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{quality time}

Even though I totally hate it when my kids are sick, 
I really love that we can play hooky from all of our plans and spend time together as a family.
 For some reason, wiping snotty noses is much more fun when our farmer is around.

We walked down to the river Saturday morning {after delivering one of our massive pumpkins to my in-laws house}.
We threw a crap ton of rocks into the water. 
The boys would have done that ALL day if we allowed it.
But we had lots of nothing to get done instead... like walk across an irrigation ditch.
And pose in front of prettily stacked irrigation pipe.
And get thrown, up into the clouds.
{ps. I am loving the slo-mo feature on my new iPhone6}

I even got to take a nap! *gasp*

It was all truly magical. 

And now that it is Tuesday, I am continuing my solo snot + butt wiping.
The joys of motherhood.



  1. Sounds like a perfect day! And love the matching vests the boys are wearing.

  2. awwww--these are just adorable family pics!

  3. They are so cute.

    Liat Neuman

  4. It is sad when their sick, but they are so snuggly that I try and soak it up, before they are on the go again. It is so much more fun when you have some help though. Hope the day goes well, and the littles get better, and you don't catch it!


  5. I just discovered your blog - this is great!!!! Thanks for excellent wit and lovely stories about your life!


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