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{see through pants and smelly boobs - a fun q&a}

You know when you run across a new blog that you absolutely adore?
And then you proceed to read it from the beginning because you are mad that you didn't follow it sooner?
Weeeeell, that is what happened with me and Jessica from House of Hupfs.

This gal has got it going on....
she's beautiful. 
she has a handsome hubby. 
an adorable baby. 
she can cook, craft, and decorate like no other. 

What I'm trying to tell you, is that she is your new best friend. 
Why don't you enjoy a fun little q&a with her, and then go and follow her blog yourself.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Firstly - let's start out with your lovely blog. What inspired you to begin your blog, and has that changed since you started?

I started House of Hupfs shortly after I got pregnant with my son, Truett. It started as a way for me to document my weekly progress and such, and then kind of evolved from that. I love to craft, bake, and decorate so I slowly started incorporating those elements as well. 

Most embarrassing story. GO.
Oh geez, well this one probably isn't the most embarassing, but it is certainly top 5. It happened when I was in beauty school. I was running late to school one morning and since I had been only living on my own for a few months, totally neglected to do my laundry. I grabbed what I thought was a pair of leggings and a top that I thought was going to cover my butt. Well, I showed up to school only to realize that my 'leggings' were in fact tights and my top was definitely not covering my butt. I walked around wearing two coloring aprons that day trying to hide my bright pink underwear that you could clearly see through my tights. 

Girlfriend, you are so crafty!! Tell me about some of your fav DIY's?
Some of my favorite projects are actually in True's room (which still needs to be shared on the blog...). I made him a really cool sign above his crib with his name on it, as well as some other random things. Another fave would have to be my shoe closet, this girl loves her some shoes. And then of course, my seasonal decor. I love decorating for the seasons and along with it some random crafts and DIY projects that I like to share!

Looks like you nabbed a mighty fine man. Tell me more about your journey.
Oh why, thank you! I think he's pretty great too. Vince and I met Freshman year of high school in Algebra class. He sat near me and would always forget a pencil. He would steal one of mine almost every single class. It wasn't til Sophomore year he stole my heart and the rest is history! We got married in June 2012 on the beaches of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and welcomed our son in May 2014. 

What has been your favorite event to date?
Definitely the birth of my son. I was able to have a natural waterbirth and it was such a cool experience and by far my favorite. 

Truett is such a doll!!! And seems so well behaved. So... tell me about the grossest thing you've had to do as a parent?
Thank you! He's a pretty great kid. I was a nanny for a few years before having him so I feel like I was pretty prepared for the gross factor. I can handle poop and pee and all that jazz pretty well. But when True was a few weeks old, I was bouncing him to sleep after a feeding and he puked all over me. No biggie right? Except I didn't realize he had gotten it all down my shirt and inside my bra until about two hours later. I kept smelling something gnarly and felt a little sticky. Low and behold, it was my boobs.. covered in baby puke! So gross.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

There you have it. 
Isn't she a doll!?
Go show her some love:


1 comment:

  1. Hi Amy!
    I wanted to tell you i love your blog and your family is the cutest. I also wanted to thank you for giving love to another blogger, which i dont know if i otherwise would have found. I really relate to her story about having trouble conciving. It nice to know I am the only one.
    Thank you again


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