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{oh hey, friday | a look into my everyday}

Life on the farm this time of year is crazy.
Not so much wild-crazy. More hectic-crazy.
Let me just give you a little glimpse into our all day, errday.
{ps. I just googled errday [nerd] and this is someones definition in urban dictionary: 
"a way of saying 'everyday' yet in a cooler country slang accent, typically used by cool people in random conversation." lol. Just so ya know. I'm officially cool.}

1. Early bird gets the... cranky mommy.
Brody decided that 4:45 am was a swell time to wake up yesterday.
I guess he's taking after his father, who was heading out the door at that time.
I tried to bribe him, I tried to trick him, I tried my stern mommy voice... that kid wouldn't go back to sleep.
SO, I packed a ziploc full of nutritious breakfast aka animal crackers.
{Don't judge. I was supposed to be in bed.}
And I took the boys for an early morning tractor ride with daddy.
One bonus. I saw a sunrise double rainbow as we drove in to the field.
You don't see these things when you are laying in bed. Imagine that.
As cool as it was, I'm hoping to not see one tomorrow. Or the next day.
I really like my pillow.

2. Once in a great while, I get a "me day."
This sounds great right?
Manicure? Shopping? Not so much.
I mean, I spent my "me day" this week doing six straight hours of book work in the farm office.
Don't feel too bad for me. Notice that box of Samoas on the desktop?
On any other random week I can usually be found spending that time mowing the lawn. 
This time of year I should be out raking the millions of leaves on our grass... but instead I am waiting as long as possible, and praying for extreme wind gusts to blow it all into the field across the street. Fingers crossed.

3. Quality time. 
Brody tends to be SO much better behaved when he can get a little one on one time.
Everyday {or errday, if you will} while Beckam naps, we play.
This kid is bossy. 
And he has a certain idea of how things should be done or played with.
I usually go along with it, for the wild imagination ride.
Because, just look at how happy he is.

4. Speaking of happy.
This kid.
{pardon my high pitched crazy mommy voice}
His goals for the day usually include a high quantity of food intake, playing as much as possible outside, and trying to pick up our cats by their tails.
And I... usually try to make that happen for him.

5. Blogity blog.
It's fair to say that I spend a significant amount of time on this blog everyday after the boys go to bed.
I dig it. 
You know what dig most about it?
For reals. I love my readers. Like a lot. 
SO much in fact, that I want to give you stuff. 
Like money, and discounts.
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Have a great weekend friends! 


  1. Hi Amy:-) Such a fun post! My girls are teens now, but I so remember those 4:45am wake-ups...uuggghhhh. HUGE kudos to you for making lemonade out of lemons by gathering the energy to take them outside! Your little boys laugh is just the cutest. Hearing a baby laugh is one of my favorite sounds:-) Enjoyed reading your blog!

  2. That sky is so amazing..
    Stop by my blog this weekend. I'm giving away a free copy of New Beethoven Dog Movie. Just leave a comment! http://japolina.blogspot.com/2014/10/giveaway-free-blu-raydvd-of-beethovens.html

  3. The sunrise is absolutely gorgeous though!! I have never seen a double rainbow like the one in your photo. At least the day was morning was pretty :) Your kids are too cute!


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