and while you are at it you can also save yourself some moola!
Save $1.00 with purchase of ONE (1) PEOPLE® or Sunset® magazine and ONE (1) REESE’S®, HERSHEY’S® or other selected King Size bar (2.1 to 5.0 oz.) The digital coupon is available through the Safeway Just4U online portal 11/21/14 - 12/19/14 (while supplies last) 
Click HERE to access coupon.
You have to register for Just4U to get access to the digital coupon.

With the craziness of this season, it feels good to take an hour to yourself.
I recommend it.



{oh hey, friday | beckam is 18 months}

My little baby is 3/4 of the way to two years old.
It seems strange that my little baby is really not at all like a baby anymore.
I still call him my baby though.
So does Brody.
We are really hanging on to this for as long as he'll let us. 

So... in honor of Beckam turning 18 months old tomorrow, today's post will be all about him.
1. | Behavior
Well, well, well... this one's got a little personality all his own.
He has totally figured out how to copycat his big brother.
Random noises mostly.
They think this is funny.
In fact, it usually ends with them both laughing hysterically at each other, which in turn gets me laughing.

It is certainly NOT all fun and games though.
A majority of the time Brody doesn't want Beckam playing with his perfectly OCD set up train set, or tractors, or... anything.
But when Brody starts to get upset and become bossy towards Beckam, that's when Beckam really starts to antagonize.
He literally looks Brody in the eyes while he purposefully messes up his toys.
This does not end with them both laughing hysterically. Shocker.

Beckam has also learned how to throw a mini fit. Good times.
Or try to kick at me when I am changing his diaper.
In turn, he has also learned what "time-out" is.
While he is super stubborn, he is also the sweetest little bear I've ever seen.
After Brody gets into trouble for hitting him,
he goes over to console crying Brody with pat-pats and kisses.
It most certainly should be the other way around.
He sure knows how to comfort.
And is the best little snuggler around.

2. | Language
Let me preface this section with the fact that I'm pretty sure I'm the only person who can understand him. WIth that being said... he is saying lots and lots of words.
Here is a little sampling of what I hear daily:
animal cracker, apple, banana
bye, hello
kitty, chicken
mama, dada, bubu {brody}, gigi {his great grandma}
no, uh-huh

Getting him to say "yes" or "yea" or anything of the sorts has been hard.
He would say "no" to everything, thinking that it meant "yes".
Very confusing.
I have now taught him to excitedly, and high-pitched, say "yea" as he throws his arms into the air. 
It makes asking him questions much more exciting.

3. | Appetite
Brother can eat.
He loves food.
His favorites are apples, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, bananas, chicken sausage, turkey, peas, avocados, and dairy.
Unfortunately for him, he is allergic to dairy... or maybe "sensitive" is a better word.
We steer clear, because he gets a very upset and gassy tummy otherwise.
Whole foods has really come to the rescue in this department, lots of yummy dairy free alternatives.
He is however allergic to eggs and nuts. Like, pull out the epi-pen allergic.
No bueno.
Peanut traces on raisins in trail mix... it's a no go.
Luckily my trusty phone has that cool reverse feature so I can spy on him while driving.

4. | Slumber
From the get go I was determined to make Beckam the best little sleeper.
Luckily, he was just fine with my plan.
He is now sleeping 12-13 hours a night.
He goes to bed at 6:30 pm. Happily.
Which makes me happy.
He's also hammering out a 2 hour nap everyday.
It will be interesting to see if this changes once he is in a big boy bed.
Maybe he can stay in his crib until he is three?
Being the dare-devil/climber that he is I am shocked everyday that he doesn't climb out of his crib.

5. | Favorites
Well, he has a lot of favorites.
He really loves life.
He is completely fearless and has a scar on his cheek, and a perm-dent on his forehead to show for it.
I just pray that we can keep on making it through life without having to rush him to the ER.
He likes to jump.
Dance.... oh can he dance.
And sing. He has a really pretty voice. And surprises me by the actual tunes of songs that he knows.
Genius I tell ya.

He likes to give kisses.
I'm not complaining.
They aren't slobbery anymore.
Just sweet. And precious. And he'll lean forward while I'm pushing him in the grocery cart to plant one on me.

He loves tractors and trains like Brody.
He likes to pretend to talk on radios and phones.

He is obsessed with his daddy.
Two little peas in a pod.
Oh, and if he can go to the shop... he is living.
Our employees pack him around to all the equipment.
In fact, he gets more excited to see them than me.
True story.

He is probably most of all obsessed with Gunner though.
The snuggles his gives that dog... and the kisses... ew.
We are so blessed with the sweetest, happiest little 18 month old.
We LOVE you Beckam!!
- - - - - - - - 

Alright, friends... now it's YOUR
If you are new to Oh hey, Friday, and would like to join in... it's simple!

1 | Write up a little post about five things. Anythings.  

2 | Head back over here and enter your link at the bottom of this post.

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AND, before I forget... we will not be having the link up next week due to it being the day after Thanksgiving and all.

You will probably be Black Friday shopping anyways.
I will be busy trying to shimmy into my skinny jeans.

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
See you in TWO weeks!!



{minted holiday cards for the win}

I am super excited to be partnering with Minted to bring you all the most fabulous holiday cards.
I have been in love with their cards {and other products} for years.
One of the things I like the most about them is that all of the products are created by independent designers.
Minted takes pride in this fact also...
"Our purpose in life is to uncover exceptional design from all over the world and bring this to savvy consumers who won't accept anything else."

This year, these designers didn't disappoint!
There are nearly 700 different designs to choose from.
And what I appreciate the most... they are customizable!
You can move the words to your desired place, and you can even change the wording if you want!
There are multiple color choices for lettering, and so many different shapes to make your cards.
If you don't want the back of the card to be blank, there are numerous different options on how to customize it to your liking, including additional pictures, pretty designs, or a personal message from your family.
Did I mention their paper is super lux? Well, it is. Like I want to rub my face on it... if you are into that sort of thing.

The website is very user friendly also, so it is simple to choose exactly what you are looking for.

Below are just a few of my favorites that I have customized...

ps... it is made with real foil, so it will shine bright like a diamond.

Thanks to Minted, you can now enjoy 15% off + free recipient addressing on holiday cards using code: HAPPYHOL15
Expires 11/24.

Maybe you, like me, haven't received your professional family pictures back...
no worries... you can buy your package now, and personalize it later.
Click here for more information on how to do that.

Don't miss out on this great deal...
or fabulous looking Christmas cards.




With the holiday's coming up faster than fast, 
this giveaway is really perfect!
145 extra dollars to buy something totally rad for your hubs, or kids, or yourself! 
Yes. Definitely spend it on yourself. 

What I am trying to say is that you HAVE to get entered to win this money.
Because when is free money a bad idea?
The answer...if it's drug money. Bad idea.
This however is clean.
Extra clean free money for you... for following these beautiful ladies:

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Seems like a win all the way around. 
Get on it. Show them some love.

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{we'd be besties | q&a with holland's reverie}

Have you ever had that moment when you find a blogger... you love their blog... and you just know that you'd be besties if you didn't live 1,000 miles apart?
That is exactly how I felt when I ran across Chelsea from Holland's Reverie.
She is totally down to earth, super dedicated and just happens to be gorgeous!
Her content is great, her pictures are fabulous... what I'm saying is you should just click below to follow her on bloglovin'!
And if you want more proof, go ahead and read the little q&a I did with her below.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Firstly- let's start off with your lovely blog. What inspired you to begin your blog?

Well, I had been reading a few blogs faithfully for a year or so, and something about it just kept calling to me.  I had been searching for something that would be mine, a place I could be creative and blogging seemed the perfect fit. It's rife with the unknown and endless possibilities,  it would give me an opportunity to work on my photography and force me to actually edit the photos, while providing motivation to record and document this- the most beautiful of times. So after dreaming about it, and procrastinating for a whole host of reasons, one day I just jumped and went all in.

The name of your blog is Holland's Reverie. Why did you choose that name?

Holland is my middle name and my daughters middle name, and I kind of love it. Reverie describes my writing style- it's very whimsical and romantic, and also me- I'm a dreamer, always. It means a state of being pleasantly lost in one's thoughts, a daydreamer.

I love your story about what you guys do for a living. . . could you share a little of that with my lovely readers?

Thanks. About four years ago my husband and I had just had enough. He was working at an outdoor adventure rehab for boys. The job was mentally taxing and he was gone so much. Our little bugs, hardly knew him and he was so unhappy with the situation. His dream as a kid, as strange as this is, was to be a husband and father. So we made a pretty bold leap, he quit his job and we decided to take up farming. It has such a huge learning curve but we have been weathering the ups and downs and enjoying every minute of it. It's been the best decision we have ever made because we are literally living out our dreams and raising our family together.

Looks like you nabbed a mighty fine man. Tell me more about your journey.

Oh yes, he is so dreamy! Crazy as this is, we have nearly been married for ten years! It just keeps getting better and better. With our four little wild ones I feel like we have found what we always dreamt of. Our little life is filled with adventure and uncertainty in all the best possible ways.

Your little ones are…so SO cute. What is your favorite part of being a mommy?

Thanks, I think so! Those little crazies are the light of my life, I love them so. A favorite part is tricky- maybe all the cooking and cleaning- ha just kidding! I love the smooches and snuggles, I love the little quiet moments together, I love watching them grow and change and figure out who they are, it's the ultimate adrenal rush being a parent and it is wholly incredible.

When you are not blogging, what other things do you like to do?

Well, if I'm totally honest- I'm pretty maxed out. This blogging thing is a lot more labor intensive then I thought, so to fit it in I must rise early and stay up late. In between, two of my littles are school age and we homeschool so that is fun, but keeps me quite busy. If I were to ever get a moment to myself- I love to read, it is far and away my favorite thing to do

Share some of your favorite posts with us and tell us why they're your fav.

I love this post titled Specifics. It was really one of the first posts I ever wrote, and to me it captured the reason I wanted to blog, to remember these moments and make note of them for myself. I also loved this post, it was my first post to open up and really be vulnerable, and I was so nervous about it, but everyone was so kind and encouraging. Accidental Magic is a post that makes me happy, I love going back and reading it, it takes me right back in that moment and I can relive it all again. A walk thru the woods has lovely pictures and the farm was looking so cozy in all it's green glory.  I love Where it all began because it just brought with it so many memories and we made some new ones and I cherish seeing it all come full circle.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

She's wonderful, right!?
Go and show her some love:

blog | instagram | pinterest



{how to make the best cake pops}

I've been making cakepops for a couple of years now.
And I think I have it totally perfected.
It was definitely a bit of trial and error...
 even after watching a youtube tutorial, I had to basically figure it out on my own. 

I realize this was a hot blog topic ions ago, but really... when are bite size cake balls on a stick a bad idea?
Never. Ever.
Plus, when else can I blog about balls, sticks and poking in every other line?

OK. Let's get started. 

What you'll need:
cake mix + ingredients listed on box to make {devils food never disappoints}
can of frosting {i prefer cream cheese}
candy coating


Bake cake according to instructions on box.
It is best to do this the night before you would like to make the cakepops since the cake will have to be cool.

Once cake is completely cooled, remove two large chunks of cake from pan and rub together with your hands to make crumbles over a bowl. Continue doing this until the cake is gone.
The cake crumbles need to be very fine, so it is necessary to keep rubbing cake between hands until a fine consistency is achieved.
Next, add your frosting, but NOT the whole can!
I find that HALF of a can is usually perfect.
{if you use too much, the cake balls will kind of melt off of the sticks later.}
You will need to mix it in very thoroughly until there are no more dry pieces of cake.
The more you mix the better.

Now, you can roll the cake into balls about one inch in size.
If you notice a dry spot... pinch it together with the rest of the ball to "mix" it better... if that still doesn't work it may need mixed more with the rest of the crumble/frosting mixture.
Dry spots are no bueno though... it will make the ball fall apart.
Place balls on a small baking sheet covered in parchment or wax paper.
Once they are all complete, put the tray into the freezer... for about 5-10 minutes.
It is now time to get your candy coating ready.
There are endless options to buy, and they all work great.
These were the supplies I used:
The best trick to melting the candy coating is to use a double boiler... which I don't have...
so I make my own.
I place a glass pyrex bowl over a pot of water {make sure there isn't a gap between the bowl and the pan or else it won't work}.
Add the candy coating to the glass bowl and place the pan on the stove.
{It takes a little while to melt, but once it is melted it won't harden in the bowl because the hot water in the pan continues to keep it at the perfect temperature. Necessary bonus.}
Once it is melted, remove from the stove.

Take your stick, dip it about half inch into the candy coating, and place in the center of the ball.
Push it in only half way through the cake ball.
This is what will keep the ball sturdy on the stick.
Once they are all poked place the entire tray into the freezer.
After about 10 minutes remove the tray.

You may now begin dipping!
Take the stick and submerge the cake pop straight down into the coating... you may need to use a spoon to get the coating to cover ALL of the cake.
Now, the most important part... tapping.
You need to gently tap the stick on the edge of the bowl to remove the excess coating.
You will have to play with this part because....
you can't tap too long or else the coating starts to dry and sprinkles won't adhere,
AND if you don't tap enough off, the cakepop will drip... or worse, fall because it is too heavy.
Practice it. You will know.
{If towards the end of your chocolate coating application the uncoated balls are getting warm, you may need to put them back into the freezer for a few minutes. If you start losing balls into the candy coating, that's a good sign they're too warm.}

Immediately after the excess coating is tapped off, pour on the sprinkles!
I bought some hard foam {not the kind that soaks in water}from the floral department years ago to place the cakepops in while they dry... they still work like a dream.
{hint... don't remove the plastic covering that's on it when you buy it... makes for much easier clean up}

And there you have it!

The most delicious treat ever! 

You can use any flavor of cake and icing... plus get creative with your candy coating colors and sprinkles!

Any questions?
Ask away.



{oh hey friday | fun facts}

I've got a few fun facts to share with you all today.

But first, we'd love for you to join in on our super easy link up.
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1 | Write up a little post about five things. Anythings.  

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This is a great way to meet new awesome bloggers, and get your blog out there too.

Ok... my turn. Some fun facts:

1. | Snow
Brody has been talking for months about how excited he is going to be when it snows.
Like, so excited.
Well, yesterday it happened.
Guess how many minutes he played out in it?
Zero. Big ol' goose egg.
Our temps dropped a good 40 degrees in the last few days, and with our consta-wind here, 
no one can be prepared for that.
This first day of snow in Idaho reminds me of why I don't actually like winter...
SO so many accidents on the roads, so much playing inside, the driest skin in the world, etc.
I've got to get better equipped for this season. 
There is a bit more to endure.
Do you have any super fun winter activites you do with your kiddos?... indoors or outdoors?
Let me know. I need help.

2. | Play Bench
It's a good thing I had my farmer build us a storage bench for our dining room.
My grand ideas to turn our dining room into a more modern/chic space has been put on hold. 
Instead, it is now the headquarters of the boys' play farm.
Quadruple the amount of tractors on the table and add in some squabbling and toy stealing.... and that is what at least half of my day looks like. 

3. | Girls Trip
Yesterday I purchased some tickets to fly down to San Fran for a girls trip the weekend before Thanksgiving. 
I am super excited to spend some quality time with these besties.
It is however the first time leaving both boys behind... so let's hope I can NOT have an anxiety attack like last time I left Beckam.

4. | Peanut Allergy
If you are uncertain of your child's sensitivity to peanuts, don't feed them raisins from trail mix.
The small amount of peanut traces left on them gave Beckam a little allergic reaction.
We were driving when this happened, so luckily I carry benadryl at all times... 
This allergy business is balls.

5. | Corn Sandbox
My farmer has been busily combing corn. 
Both boys have been loving it.
Brody loves the actual harvest aspect... he'll ride in that combine for hours.
Beckam loves to play in the corn... like the actual corn kernels.
My farmer tosses him into the full semi trailer and he literally squeals with giddiness.
The biggest corn sandbox ever.
And then...once we get home, I find corn everywhere. Everywhere!
Hope that you all have a wonderful weekend!



{embarrassing moments galore | group feature}

Do you know what I enjoy more than sharing four fabulous bloggers with you?
Sharing their most embarrassing moments.
These gals don't disappoint. 
Read for yourself...
and don't forget to follow them afterwards - they're all doll faces.

- - - - - - - - - - - 

Tell me about your most embarrassing moment:
This is a tough one considering I am super clumsy and always speaking before thinking but I'd have to go with the time I made sugar cookies with salt, and then proceeded to all but stuff them down my families throats only to find out they were completely inedible.  So there's that...

SO many good recipes!! But... I need this smore's fudge

- - - - - - - - - - - 

Tell me about your most embarrassing moment:
I have so many!!  But the one that makes me cringe the most…..
Getting fancied up for a job interview in my very first pair of ‘real’ heels!  I stepped out of that office completely forgetting that it was situated at the top of a stair case that lead down behind the main counters of the very busy shop. 
 I slipped on the first step then rolled down sideways with my ‘awesome’ new heels clattering along the railing with everything on show for the poor shoppers that had turned at the sound of my shriek of terror!! 
I would like to say that I picked myself up and left with a shred of dignity, but I failed to notice my broken heel, tried to walk and skidded over back onto my bum.  I removed my shoes, got up, gave a rather hysterical giggle and bolted. 
Why no, I did not get the job! 

She lives in New Zealand for goodness sakes... check out her "backyard"

- - - - - - - - - - - 

Tell me about your most embarrassing moment:
One time I passed out in class in jr. high in front of the whole class... including my crush.


- - - - - - - - - - - 

Tell me about your most embarrassing moment:
Hmm, most embarrassing moment – there are literally so many to choose from!  Let me go back to a moment early in my youth that I will never forget.  I was in the seventh grade and "playing" on the basketball team of my small middle school.  Our school was great in that you never had to try out for a team, you really just had to show up.  I was a coach's nightmare short, uncoordinated, and knew very little about how to play basketball.  What I did know was that I wanted to hang out with my friends and staying after school and taking bus trips seemed like a lot of fun. 
Needless to say, I only made appearances in the games where we were either so far ahead I could inflict no damage or so far behind it really didn't matter.  One night we were losing by about a million several points and the coach called my name.  Shoot, I knew so little about how to play that just remembering how to officially get in the game was a challenge. 
Once on the court and trying to get my wits about me, I found myself under the basket of the opposing team.  They took a shot.  The ball bounced around, and.....somehow landed in my hands.  I HAD GOTTEN THE REBOUND!!   What happened next was the embarrassing moment.  I took off running as fast as I could towards our basket.  I was going to lead the charge of our team's great comeback!  Except I forget one small thing – to dribble.  Yes, dribbling the ball had completely slipped by mind. 
The ref blew his whistle and the crowd was doing the best they could not to fall out of the stands laughing.  It actually took me a few minutes to realize what I had done.  When it hit me, embarrassment flooded my soul.  I was redder than Santa's suit. 
My friends were very supportive and the next Spring I joined the track team.

- - - - - - - - - - - 

Go and show these gals some love!

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Oh, hey Friday!

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