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{oh hey, friday | five things to do with your kids... when you are sick}

You know what's worse than wiping yours kids snotty noses all day? 
Having to wipe your own snotty nose at the same time.

Today I am going to share five things to do with yours kids... when you are sick. 
But first, some biz-nass:

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So... imagine with me...
You are sick. Congested. Need a nap. Two young children hanging from your legs. Sometimes both of them crying simultaneously. 
Here are just a few ways that I found to occupy their time this week so I wasn't needed quite as much.

1|| Park them in front of the sink with some dirty dishes. 
{Don't forget to remove any knives.}
This kept my little loves busy for the better part of an hour.
They "cleaned" all of my dishes and made a small pond on the floor.

2 || Kick them outside. 
We had some 60 mph wind gusts this week. Surprise surprise. #idahome
But when the wind stopped you better believe I kicked their booties outside. 
They got to practice the art of teamwork. 
And sharing.
Neither of which, by the looks of it, will ever EVER be mastered.
{the pictures are deceiving}
And Beckam learned how not to fall off when big brother pushes way too fast.
Then, they sat back to back and dug with tractors in the dirt for an eternity.

3 || Pick a watermelon. 
The bigger the better.
This doesn't sound great. 
Until you split it open and let them at it like wild animals.
Dinner? Check.
No cooking for you, sick momma!

4 || Give one a cardboard box made into a spaceship and the other a Superman shirt with a cape and call it a day. 
You may as well go and snuggle up on the couch and watch some Couples Therapy. 
They'll be busy for a little while.

5 || When all else fails, you go and take tractor rides with your farmer.
Oh, you don't have a farmer? 
Sucks to be you.
Kidding. Kind of.
This is my life saver.
I kid you not, one day this week I nearly fell asleep crammed in to a small tractor cab with all three of my boys. 
Desperate times. 

The good news?
We made it through the week.
And I am feeling much better.
I win. 

Also, I got a new fall jacket. And a stupid face.
Double win.

Feel free to use any/all of these techniques next time you get sick. 
Let me know how it goes.



  1. You're so awesome and hilarious! Thanks for brightening up my Friday morning with your honest, blunt, tell-it-how-it-is quirky posts!


  2. No fun being sick with little ones. Probably one of the worst things ever. This post cracked me up.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. The watermelon one is definitely my favorite!

  4. So cute! Glad you're feeling better, and LOVE that jacket! Happy Friday!

  5. Bless your heart. Being sick with little ones sucks!! But it looks like they still had a great day! Cute jacket!! Have a great weekend!

  6. haha, you are so funny. So glad that you are feeling better. I thought I had fought off whatever I had earlier this week, and today it's come back, darn! I think it should be illegal for Mama's to get sick...seriously!

  7. Lol- love the jacket and glad your feeling better!

  8. I just happen to see your blog from the Freckled Fox blog, and quickly scanned your last post. Thanks for making me laugh out loud, I think I like you! :)

  9. Those are all great activities to keep the kids busy! I am definitely going to keep those in mind :D Love your blog! It is too cute!


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