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{oh hey friday | life lately}

1. | I have been thinking about transitioning Beckam's room into a big boy room lately.
Even though he is only 16 months old, I know that he will be crawling out of that crib ANY day now.
In fact, I am honestly shocked that he hasn't taught himself how already.
That kid climbs every. single. object.... in the world.
Not exaggerating. 
So, I'm ready.
And here is what I have in mind...
I have about half of those items already in his room.
In the next few months...er... year, I'm hoping to have it looking like that inspiration board above.

2. | Sugar beet harvest has officially started.
It's an exciting time around here.
Probably the biggest production crop that we have.
The boys love visiting everyone in the field.
And mostly stealing their daddy's goodies packed in his lunch.

3. | Seeing as fall is in full swing around here, I've been rocking the plaid tops and hunter boots like they're going out of style {let's be honest though... neither of those will ever go out of style on the farm}.
Until about 1:00 pm, in which my legs start sweating profusely and I wear flip flops the remainder of the day.
Also, big ol' props to Brody who is now my go to picture taker.
Not only does he have lots more time on his hands than my farmer... he also happens to be a tad more patient.
This cute 3 year old is hired.

4. | I pulled off a surprise baby shower lunch this week.
This might not seem like a big deal, but believe me when I say... this was a big deal.
My gal Karli is due very soon with her second babe.
She didn't want a baby shower, so naturally I created one behind her back.
I had a 'last' girls day planned in Boise where the two of us were to shop, get massages and do whatever we pleased without our dear children.
What she didn't know was that while she was getting her massage, I high-tailed it out of there to decorate a room in a restaurant.
I had to play dumb when she asked why I moved my car after I told her I "got out of my massage early."
And not give her eye contact when she asked the hostess at the restaurant to seat us at a window table...and she declined.
Thank goodness she followed anyways, and was surprised by some of her bestest friends awaiting her arrival.
We all had a great time.
ALSO, tutorial coming soon on how to make those balloon tassels super fast and easy.

5. | Since it is October, and I'm feeling generous, I've got a promo code that is live for ALL ad spaces.
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I have met SO many new bloggers, and love reading your posts each week.
If you are new to Oh hey, Friday, and would like to join in... it's simple!

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  1. I love what you have in mind for Beckam's big boy room!

  2. LOVE that your son is your photographer! Cute, cute!

  3. I love the room inspiration. I've been contemplating a big girl room. She's 18 months old and like you, it's just a matter of time.

  4. That was so sweet of you to do a girl's day and baby shower! It's funny because I just read her post today about how she always asks the server to be seated at the best table. I can picture what her expression must have been when she said no...ha! And cute bedroom ideas! Thanks for hosting! -Jess

  5. I love the surprise party you threw! Awesome!!!

    And, cute bedroom ideas! We are totally on the switch-to-a-big-girl-room train right now, and like you it may take months before we get our inspiration board going! LOL

    Happy Friday!

  6. Obsessed with the big boy room! Can't wait to see it!

  7. Love those tassels!

    Your little boys are just adorable.
    And those PUMPKINS! Goodness. They're massive!

  8. i love that patterned rug! so cute. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  9. A surprise baby shower, what a fun idea! I love your plans for the big boy room, so cute!

  10. His room looks so cute! And aren't you a doll for throwing her a shower anyway!!

  11. Love that big boy room inspiration board! Might have to steal a few ideas! :) Happy weekend!

  12. We switched our first over to a big boy room around 20 months, only because we were getting close to having to use the crib for the next one! Now that "the next one" is 18 months old, I'm looking to keep him in that crib as long as possible. Haha! It's so fun looking up room ideas, though. :-)

  13. Totally with you... can't beat a good pair of Hunter Boots! ...Unless it is hot out and your legs start to sweat ;)

  14. So glad I found your blog, were small scale farmers-ish, with four little ones. It's a good life and a great place to raise wee ones!



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