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{oh hey, friday | getting random up in here}

I've got some totally random things that I'm talking about on the blog today.
Nude pics and parties!

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1. | While I was down in California a couple of weekends ago with Brody,
my farmer stayed home with Beckam.
I had my very first panic attack on the way to the airport leaving for California.
For reals.
I'm talking... cold sweats, accelerated heart rate, wanna vomit, panic attack.
Not fun.
I attributed it to the fact that I had never left Beckam before. 
And the kid is kind of a handful. 
Throw on top his allergies, and I was a hot mess thinking of all of the possible things that could go wrong.
Luckily I pulled myself together.
And we went.
And had a fabulous time.

My farmer made sure Beckam had a great time too.
He didn't miss me at all.
Beckam hardly even noticed that I was gone.
One of his highlights was probably his nude fishing excursion with my farmer and his parents.
And don't worry, I blurred where necessary. :)
Moral of the story?
Panic attacks are lame.
And your children are most always fine when you leave them.

2. | I coerced my main man into snapping a few pics of me recently.
I was thinking it was definitely time to get new blood in the picture department to tap in to.
Overall I'd say the "photo shoot" was a fail.
30 seconds, and 20 pictures later I got one decent photo.
My hubby's impatience and my awkward faces aren't the right duo for success.
Try try again, is what we'll do.
And I'll be sure to OPEN up my eyes a tad more. 

3. | We are really embracing the last few days of decent weather.
A couple of days ago we soaked our yard, which causes our tennis court to turn into a giant puddle.
The boys absolutely love running and splashing around in it.
And that diaper is at maximum capacity with water.

4. | My gal Karli had a birthday yesterday. Holler!
An excuse to head to Boise and eat delicious food in the cutest part of town, with great friends... I'm in.
Throw on top some delicious cake + a stop at an ice cream shop... yes please.
It was quite a night.
Karli, have more birthday's mmmk?

5. | Ok friends, I need your HELP!
Every year I make an iMovie of the year's happenings.
It is a compilation of pictures and videos.
I add music to it, and boom!
Awestruck. Super cool. Totally fun to watch.
Now, after having done three years of these I am running out of music ideas!!
What are some good tunes I could add to this years video?
Any genre. Some slow. Some hip. Some instrumental. Some catchy.
I like doing hit songs of the time too, since it's fun to listen to later on.
I'd like the lyrics to be less "big booty hoes" and more... something else.
Ready, go!

Hope you all have a terrific weekend.
Enjoy your last official few days of summer! 



  1. Thanks for hosting! Looks like a fun week- always hard to leave the kids but good too. Have a great weekend!

  2. How fun! Puddles are the most fun to play in! Glad your boys had a great time.


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