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{unbridled joy}

Have you ever watched a kid at a pumpkin patch/maze?
Unbridled joy.
See for yourself...
 You'd think they had never seen a straw bale before in their lives.
Or a corn field.
Not like we aren't surrounded by both of these thing on the daily.
It's time to start making everything into mazes around here to get the same reaction.
I'm sure my farmer won't mind.
Friday we drove right down the road to our neighbors maze.
We met up with some friends.
Had loads of fun.
Got eaten alive by mosquitos.
And broke some rules regarding picking corn... but if you'll notice in the above picture... it was worth it. 
Beckam rode a bull.
Brody held a fuzzy caterpillar.
Beckam tried to jump from the hay wagon. No big deal.
And three kids got carried down the pyramid. At once. That's what happens when a farmer comes along.
 We had such a good time that we decided to drag our farmer and some other friends there the next day.
These two are the absolute cutest. 
Right when we almost start to get concerned about their intense connection...
Brody gets left hanging.
We are going to be just fine for a few more years.

Weekends like this solidify my love of the farm.
And great friends.



  1. this looks like so much fun! your pictures are incredible.

  2. Gorgeous! Your pictures make me want to move to Idaho.

  3. so fun! I've always wanted do a a corn/hay maze! Although I don't think my allergies would like that much!

  4. This looks like a blast, I want to go to a corn maze now!

  5. This post is amazing! Every picture is so sweet, and it makes me want to take my family to a maze or pumpkin patch asap!


  6. Your pictures are beautiful. I feel like I was right there with you. Such joy in these pictures!

  7. I love it, your family is adorable!

  8. They are just about the cutest things ever!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes


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