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{life lately... via pictures}

I am gearing up for our annual harvest party that will be this weekend.
This includes making lots and lots of chili.
Making lots of cake-pops.
And making lots of lists.
{If you'd like to check out the last harvest parties, you can see them here, here and here.}

I'm a little nervous about how things are actually going to turn out.
If you looked back at the above links, you'll notice I kinda went all out the last couple of years.
This year... not so much.
I mean, I'm not even doing stripey straws. gasp.
And forget any sort of paid entertainment... turns out farmers and their friends just like to sit around, eat chili and talk. 
I'm on board.

Party planning mode this year also means that I do pretty much everything that has nothing to do with the party. See for yourself:

In summary... it looks as though I watch Beckam climb every object he sees, and then when he eventually naps Brody and I work like dogs outside and make silly faces.
Not too shabby.
{ps. no babies were harmed in the capturing of these pictures. 
pps. my dining room doesn't usually look like that... it will be finished... soonish.
ppps. when my hubby came home last night, he said that the house looked like a wreck. he then got to eat wheat thins for dinner.}



  1. So impressed- I am not a hostess, just not my skill! Hey, random- but where did you get your metal dining room chairs? I have been looking for those but please tell me these aren't the ones from Sundance or restoration hardware:)

  2. Oh man. All of that produce looks delicious.

  3. LOL at your last comment about the wheat thins! :D

  4. these men! They don't realize all we do! The other day mine was yacking about a white shirt not being clean. He wore it THREE days prior. We don't have that many whites. You know what happens when you ASSume something (that I'm going to wash whites). I totally told him that.

  5. Good luck on your par-tay! I love that idea...can't figure out why we never had a harvest party when I was growing up...I think I need to change that!

    And I love that rug in the nursery! where did you get it??


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