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{oh hey friday | myths i heard as a kid and believed to be true}

 ^^ That's me as a child^^
I look so young and innocent, right?
But no. I was living a lie.
Did you ever have someone tell you something as a kid that you took for the cold hard truth.
I was so trusting.
And today I am sharing some of these myths with you:

1. | If you sneeze while pooping you will get hemorrhoids.

My dad once told me and my brother this.
Apparently there was some baseball player that claimed it happened to him?
My facts may be completely off.
But, regardless, clearly it stuck with me.
You wouldn't believe the things I have done to make sure that I never ever ever sneeze while sitting on the toilet. Hemorrhoids don't sound enjoyable.
As a kid, I even did so much as to stand and sneeze, and then resume sitting down and finishing my business.
Once I was feeling rebellious and DID sneeze while sitting on the pot.
Spoiler. No hemorrhoids.

2. | If you pee and poop at the same time it will make you have diarrhea.

Now you get the idea of the types of things my family discusses.
You should hear our Christmas dinner conversations.
Or no. No, you shouldn't.

Anywho, this myth. 
I think I just took it the wrong way.
If you are peeing and duking at the same time... you most likely HAVE diarrhea.
It doesn't mean that magically you will GET diarrhea.
Again, another trauma in my childhood.
My bathroom experiences as a kid had to be carefully managed. Ha.
Ok. Enough about poo.

3. | If you are a child, and are misbehaving in the car, the police will come and take you away.

Now, this one didn't actually happen to me, but it did to my husband.
His mom told him and his siblings that they needed to behave in the car, 
or else the police would come and get them.
Harsh perhaps, but effective.
One day, they were acting up in the car, when they suddenly heard loud sirens.
They were certain that this was the cops coming to take them away.
Panicking they apologized to their mom, hoping she would keep them.
She played along for a bit to get a good scare out of them.
And it worked.
While this is a myth, sometimes I wish it weren't.

4. | If you flip someone off, it means they are a very bad driver.

While this isn't the actual meaning of the bird... it can still be accurate. :)
One day... nearly 30 years ago, my parents noticed my brother waving around his middle finger.
A little concerned, they asked him if he knew what they meant.
Without hesitation he replied, "Yes."
They were ready for him to drop the f-bomb, when he finished and said,
"It means you are a very bad driver!"

Ah, yes. 
He had picked up on that quite easily.
Needless to say, my dad had to watch himself a bit more from then on.

So, if I ever get the bird, I just take it as a "you might want to practice your driving skills more" notion.
Thanks friend, I will.

5. | Money won't buy happiness.

Now while sometimes this can be true, it is generally always a myth.
I mean I feel real real happy when I buy myself a new pair of boots.
Or when I can buy myself a massage.
Or when I get some super snazzy home decor items.
Or when I get a few dolla's from an ad sale!
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You get the point.

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Fingers crossed for a happy ending...er... yea, whatever.

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  1. Oh my gosh, I'm dying at all of these!!! Too funny!

  2. Funny! Here's a "myth" I believed... Remember the commercial with the egg sizzling in the frying pan that said "this is your brain on drugs?" Yeah, I thought eggs were drugs so I refused to eat them. Ha! I'm ok with eggs now though ;) Thanks for hosting! -Jess

  3. So many poop stories! Haha!!
    I used to believe women got pregnant by sleeping in a bed with a man for a long long time. :P
    Kids are hilarious.

  4. I love these! The bathroom stories remind me of something I believed as a kid. My big sister told me that if I went to the bathroom during a thunderstorm, lightning would come out of the toilet and zap me right on the bottom.

  5. Oh my, this was the perfect blog post to read this morning to cheer me up and give me a laugh! Thank You!!! I think the behaving badly in the car myth your husband experienced is hilarious and worked perfectly for his Mother when the sirens of a cop car went off while they were acting up. Might have to try this when and if I have kids!


  6. OMG I love these! I may need to steal these and tarnish Cruz's mind a bit...thanks for the idea =)

  7. My parents used to tell me if I swallowed my gum it would make my guts stick together, guess how many times I swallowed it after that....?


    PS We have to admit that bad moments a re a tiny bit when retail therapy comes to the rescue.. right?

  8. My mom tried to use #3 all the time! I even remember being at a gas station and a policeman pulled up and my mom said "see they are watching you." HAHA

  9. haha...those first two are really funny! I could probably come up with a few things my older sister told me!

  10. You had me rolling! This was hilarious, and then I had to read it to my Hubby. Good stuff!

  11. Haha oh my gosh number three is amazing! I wish I could pull that one off but I think my cop husband would sell me out. These are too funny!

  12. OMG! Your family is terrible! Ha!


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